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02-07-2012, 11:22 PM
Well, I went ahead and bought one.

I spent the last few weeks working with my iPod touch, which was great when I had wi-fi around me, but without the connection I found myself wanting/needing to be able to download something or other. Additionally, carrying 2 devices (my cell phone and my iPod) was a bit much. Then over the weekend my phone got wet and started acting funny, so it was like a sign (saying here is an excuse to pull the trigger). lol

I have been in need of a better phone anyway, something that is capable to storing more than 50 phone numbers. hahahaha

Also, I didn't really feel like hunting down all those apps for an android phone, then learning the new mobile OS, the iPhone is just a better fit for me.

On a side note I have read some reviews and posts about this battery issue Apple is having with their iPhones. It seems a bit hit or miss, some phones remain unaffected, others were fixed with the software patch, still others began to experience problems after the update. :concern:

We shall see, it does indeed seem to be a software problem though. CNET or someone did independent testing, one good, one bad and ran backups then switched the backup and the problem jumped phones, so hopefully Apple will figure it out.

My phone seems to be okay, so far. I went with Sprint for my service, they have pretty good coverage in my area and they offer the best plan IMO, with unlimited data. So far calls seem clear and I have a pretty strong signal at home and at work. Also, I can set it up as a wi-fi hotspot for an additional $30 a month and I can turn it on or off as I need. Which is nice because I go TDY about 3-4 times a year, so it could come in handy.

The wife got my new iPod touch and our daughter got my wife's older iPod touch 2nd generation, our son inherited my old iPod touch 1st generation. :apple:

As a phone/PDA/music player the iPhone is great, Siri is a nice touch and not half bad for a "personal assistant". The novelty may wear off soon, we'll see.

I still want an iPad for more of the heavy duty lifting, movies, etc. I am holding out for the next generation, iPad 3, or HD, or S or whatever they are gonna call it.