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03-18-2002, 08:40 AM
Hi all.
I'm new to collecting star wars figures (got my first on last autumn) and I don't understand the ebbs and flows of the business like some of the veterans seem to.
So, I've been wondering how the availabilty and price of the 4 preview figs is expected to vary over the next 12 months.

My reason for asking is that I've more or less run out of money (I'm at Uni eaglery awaiting my next loan cheque) and it looks like I'll be able to get two or three of them without any major guilt, but all four will cost me a few meals this week.

So, if I miss out on Jango and a Clone Trooper now, will I still be able to pick them up in a few weeks or months for the same price? And are you expecting to see loads of these figures on Ebay for years afterwards very cheaply (eg. Preview Mace Windu)? That'd be very handy for a Clone army.


03-18-2002, 08:59 AM
Your need for Clone Troopers may be satisfied with upcoming waves of rescuplts. The current one is, in my opinion, not THAT great. A whole army of ones that look like this would look pretty lame. In any event... I'm sure you will be able to find the preview figures for a couple months into the run before they are replaced by the scores of new Jangos, Zams and Troopers. The only ones I would be completely concerned about would be R3-T7 (as they probably won't resculpt him) and Zam (since the second one will have the veil off).

03-18-2002, 09:49 AM
And it seems collectors are having more trouble finding Jango than any of the other 3.
My word of advice to you is if you can get a Jango, get it now.
If you cant afford but 1 or 2, get Jango and either the R3 droid or Zam. You wont have trouble getting a Clonetrooper.
Hope that helps.