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08-13-2012, 03:26 AM
Who watched tonight?

Man that was messed up and you would know what I'm talking about.

Can't believe they got away with that robbery either.

But there are more and more loose ends to Walt and Jesse's operation now. Lydia has to go!

Bel-Cam Jos
08-11-2013, 09:46 AM
So, I hear this show is ending in about eight episodes. Should I go out and buy thousands of dollars of the DVD season sets, or will that ruin me? :rolleyes:

Sorry, I just can't get into the premise of this show at all, despite the great acting and script reviews it's gotten; it takes the "would you do anything..." concept to places I would never hope to even remotely approach.

08-13-2013, 03:15 PM
That's what I love about this show.

I write my own novels using that approach as well. In fact, my works start with you not really knowing exactly who is the bad character, and which is the good.

Then I show what it takes to make the good person turn bad and I take my reader down that slippery moral slope.

I think we are all inherently self-centered and will behave in such a way as to rationalize anti-social behavior.

However, I also hope we as a species will continue to make strives forward, toward more enlightened and civil behavior.

I think by looking into the heart and mind of "the fallen" whereas one can actually realize they (as the observer, viewer, reader) have started thinking pretty dark thoughts (like when the Breaking Bad characters shot a child-witness to their materials heist - from a train no less) we realize:

1) we thought that if there were no witnesses, we wouldn't get caught and go to jail, so we'd sacrifice a child we didn't know and never cared about (an innocent stranger of the most innocent type)

2) but maybe we'd realize that if we didn't get involved in such things like the drug trade in the first place (there might've been better ways to pull funds to survive cancer and provide for one's family) we wouldn't arrive at a place where we had to let our selfish ends justify the most reprehensible means - like my call to kill off Lydia now that she's become a problem - and they had to kill Mike (a hit man but a great character) last season as well.

Anyway, by this reasoning, I think you might not "remotely approach" doing anything if you thought an act and its consequences through before you started.

Walter started:

1) someone's going to sell drugs anyway.
2) I need the money
3) It might as well be me, as I can make better drugs

I don't see in #'s 1-3 above the decision to kill everyone that's had to die. That's because you can go back through #'s 1-3 and say:

1) so let it be someone else's issue and I'm not going to get involved
2) I do need the money, but other people find other ways
3) maybe I can apply my talents / education elsewhere to accomplish #2 immediately above?

But now that the characters have made an ends-justify-the-means approach, and you know them and are invested in their well being after 5 seasons - and the kid shot on his bike was only in 5 minutes of over 5 years - you recognize yourself starting to figure out how the characters can get away with stuff. What the smart decisions for their own self-interests would be...

I love writing my characters that way.

My favorite shows like Breaking Bad, The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Southland, Copper, Hell on Wheels, etc. take you down the dark path.

Anakin Skywalker made the same choice:

1) Mace would kill Palpatine so Anakin acted but Palpatine struck.
2) Anakin needed Palpatine to save Padme (in his mind)
3) The Jedi would try and punish Anakin for his interference with Mace and the Council
4) Palpatine became his best ally for saving Padme
5) Even the younglings were rudimentaly trained and would fight for their Jedi way of life - the only life they knew. Anakin had to kill them or they'd hone their skills, grow up, and stand as enemies against the Dark Lords.

There's no redemption for what he did - not even saving Luke in ROTJ. There really shouldn't be. Though it's up to Luke to forgive his father. I like in the EU how Leia couldn't. Maybe she never should have and never named her 3rd child Anakin? Luke was not witness to more of Vader's atrocities, having been sheltered. I'm not aware that he or Vader knew that Beru and Owen were executed. And Alderaan was horrific, but like the strange new kid on the bicycle. Of no significance to Luke...

I also don't think Luke understood that what his father did was to save his mother.

Vader / Anakin's ghost should NOT have appeared when Yoda's joined Obi-Wan's. Probably. But he did fulfill the prophesy...

On Breaking Bad, Walter used drug money to pay for surgery and therapy to heal his DEA brother-in-law after he was brutally wounded by drug dealer enforcers.

People are not all bad (or good) and it makes for real characters, but a few rights do not undo terrible wrongs.

Back to Star Wars, was Alderaan Darth Vader's fault? Well, we could talk about how Vader could have prevented that. But it goes beyond just stopping Tarkin and ordering the station to stand down. The Emperor would find out. And then?

09-11-2013, 04:23 AM
I can't believe there hasn't been more discussion about this!

That shootout last week?!!!

09-30-2013, 01:54 PM
I haven't watched in years. I tuned out halfway through season 1 but I caught the last half-hour of the finale. It was good, wrapped everything up (from what I've heard).