View Full Version : Just thinking outside the box here, retail-wise....

El Chuxter
05-29-2012, 04:22 PM
I was dwelling on Hasbro's seeming inability to get their crap straight with the Retaliation line, and their lack of vision that won't have them just repaint three figures (the Cobra Trooper, Viper, and Crimson Guard) in various colors and release them with the HTF figures from the last two years to fill the gap.

And somehow this got me to thinking about TRU, and their weird "love/hate" relationship with collectors. They jump on exclusives, then make them impossible to get, and their website fulfillment seems to be catered toward ticking off MOC collectors. (We all know I could go on for a few more paragraphs just on this.)

So, somehow, I started tossing around a "what they should do" scenario in my head. Just curious if any of you think it's viable since, obviously, I'm not a high-level exec at TRU.

Start up a collector's club. You get e-mail newsletters with coupons for lines you collect, along with exclusive news and reveals. (TRU is big enough, they could pull this off easily with any manufacturer.) For any major line, offer a "one of every figure" deal. For 10% more than what the figure normally retails for, you get each one, guaranteed, in mint packaging as soon as it's available to TRU. They could just have a subsection of their site that you sign into, get a list of the scheduled figures in lines you collect, check off the ones you want, submit the form, and then get them in the mail (maybe a few months later, but guaranteed). Anything you don't want goes into a "pot" of sorts for other collectors who might want extras. Any extra figures (or figures you initially say you don't want and change your mind on) are subject to availability (first from the pot, then from any others TRU wants to make available) and cost 20% above normal retail.

This setup could actually help Hasbro gauge demand more accurately, too.

Like I said, I'm just tossing it out here because I thought of it and have nothing better to do with the idea. (I doubt any store but one of the Big Three could pull it off, and it seems more like something that fits in with TRU's philosophy.)

Would it work? Who knows? It would never happen. :(