View Full Version : Sideshow pricing discrepancy between 12-inch and Premium Format

08-24-2011, 04:10 PM
I was discussing 12" Commander Bly with my mom just now via email. I got an email notice about it hitting in the next 15 days, and realized I don't have $140 to pay it, so I was asking her advice if she felt I should cancel it or shift money from something else to cover it (her advice was that she'd cover the difference as part of my birthday). Anyway, we were discussing how these figures have gotten so expensive and how Sideshow is rather casual about such relatively expensive items hitting people's cards with only random 2- to 3-week notices which can be overwhelming to the average person. I replied that I didn't think Sideshow really knew what the "average person" was anymore what with their pricing on 12" figures having DOUBLED since they got the license 6 years ago, and it hit me...

While their 12-inch figures have nearly doubled in price, Sideshow hasn't increased their pricing on Premium Format one penny in that same time!!!

What the hell?!? I went back and checked those early prices, Vader was $350, Obi-Wan was $275. The PF figures from recently are around those same prices, the Ep 2 Clone Trooper that came out this year was $300. That's ridiculous, do you know how much SSC 12" figures were 6 years ago? Luke ROTJ was $50. Anakin ROTS was $55, even the SDCC exclusive version! How much are 12" Sideshow figures now? I paid $90 for Lando late 2009, the last SSC figure I got, and he had almost no accessories and his head and clothes didn't fit all that well on the prometheus body!

This is such bunk, either PF figures have a painfully comfortable profit margin (read: woefully overpriced for what they are) enough to soak up the problems which have overwhelmed 12-inch line's pricing, or Sideshow sees that customers for 12-inch are suckers who will pay through the nose so SSC is using the line to fund their other, less-successful endeavors. And their more grandiose 12-inch figures, while good, are now going for $125 to $200 - let's say that again, $200! Are they as good as Hot Toys-only works, or Medicom armor works? No. Yet they COST THE SAME NOW.

When the lines started in '05, Premium Format figures were 6 times as expensive as 12-inch and were marketed as being 6 times better items in materials, sculpts and details, paint jobs, costumes, everything. Today, Grievous will cost $200 for the 12-inch figure while the original PF cost $450, roughly 2 times as much. Did 12-inch get 3 times better over the last 6 years? Hardly. Yet PF pricing hasn't increased, only 12-inch.

IMO, Sideshow needs to get back down to earth on pricing, or do a better job justifying their insane 12-inch pricing to customers on the bubble of dropping the line.

08-26-2011, 07:21 AM
The pricing definitely has me hesitant to buy anything from Sideshow. I paid $130 for the Gamorrean, but I only got one. It's not really a good enough rendition of the pig guard for me to want 2 at that price. However, if the Gamorrean was $90, then I would have bought 2 without much hesitation - giving Sideshow $180 of my money instead of just $130. So, dropping the price would have greased my wallet and prompted me to spend more money than I actually did.

As it is, I have no plans to buy anything that Sideshow has announced. I'm currently holding out for Bossk and am not really interested in anything else, unless Sideshow starts making Skiff Guards.