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01-23-2013, 10:05 AM
Are you guys watching Arrow? It's darker and more believeable and possibly better written than Smallville was.

I think Michael Rosenbaum should make a guest appearance as Lex Luthor though!

05-04-2013, 01:53 AM
So I've been really impressed with this show and become a great fan.

I think Tom is going to become Arrow's main villain - there's always a guy who knows his secret, etc. Like Lex Luthor is to Superman.

I really am surprised by the intrigue with Oliver's mom being part of the plot to murder his dad. And now Oliver knows.

On top of that, I wonder if, since some of the same people who brought us Smallville, some of that story line will be incorporated.

In the very first episode of Smallville, Lionel Luthor is reading a paper (in his helicopter) that said Mr. and Mrs. Queen were killed in a deliberately sabotaged (we later learn) plane crash.

Could Mr. Queen still be alive? Could Walter be the surrogate "Mr. Queen" and he and Moira Queen are killed.

Will there be a plane crash?

Will Felicity and Diggle (spelling) die, leaving Oliver as a loner and alcoholic until Clark Kent straightens him out a little?

Will Lionnel Luthor or even Tom Welling as Clark or Allison Mack as Chloe ever make a guest appearence? Lois Lane could as well.

But then this could completely ignore the entire Smallville timeline (though I hope it does not and continues as a prequel to Smallville's Oliver Queen appearences).

12-15-2013, 06:02 AM
Man I am really digging this show!

12-26-2013, 02:43 PM
I just bought the first season for my wife. It came with the blu-ray, dvd and uv streaming/download copies. I plan to start watching in the next day or two.

04-26-2014, 07:27 PM
This show has been so good!

DeathStroke has been a great villain!