View Full Version : Hot Toys "Captain America: The First Avenger"

01-22-2012, 09:08 PM
Really enjoyed this movie a lot last year...probably my favorite "comic"-based movie of the year.

So...despite the insane price, I went for this figure. Like most HT figures, it's well sculpted and geared up, the uniform is full of great detail and looks fantastic.

Now...I ordered this from Sideshow and when I got it, I discovered that the top of the uniform was creased across the upper chest and I couldn't get it out the way the costume is assembled onto the figure. The issue also affected how high the left arm could raise. Sideshow was terrific about fixing this for me so...I was able to get a figure that looks great on display. I guess that's a pretty lucky thing considering the QC issues that other collectors have been posting around the net about this figure. Everything from broken limbs to crooked stars on the chest to crooked "A"s on the helmet..I imagine it's been a QC/returns nightmare for SS.

While I'm glad I got a decent one for myself, I hope HT slows down and bucks up on the QC process a bit. I don't pick up many of their figures (mainly because of the high prices) but I do have a couple of others on order that I hope there's no issues with...

Here's a couple shots of the First Avenger...

25856 25857