View Full Version : Sneak Preview Jango Fett MiniReview

03-07-2002, 07:51 PM
Here it is, the 1st of many, many, many Jango Fett figures coming out this year. Hasbro's Sneak Preview figure doesn't disapoint the salivating collector. Here we go!

- Likeness : Since I havn't seen the movie yet, heck none of us have. I trust my judgement, I'd have to say the likeness is right on the money. 5/5.

- Sculpt : Hasbro has given us another beautifuly sculpted Star Wars figure. The only downside to it is that he's basically stuck in the one 'shooting' pose. He can't do much else but stand there and shoot. The detail is very good. He's basically a newly sculpted Boba Fett 300. 4/5.

- Articulation : Jango has 6 points of articulation at the neck, shoulders, waist and thighs. Knee and elbow features would have been great on this figure. 4/5.

- Accessories :The new Jango Fett comes with 2 blaster pistols that have removable red blasts that pop on to the end of his guns. It's a neat feature that you kinda have to see for yourself. He also comes with a rocketpack that attaches very well. 5/5.

- Playability : You can't play with this figure much, mostly because he's stuck in one pose. It would have been nice of he had functioning gun holsters, but there will be many more Jango figures this year to have that. He's good for action scenes though. 3/5.

OVERALL : A very nicely detailed figure by Hasbro, the 1st of many and definatly gonna be a popular toy this year. Overall, Boba's Dad get a 4/5.