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03-18-2002, 08:48 AM
Hey remember the mid-night sale when TPM toys came out? It was a real thrill. I stood in line to get into TRU to get the new toys. It was a very cool experience. I got several figures that night, but enjoyed the people going into frenzy over these things. Specifically, Darth Maul. Now I didn’t see any punches thrown, but there was some real pushing and strong language used to get this figure. This was not a high point for the “adult collecting universe.” I got one, but I was lucky, and didn’t have to “beat down” anyone to get it J.

Was this the case at your mid-night sales? Or are my local yokels just idiots?

So, what figure this time around do you think someone’s going to get lynched over?

03-18-2002, 08:55 AM
Well... I don't know the exact details of what people's behaviour was like once inside the store, but Jedi Drew told me the local TRU only permitted 15 or so people in at a time. It seems like it would have been very orderly that way... rather than some insane melee the way YOU described it. woh!!!

Rollo Tomassi
03-18-2002, 09:14 AM
The guy came out before he unlocked the doors and thanked us all for coming and said he didn't want a general melee and we should all act in a dignified orderly civilized manner and there were plenty more cases of figures in the back so if the pegs were empty don't start biting each other. it was good natured and condescending at the same time, but it broke the ice and we all chuckled and filed in in a quiet manner and were all 'Cool! What one did you grab?" and stuff because we were all SW fans. The paper got some prety cool pics of all of us crowded in front of the store. I cut it out and saved it.

03-18-2002, 09:40 AM
All in all the group at my TRU was a good one. I got everything I wanted and was pleased. I knew most of the people there anyway so that helped alot as far as the overall mood.
The only thing that I didnt like was that some ***$ clown took my little leaflet they gave out. You know the one about Star Wars and midnight madness and all that.
I got another one, but the fact that this guy walked by my cart and took mine out ****ed me off. He had a whole stack.
I didnt say anything to him though, because he was a big dude and I didnt feel like ruining the experience.

03-18-2002, 10:01 AM
I was in Denver, at the local TRU for C1 for the first Midnight Madness and it was insane. I couldn't even get to the fig's on the pegs! I had to reach between a few people and see what I came out with. From the small fig's I went to the 12". It was just as bad there. I saw someone grab the last Maul and I wasn't too upset b/c I figures that they would be available again later.

3 years later and I still don't have that Maul.

The hotel I was at was across the street from a Target, and a similar scene played out there the next morning.