View Full Version : The Jaime Kennedy Experiment

03-04-2002, 04:36 PM
Has anyone watched this show? It was surprisingly hilarious. Jaime Kennedy has always been one of my favorite "lesser" known actors. Does anyone else watch his show?

03-04-2002, 06:59 PM
I saw a commercial for it, but I haven't watched it. TV for the most part is crap, IMO. I watch a lot of History channel, Discovery channel, and Animal Planet. Plus I get Simpsons in syndication 3 times a day!

03-04-2002, 10:54 PM
I watch those channels as well, but sometimes I need a good laugh. The whole premise of the show is that it is a hidden camera show. Jaime Kennedy portrays different characters, sometimes with make-up, and messes with people. If anyone likes Jaime Kennedy, then you must see his show.