View Full Version : Received last wave of POTJ

03-07-2002, 12:45 PM
Florida is starting to REALLY suck for finding Star Wars toys.
Well, after being discouraged, not being able to find the FX-7 and Zutton waves, I decided I better order the Boshek wave from an online source. I got 2 sets of the Boshek wave from Planet Action Figure (not knowing if I'll ever see these at retail ie. Sio Bibble wave). The good news is, they came in minty fresh, and as an added bonus, both R4-M9 are the stickered variation.
With news that the Preview figures are hitting Walmarts in Georgia, all hopes of finding stuff at retail isn't lost. We Floridian's share warehouses with the Georgia Walmarts, so I guess I better make a run tonight. I'll post tomorrow if I get lucky ;)


Sidiously Darth
03-07-2002, 01:39 PM
I did the same thing, ChuckMC. (Just one set for me, though.)

I've been very discouraged with the stores around here lately. I had to get my Imp. Officer & Rebel Soldier at FX. I hit 2 WM's last night in hopes of finding something. No luck, but they both had received tons of R.I.P. toys aka Transformers. Nothing on TF's but they're warming the pegs, too. Yet they keep ordering the darn things.

One last thing ChuckMC. About 2 weeks ago, R2-Q5's popped up in the WM's. Then a couple of days later, they were all gone. This happened in the Ocala area, also. Did you happen to buy one? B/c we can't figure out where they all went. There aren't that many comic shops left. Most of them buy direct anyway. Just wondering if you had any thoughts.