View Full Version : FFG Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game...VT would have loved them

01-14-2013, 07:45 PM
I recently got into the living board game of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures game. It's NOT collectible- that is, no "limited" ships, nothing that makes one ship better than the other that no one else can get because it's rare, inisidiously expensive, or a one-time thing. ANYONE can get any ship, card, or pilot just by purchasing the main game and the x-pacs.

The miniatures for the game are 1/270 scale, and actually not too bad at all as far as details go, and the thing is, FFG is sticking with that scale- which is AWESOME! The Slave 1 (Firespray Interceptor), Millennium Falcon, A-Wing and TIE Interceptor are being released next month, and I have seen some already that were made available to people who won a gaming tournament last month. They look great, and play well.

I haven't played a table-top game in years but this game has me strategizing and enjoying some rough and tumble dogfights ;-). You can find the main packs at Target and Barnes and Noble Stores, while the X-Pacs may only be at Barnes and Noble- and you can get them through most comic/gaming shops I am sure.

I think VulcanTouch would have liked the miniatures, personally. I am just sad he is not around to see them. RIP my friend.

Anyway, has anyone else played this? Found some good minatures? Some have crazy warps but it is easy to find good ones with a little hunting ;-)

And good to be home :-)

01-19-2013, 01:14 AM
Is this the one you are talking about: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=174&esem=1 ?