View Full Version : Any word on 2012 Star TREK figures?

10-13-2011, 04:48 AM
There's a new Trek movie coming in 2012, right?

Who's making the toys? Any vehicles for the figures?

I'd have liked Playmates to continue their line with the 2nd waves that were never released. The ice creatures from Delta Vega were going to be introduced, as well as some Romulans and Kirk and Sulu with their extra-vehicular skydiving combat gear.

10-13-2011, 10:59 AM
Haven't heard anything about a toy line, but the movie has actually been delayed until Summer of 2013 - for now. They only just recently confirmed Abrams as director (not that that was a surprise), and it seems like they're having troubles deciding on a script.

I'm really curious if anyone is going to touch another toy line for Abrams Trek after how badly it performed for Playmates... maybe Jakks Pacific? They seem to be willing to take risks like that.

10-13-2011, 11:35 AM
The toy line needs to be "Star Warzed."

Playmates was going there with the figures, but they could have been higher quality and more waves rapidly put out.

In addition, items like Kirk and McCoy in civilian clothes, sexy Uhura from the bar and her green Orion roommate in lingerie would have excited people about the line being more than the standard "here's crap from a movie ala Starship Troopers."

Kirk's motorcycle could have been made, as well as the Starfleet shuttle.

Plastic bridge and Narada playsets could have been made - plus Kirk in his black shirt, not to mention the figures they'd already planned for Wave 2, including the beasts.

The problem exists that consumers don't have confidence in Trek figure lines after a long history of lines never being completed (where's Phlox and Hoshi in duty uniforms, Mayweather's bridge station, Xindi Reptilian figures?)

I wonder how a Dominion War animated series would fair? With the original DS9 cast voice-acting. Heck, Patrick Stewart could phone a guest appearance in.

They say kids need to support these large toy lines. The Dominion War toys could be awesome!

As for now? I'll save money if this is delayed until 2013.

I collect:

SW - slowing down

ST - delayed until 2013? That's good news for me actually

Terminator - only a T-800 endoskeleton interests me, beyond obscurities Hot Toys could do

Transformers - a lot of duplicate Soundwave and Dino products interest me. I don't know what the future of this line holds for me - but it could be expensive.

If I had room, I'd really jump on collecting a few items from Batman.