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03-08-2002, 03:20 AM
The Millennium Falcon takes on the Naboo Royal Starship! You pick the best toy!

In perhaps one of the most brutal death matches in the SSG Battle of the Machines, the King and Queen of all vehicle / playsets in the entire Star Wars toy line's history duke it out tonight!

The Millennium Falcon sports a totally updated features list for its release in the modern line. The electronic effect is now electronic effects, plural: as the ship makes a cruise control sound, an incoming radar alert noise (from "A New Hope"), and let's you jump to light speed! And speed into battle the fastest ship in the galaxy does, with the Falcon's front dorsal and ventral blasters lighting up and featuring the sound effects from The Empire Strikes Back that were added to the movie for the hidden anti-personnel cannon on the ship's underbelly. More formidable for attack or defense, is the Millennium Falcon's turret cannon that boasts quad-lasers that an action figure can control while seated in the gunner chair. Speaking of seating, the Falcon seats 2 in the cockpit (if you can find a scrawny Chewie sculpt) and the ship can carry probably up to 10 more figures in the main hold. 3 can be positioned around the Dejerik Chess gameboard, while at least 3 others can smuggle themselves below deck in the Falcon's hidden contraband compartment. A boarding ramp raises and lowers, as do 3 manually and independently operated landing gear skids. The center one can be used as a "flight handle" to allow you to maneuver the Falcon in battle against other Star Wars vehicles.

As we are bringing up other vehicles, The Phantom Menace's heaviest hitter comes charging out ahead of the pack. The Naboo Royal Starship is quite a catch! Sleek, sexy, and chrome silver, the toy looks pretty authentic when compared to its movie counterpart. But this ship is more than meets the eye! Actually 3 vehicles and a pack-in red Astromech droid come in this package. The droid fightercraft that comes included with the Queen's starship plugs into an interactive handle that triggers the Royal Starship's huge aray of electronic features. 15 different sound-effects as well as action features are controlled by the droid fighter's attack pattern. This can cause protective armor panels to blast off the Queen's ship, effecting the need for repairs! Warning indicator lights tell you if the hyperdrive has been damaged, thus prompting you to send R2 units up the 2 level turbolift tube so they can effect repairs to the ship's shield generators. But beware: a droid can get blasted right off the surface of the ship too! Meanwhile, inside, the Queen can monitor the situation from her throne (if they made a figure of Amidala that could sit down in it), while at least 4 members of her crew can take stations in the cockpit's flight chairs. The droids can be placed in holding stations to recharge them, while there remains enough room for probably 7 more action figures on board. However, when closing the ship / playset up for flight, most of the figures cannot remain aboard. Fortunately, the Royal Starship also features an escape ship that is secretly armed with a concussion missle and can hold one pilot action figure as well as one astromech! Finally, a boarding ramp also lets figures exit or enter the starship.

Well, have you got all that? These two ships are without a doubt the most action packed bargains in the entire Star Wars toy line! But are they the most fun? One winner between the two of these powerful players will go on as you decide which will continue to take on the rest of the entire Star Wars vehicle collection to determine the one ultimate Machine.

Get ready to defend your choices now!

And the battle begins.......

03-08-2002, 03:24 AM
And here is one more picture of the two ships, actually as vehicles, rather than playsets, racing their way through space to the hearts of collectors and fans around the galaxy!

03-08-2002, 03:51 AM
Wow, good match up Tycho. Gotta go with the Queen's Royal Starship though. While neither is exactly in scale, the detail and scale and sculpting on the QRS just blows the Falcon away. If they would make a totally new Falcon, more accurate in scale and detailed as well as the Royal Starship, there would be no contest.

The Royal Starship was well worth the original sticker price, due to it's size and pack in and it being an all knew sculpt. It's even greater marked down. Plus it's just a totally great toy. Of course if you follow the movies, you can't play with it blasting away other ships, since she is unarmed. But, IMHO she still beats the Falcon. We really do need a couple Amidala's that can sit in her though. A cloth outfit Black Travel Gown and a cloth outfit Purple Return to Naboo Gown would rock. :D

I still love the Falcon, for nostalgia sake. I just wish that when they consider doing new versions of ships, the Falcon will be one that gets one. It will never be totally 3 3/4 scale, but even a little bigger would help alot. None of the new Chewie's fit all that well in the cockpit. Especially not the new properly scaled versions. :( Heck, I'll even take a 3 3/4 Millenium Falcon cockpit section toy. :D


Jar Jar Binks

03-08-2002, 08:33 AM
I'll go with the Royal Starship also. Purely as a toy, you can't beat the size, details and features. It's a bit awkward to try to fly around though, the Falcon's much better in this regard - I remember many an assault on the Death Star playset, Han piloting the Falcon, dodging the turbo laser with crazy corkscrew maneuvers (as long as you held the top panel on) quad cannons blazing! Another victory for the Rebel Alliance! (Action figures sold seperately).

Hmmm maybe I should change that vote...

Mandalorian Candidat
03-08-2002, 09:54 AM
Both vehicles show just what good stuff Hasbro/Kenner can make. The MF is a great ship. The updated electronics make it that much better. However, the Queen's ship takes the prize hands down. The sound effects are more plentiful, the remote action is a big plus, and the droid hold is a nice touch. If Hasbro had made the ramp built in and made the ship so the top half could slide over the bottom half without having to remove the figures it would be better yet.

While the MF is such a good ship, the Queen's ship just overwhelms it with all the extra details and the superior electronic effects. Hopefully we'll get something of a similar caliber if the Imperial Shuttle ever gets remade.

03-08-2002, 10:37 AM
I am going to agree and cast my vote for the Queen's Royal Starship. Dont get me wrongo, I like the MF and all, but the Starship is so sleek and smooth, it cannot be touched.
The MF is a tough ship, and yes it is fast (especially if the hyperdrive works) but I have always looked at it as awkward.
Its round shape makes it a big target and I can imagine how hard it must be to manuever the thing.
The Royal Starship is large, but it is not as awkward shaped as the MF. The toy design of it makes it a nice piece to add to any display/diorama. It has the look that compliments other pieces in a collection.
Overall (both as the toy and the ship itself) I think the Royal Starship takes this fight, no contest.

03-08-2002, 10:52 AM
Looking at the votes, it's a tight race. I had trouble deciding myself. Nostalgia vs Better ship. The Queen's ship is a better realization of the actual ship on the outside, combined with well thought out playability on the inside. Exactly the kind of detail that I know they can integrate into an all-in-one Death Star playset (end commercial).

The Falcon is good, or was for the time, but with new technology and larger figures, it would be nice for Hasbro to completely redesign it to make it more movie accurate on the exterior as well as design an interior in which the newer sculpts of figures can actually fit.

03-08-2002, 03:15 PM
I had the same problem as stillakid. The QRS does look better, but there's no way I could vote against the Falcon. So I took it one step further: What ship had the better pilot? Was it Ric "The Shield Generator's been hit" Olie or Han Solo? Olie's a tool. Falcon hands down!

03-08-2002, 04:04 PM
Originally posted by CaptainSolo1138
I had the same problem as stillakid. The QRS does look better, but there's no way I could vote against the Falcon. So I took it one step further: What ship had the better pilot? Was it Ric "The Shield Generator's been hit" Olie or Han Solo? Olie's a tool. Falcon hands down!

You mean Ric"I skipped a few classes in acting school" Olie?

03-08-2002, 05:50 PM
I'm gonna approach this from a design inspiration perspective. Let's see, a chromed-over SR-71, or a cheeseburger with an olive on the side? I'm pretty hungry right now, and a cheeseburger sounds mighty tasty so I choose the Millenium Falcon.:)

03-08-2002, 10:47 PM
The Royal Starship is 10 times the toy that the 24-year-old Millennium Falcon is. The Falcon is the better SW ship, but the toy is nowhere as cool IMO. I especially like the RS's escape pod vehicle and pack-in droid, but there's so much to gush over on this ship - tons of features and cool sounds, a droid elevator, and lots of playset fun.

03-09-2002, 09:25 AM
I'll have to go with the Royal Starship. As a toy it rocks. There just many play options and it make good use of the space. The falcon was good to the vintage figures, but it an old design and makes poor use of its space. Half of the ship is empty. Its use in the POTF2 line is still disappointing.

03-11-2002, 08:08 PM
What's interesting is that while a majority of the people who post in this thread have cited reasons why the Royal Starship is a better toy, the Millennium Falcon is still winning the match!

We've heard a lot less from her defenders.

This is also the closest contest of any round in the Battle of the Machines so far!

I have not personally voted yet, and am still holding off from doing so. I'll add my actual decision between the two ships after the poll has closed most likely. (still debating doing that, but this match hits close to home for me, and I want to get comfortable with making a purely emotional vote while I also don't want to influence the outcome by even one other person's vote).

Meanwhile, the battle between the Falcon and the Naboo Cruiser rages on! There's still a chance for anything to happen in this contest!

Which toy do you think is the best one?

03-15-2002, 10:10 AM
This poll is finally closed. Before it went, I had to vote for the Millennium Falcon!

I know the Royal Starship is a better deal, piece by piece, feature by feature - and with an exclusive droid I really like a lot!

But if I could only have one, it'd have to be the Falcon!

This was my favorite toy in the vintage days, and it's just the right size to hold on to and make it fly like my very-most favorite Star Wars character was charging her into battle! The new electronics and light up guns are great, and the smuggling compartment was always fun to play with. Plus, I just like a ship that can attack!

Like I noted earlier, this was a purely emotional vote, but one I would not feel right about if I chose any differently!

I would seriously like to see the Falcon go far!

BTW - this was the closest match between any pair of vehicles in the Battle of the Machines so far! - No other ship has won with less than 60% of the votes. The Falcon slipped into a narrow victory slot over a worthy competitor!