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07-04-2012, 10:45 AM
Do any of you guys know the story behind Grievous? He was announced Last year at the same time Fett was announced. I would've thought we would have a preorder for the general by now but not a peep. Any news on this figure?

07-04-2012, 12:43 PM
No, I was just talking to someone on that the other day, too. If I were a bettin' man, I'd wager that they've had trouble in the materials department and have been trying to work out those kinks. I'd base that on the fact that the prototype they brought to Comic-Con last year wilted a little, and quickly. Can't ask people to spend $200+ on something that deforms right out of the box. I'd further bet we get details on preorder in 9 days when Sideshow takes part in the SW Collectibles panel.

I just checked, the tag last year said he was to ship Q1 of 2012, which was months ago obviously, but he was also a prototype pending licensor approval, so maybe Lucasfilm has held up the works.

07-31-2013, 04:32 PM
He is worth the wait!

I pre-ordered through the link on the homepage that will support this website (SSG). The cost is no different.

It's $250. Probably worth $200, but definitely worth having in your collection!

I saw it at Comic Con '13 and loved him.

I haven't been as excited about a figure in a while.

07-31-2013, 07:25 PM
I am not getting him, $250 and a non-refundable deposit is just as insane here as it is on Vader. These are as expensive as Premium Format now, only minus the whole "premium" part, or at least a REASONABLE justification for these insanely high prices.

08-01-2013, 01:52 AM
I have barely any product I'm interested in buying this year.

Besides Grievous maybe the big slave 1?

No real offerings from Star Wars or transformers.

I'm going to buy some old stuff to make custom EU figures.

I'll get me be 2 specific 6 inch Star Wars and one of the three and three fourths (Plagueis ).

I have plenty of other expenses with publishing and I'm happy to have a cheap year. But the probe droid from that show is on my list.

02-06-2014, 02:01 PM
I got noticed that my General Grievous shipped!

02-06-2014, 02:02 PM
This post title ought to be edited so it mentions General Grievous because others are going to look to discuss him specifically.

02-19-2014, 08:32 PM
I received General Grievous today!

Whoa! Is he the best SideShow figure ever!

I am very delicate with items I receive for this price. I think it's for the best. His (closed-2) arms are not as easily articulated as would be convenient, but you CAN get them into great poses.

I am not going to display him with 4 arms, so I didn't try those out and left them in his box. The loose lightsaber hilts are magnetic.

Not sure why.

But they fit in the pockets of his robe and it looks awesome. But I kind of wish they were not magnetic.

The blades in the ignited lightsbers are non-removeable. I wish they gave you more than 4 of the unlit hilts, 6 would have been better to fill every pocket - but I guess they wanted to leave room for Anakin's and Obi-Wan's when Grievous briefly had possession of them.

The figure is huge and towers over Anakin and Obi-Wan btw.

MODS - this thread needs "General Grievous" by name added to the title so people know what the heck the thread is about.

Meanwhile, I really hope they make the Magna Droid body guard figure. I'll buy 2 to accompany Grievous. I think 2 can be squeezed in with him on an IKEA detolf display case shelf. Grievous with the 4 arms holding lightsabers probably won't fit. I'm going to display my smaller Hasbro version in a different case fighting my SSC Obi-Wan from ROTS.

I haven't bought much Star Wars lately, but I'm very satisfied with this purchase!

02-20-2014, 01:59 PM
They're magnetic because the hands are also magnetic to keep them held in place. Why is that a problem?

I cannot believe how expensive after tax and shipping this thing is.

02-21-2014, 08:24 AM
I forgot that if you turn magnets, they repel instead of attract.

I just wanted the lightsabers to stand straight up in the General's pockets.

However, changing the positions of the magnets' polarities will not result in every lightsaber going in a pocket with the blade emitter down - which is presumably how you'd safely store them. Cut off a prosthetic leg or your head? Uh - not the head please.

Meanwhile, the box is pretty big and heavy. A lot went in to decorated layered packaging. But I never really paid much attention to what I paid for it.

I wanted it. Didn't really care about the price and have barely bought any Star Wars due to lack of items that interest me.

If I usually spend a few thousand on toys annually, spending less than $500 (a lot less than $500 with Amazon's Slave-One included) hasn't really concerned me.

This is how I'd justify spending $25 per Cliegg Lars figure if it were a Brian's Toys Exclusive like Jocasta Nu was.

Moreover, why I'd pay like $350 for a Jabba's Sailbarge for the 3 3/4" figures.

Maybe Jabba's barge will be in Rebels and Hasbro makes it after all?

02-22-2014, 02:27 PM
I misspoke, the magnets are in the hands, not the lightsabers, so you should be able to store the sabers regardless of direction equally fine - they might be carrying some residual magnetic energy, but that should bleed off since they're not magnets themselves but just ferrous. That said, I haven't got this figure and sadly likely won't, so I dunno if the problem is that the pockets are too small or something else.

Yeah, I can see getting it if you have the funds, but compared to pricing from just 2 or 3 years ago, it's a hard pill to swallow. This is the most expensive figure in the line to date, and it really doesn't offer THAT much product beyond what the others do. The goodwill Sideshow enjoyed when their figures were cheaper - where we could overlook little errors and problems - has unfortunately evaporated with this new pricing structure so it puts everything under a microscope.

02-26-2014, 10:39 PM
I wonder if:

1) They underpriced before to start us collecting - to get the completists. (Remember when Obi-Wan ROTS was about $70?)

2) They got greedy

3) Some figures had to be made by Hot Toys or comparable artisans so that affected the cost

There are interesting "dual plunger joints" that work on General Grievous.

And my lightsabers can pick up paperclips! (Maybe it costs more because there is a residual presence of The Force? (but it does not say that on the packaging).

Although he's already displayed behind glass, I enjoy staring at him every day. I'm realizing that SW collecting is a largely visual experience for me (though I think Jango's Slave-One 2002 version is still one of my favorite toys because I can fire so many missiles from it).

And I like the pop-open s-foils of the ROTS Jedi Starfighters.

03-06-2014, 10:16 PM
They didn't underprice when they started, that was what the market would bear so they manufactured to those standards and made enough of a profit to treat the line as the company's bread and butter - they did Star Wars licensed product so that they could make enough money to do smaller, more personal projects.

I don't know if they got greedy, maybe they just don't see how much overhead they've created.

Sideshow has raised prices as their costs have gone up (whether those are true costs or overhead costs for the company, I don't know) and when they do so, they have lowered interest so they lower edition numbers to match, it's a vicious cycle.

Your lightsabers have been magnetized the way a knife from the dishwasher might after clanking around, from all the research I've seen though they are merely steel and not magnets.

If I had Grievous, I'd have to pose him all the time, I couldn't imagine leaving in a static pose unless it was the best pose - such as Koto's original ArtFX model statue's pose, that one is fantastic.