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07-03-2012, 08:17 PM
The Clone Commander of the 21st Nova Corp Galactic Marines serving under Jedi General Ki-Adi Mundi has been rendered in Sixth-Scale by the fine folks at Sideshow Collectibles.

The fourth entry in what could be unofficially called "The Order 66 Collection" (the official banner is "The Militaries of Star Wars"), Bacara is a solid effort.

The figure features the familiar articulated Armored Body with over 30 points of articulation with it's usual hit-n-miss quality. This one is tight with good joints, but the hand and foot sockets are a little loose this time around...not to the point of hands or feet falling out, but they do come off a little too easily.

There is no alternate "helmet -free" portrait featured with this release, but the helmet is distinctive and well-rendered. Use care when moving or positioning...there's a thin antennae that could be easily bent or broken. The helmet's design is the most blatant nod design-wise to the Samurai -style helmets the have been such an obvious (and cool) influence on the Star Wars military (and Jedi) look.

The armor is, as usual, well-rendered. Special notice must be taken with the deco/distressing paint apps this time. There is an impressive amount of subtle layering and color shifts and blends going on with this one that are really effective and add to the war-worn look. Much more successful than some earlier efforts that in comparison look more like someone went crazy with a black sharpie to create the detail. The paint apps have come a long way...

One unfortunate production flub with the figure is the front "pleather" shoulder plate. The piece looks smaller and thinner (and I hate to say it - cheaper) than whatever was used to render the one for the prototype. The piece has also been attached to the front of the figure incorrectly - it arrives centered on the chest, instead of positioned up towards the right shoulder as it should be. The angled, lower strap is fastened too short to simply move the pad into the correct place. It can be partially fixed by (gently) pulling apart the glued end of the strap, moving the pad up towards the shoulder, and putting the loose end of the strap back in the bottom slot of the pad and fastening it with a bit of tack. It ends up closer to the correct position, but not quite...again the strap provided is not quite long enough to get it all the way up. It's a bit more "futzing" than usually has to be done, but I'm satisfied with the end result and enjoy the figure enough to put in the effort.

At least a lesson was learned from Commander Bly, who's belt straps were cut and fastened too short to effectively lay well...that flaw has been corrected for Bacara. The straps look great.

The weapons and extra hands/feet the now seem like standard issue are all here, And despite the package listng two, there is only one pistol included. It's not a big deal, especially since there s no holster to put it in.

All and all, I'm quite pleased with this new addition to the Clone Commanders...he looks great displayed with Cody, Bly and Gree....and in a few short months Neyo will join the ranks....and we'll have a complete line-up in sixth-scale to effectively "Execute Order 66!"

Here are a couple of shot...with more to come.



....and here's some more shots of this new Commander...