View Full Version : My Review of Star Fighter

03-19-2002, 06:55 PM
Yes, I know that this review is late, very late, but I just wanted to discuss my thoughts of the game with you.

First off I give the controls a rating of 9.
-I love the controls of this game, I like the way that you can use the analog to control your ship. Another thing that is cool with the analog controls is that you can use one analog to turn your ship in spins, and the other analog to move your ship up, down, and from side to side. a feature of this control sytem is the zoom on your star fighter, it is very nice that you can zoom in on your enemies like a sniper, so you can get a nice good shot at them.

Game Play-8
Gameplay on this game is also good. I love that you get to exchange characters every few missions, but the exchange of your characters goes alone with the story. For example, the character you are currently playing with becomes captured by a pirate, so now you are the pirate. This feature gives you more expansion to the Star Wars Universe through gameplay.

Graphics are excellent. They are rich in color and smooth. The little scenes between missions have wonderful graphics, also. The main reason I give graphics an 8 is because I disliek the fact that everythign looks to clean, and that when you shoot at something and no dents or marks go in the ship you have fired and hit upon.

Overal I give starfighter an A, great game!