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good shot jansen
03-06-2002, 07:29 AM
after a long time of not looking at them, i took out my star wars, and star trek special collectors edition "pewter" sets. the detail intricacy of these vehicles are amazing!

(i know, i know, these sets are generally dismissed by most mm collectors) however, they are absolutely facinating to look at. each line, crevice, and raised detail stands out in striking clarity. they really show the level of detail achieved by galoob in manufacturing such a small toy!

the same can also be said about the japanese only released action fleet zaap pack. the pewterized finish brings out every last little nuance in the shape and design of the x-wing and darth vaders tie.

if you've overlooked these mm sets in the past, i highly recommend picking them up, as they are really something special to enjoy.

the "bronze" sets are nice in their own right as well, but they do not stand out as well as the "pewter" sets.

i 'v never seen a rawcliff real petwer ship, i know that jt loves em, but as my collection is pretty much limited to all things galoob, i doubt that i will start buying those.

03-06-2002, 11:20 AM

I got out my Gold plated DC sized ones at the weekend (Slave 1 & X-wing, Shuttle and Imperial Emblem) and had a look. They’re really nasty looking but are the only thing I would say in my collection qualifies as a Collectors Item. (plus they only cost me a fiver each).

The details seemed quite good on them too, but no matter how many tiems I read the authenticity/proof of Karatness :D they still look a little tacky. At least the pewter Afs are AF sized and less taquoire-looking



03-06-2002, 08:21 PM
The Racing Champs brand Enterprise-A and Klingon Bird of Prey are way better than the Rawcliffe ones, but the Rawcliffe Outrider is way better than the Hasbro or MM versions. However, between having an item painted in proper colors versus being painted in just pewter, I usually prefer proper colors. Luckily, with the Ent-A, BOP, and Outrider, the pewter coloring works.