View Full Version : Sneak Preview R3-T7 MiniReview

03-07-2002, 06:18 PM
Just my luck. I turned the corner of my local Wal-Mart this morning, which has had nothing for months on end. And I am rewarded for my patients by finding the Episode II Preview figures!

- Likeness : I havn't seen the movie yet, but his likeness has to be dead on. This is the 1st droid figure to have a transparent dome and as an added bonus, you can see inside! Very cool! 5/5.

- Sculpt : Like many of his droid friends, R3-T7 has the same body that Holo R2 and R2-Q5 has. The detailed features are verry good as well as a great paint job. He comes a little scuffed up. 5/5.

- Articulation : Since R3 has 6 points of articulation as well as a retractable middle leg which is always a plus! Allowing him to be posed numerous ways. 5/5.

- Accessories : The only accessory the figure comes with the energy blasts that fit around him. Since it is an outstanding figure the energy blast accessory is more than enough. It can easily fit and be removed from him. 5/5.

- Playability : He's ready to be poped into a Starship and ready for action! 5/5.

OVERALL : This is another one of Hasbro great Droid figures! More droid figures are always wanted. He's an awesome figure and perfect for scene building, customizing, and collecting. R3-T7 makes Episode II sound pretty damn cool! Great job Hasbro! 5/5.