View Full Version : I bought the PS2 (TWO) so I could play these Civil War shooter History Channel games

01-01-2012, 09:25 AM
It's really fun to play a Yankee or a Confederate in different, real historical battles.

Those of you who know me are probably aware that I do live re-enactments once a month with the real weapons, in uniform etc., but now I enjoy being able to have gun battles in the privacy of my own living room!

Lord Malakite
01-02-2012, 12:35 PM
Welcome to the world of gaming Tycho, because you'll never leave. :yes: :smile:

01-02-2012, 12:56 PM
I play:

2K9 MLB a few times a week because I keep up with the current trades and am trying to take my Padres to the World Series because it might be many years before I see this happen in the real world.

Madden NFL '11 - still working on getting the Chargers to the Super Bowl for that year. I am not the huge football fan some are here (baseball's my very serious sport) so I don't play too frequently. Plus I set the clock for 10 minute quarters and for a video game, I should have made it 5 minute quarters. EA Sports overestimated Phillip Rivers' ability and I am winning far too easily. Shorter quarters, at least the scores would be realisitc.

Star Wars LEGO 3: the Clone Wars! - I'm loving it.

Star Wars LEGO 2: the complete saga. I replay it as myself in the SW universe and have created both "Josh" and "Tycho," both as Dark Side Force weilders, as that's what I'd be in the SW galaxy: unafraid of the Dark Side, but independent and not alligned. Probably working as a bounty hunter like Cade Skywalker did.

PlayStation 2 Civil War and Secret Missions of the Civil War. I'm not found of the motion in first-person shooters, but this looks all too familiar since I'm a real-life stuntman/re-enactor and it's enjoyable in its moments. I haven't even beaten the first level yet, but I play the above games more frequently on my Wii, so that is why.

Maybe I'll do some Wii bowling or tennis. I bought the Wii because I like those games.

Lord Malakite
01-02-2012, 01:42 PM
Doing quite a bit of "Wii bowling" myself recently, but with explosives. :D Just started working my way through Skyward Sword, the latest The Legend of Zelda game. With the motion controls its probably the most fun experience I've had with a Zelda title since Ocarina of Time switched the games from 2D to 3D on the Nintendo 64.

01-06-2012, 04:13 PM
SaNta got me the latest Zelda as well. The design is very good. I like how they took inca mythos and put it in Zelda game. I've only played about about 1 hour, rescued the bird and am now getting ready to race. So in other words all hell is about to break loose. I feel it. I'm not entirely sold on the motion plus but I did get a kick out of watching link mimic my real movement.

Lord Malakite
01-07-2012, 10:13 PM
I'm four dungeons in so far. Its been taking me about 6 to 10 hours accessing and then completing each dungeon (with zero player's guide/internet help, aside from looking up a "game breaking" glitch and how to avoid it). Its the most demanding mental and physical Zelda in quite some time. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on the side quests. So far my only real complaints with the game is the shield's damage/health meter and the silent realm fetch trials. Annoying having to replace/repair shields all the time because of mistimed shield bashes and such. Basically been going shield less most of my time playing. As for a heads up on the "game breaking" glitch, I didn't read too much into the details of the quest (not wanting to spoil myself), but from what I understand it has something to do with a "dragon's song" quest and avoid talking to the Goron in Lanaru Desert until you've completed the water dragon and fire dragon portions of the quest first.