View Full Version : Sideshow's Bith Band & Figrin Dan...

05-21-2011, 10:40 AM
Well, the wait is over. Sideshow has revealed their take on the infamous Cantina band from ANH and put the band leader, Figrin Dan, up for pre-order.

Sorry to say, I'm a little underwhelmed. After this long line of recent releases that for the most part, have been pretty impressive (Greedo, ESB Yoda, Gamorrean Guard, Hammerhead, Commander Cody, the Phase I Clone Sergeant), this guy seems a little slight...almost a throwback to what Sideshow presented at the beginning of their Star Wars 1:6 scale line.

And at nearly $100 for a figure that is basically a simple trouser, shirt (which is missing the buttons on the front) & boots with 2 instruments as accessories...it just seems a bit steep. Yes, the head, the hands, the forearms and neck peice (the latter two inexplicably NOT included on the figure in their photos for the PPO)feature new sculpts, but still, it's a pretty basic figure for them compared to some of the more recent efforts for the price. This is especially true when it's considered that many who would want this figure would want multiples to create the band. At this price point, that's an expensive proposition, indeed.

Now, Sideshow may have something up their sleeve regarding this release for a later announcement, perhaps at SDCC, like a package deal for the band or some other incentive for those who would want them. I hope so...

I PPO'd Figrin Dan...but I don't know if I'll keep the order...I've no intention of getting the whole band.

It'll be interesting to see where Sideshow goes with this...