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Phantom-like Menace
03-29-2011, 02:15 AM
Does anyone here have any experience with AUTOart's 1:64 scale diecast vehicles?

I collect Johnny Lightning and the Shelby Diecast Mustangs, and while that sets me up nicely for American Muscle Cars, I lack European sports cars. AUTOart's got them, and I like the look, but does anyone know how compatible the scale is with Johnny Lightning? I know they're both 1:64, but one company's 1:64 and another's 1:64 are infrequently the same thing. For instance, I don't collect Greenlight or M2 cars, because they seem to be on the larger end of what is marketed as 1:64. I'm too much of a snob to collect Hotwheels or Matchbox, so that doesn't help.

Of course I wish Johnny Lightning would simply make more of these types cars. Off the top of my head, I know they have a Lotus Esprit, an Aston Martin or two, and a Porsche 911, but that's pretty weak. I know I want a few Lamborghinis and maybe a Bugatti Veyron. I haven't seen much else AUTOart offers. I tried what appears to be their website and got redirected.

Edit: I was finally able to get through to the website. They don't have much beyond the Lamborghinis and Veyrons that I mentioned in 1:64 scale.

Phantom-like Menace
04-14-2011, 12:42 AM
So I ordered a Lamborghini Gallardo (Would have preferred a Murcielago, but the site I went with didn't have any that weren't roadsters, and I didn't want a roadster.).

The size seems good with Johnny Lightning. I compared it to the Johnny Lightning cars I have and the Lamborghini was always smaller than even my smallest Johnny Lightning cars. I would say I don't really see much difference in quality between Johnny Lightning and AUTOart, so if you want a certain model of car carried by both companies I'd say go with Johnny Lightning at the smaller price point (I paid $12.95 before shipping for the Lamborghini). Shipping made it considerably more. If I had any complaint about the product itself, I'd say AUTOart's selection of 1:64 is too sparse (though the vehicles they do have are not often represented by other companies). At larger scales, the selection is unbelievable.

I purchased through Diecast Alley (http://www.diecastalley.com), and I was quite impressed that I ordered the car Monday morning and found it in my mail box Wednesday afternoon. They have the Bugatti Veyron I'd like to get, so I'm definitely purchasing through them again, but I'm going to have to go a different route to get a Murcielago.