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Rollo Tomassi
08-28-2001, 08:25 AM
Here are the current standings for most desired figures from Episode IV. Once a figure is slated for production (Example: BoShek) they get taken off the list...

1. General Dodonna
2. Uncle Owen Lars
3. Dannik Jerico (hookah smoking bar patron)
4. Tonnika Sisters
5. Biggs Darklighter(Rand Ecliptic Uniform)
6. Capt. Antilles (He who Vader choked on Leia's ship)
7. CZ Droid (CZ-1, CZ-3, CZ-4...they're all the same.)
8. Dr. Evazan
9. Wioslea (Speeder Sales...uh..thing)
10. Hem Dazon (Arconan, wedge headed alien in cantina)

Nice even mix across the board. Suprising to see Dodonna top the list rather than a more "exciting" figure like Biggs or Antilles. R1-G4 nowhere to be seen, so again I am wondering where Hasbro gets their poll choice ideas. Here were other notable figures asked for:


R1-G4 (everybody knows who this is NOW, so maybe he'll move up the list)
R3 droids (R2's with clear domes)
R4 droids (R2's with conical domes such as R4-E1 and R4-M9)
R5-A2 (Yellow R5 droid from Mos Eisley)
RA-7 droid (Silver Death Star Droid variant fron Sandcrawler)
WED-9-M1 Bantha droid (big blue droid rolling around Mos Eisley)
2X-3KPR ("porchlight" droid on Lars farm)
LIN Mining droid (half- sphere droid from Sandcrawler)
M-HYD ("stovepipe" droid from Sandcrawler)

Cantina Aliens

Dice Ibegon (Creepy leech thing "talking" to Ketwol)
Djas Puhr (Shiny skinned, bald, black, lame Star Trek lookin' dude)
Feltipern Travagg (Furry, two horned guy talking to Mi'yoom Onith)
Mi'Yoom Onith (Ugly beak nosed thing talking to Feltipern)
Elis Helrot (Givin...Ghostface from the "Scream" movies)
Myo (one eyed...guy...I think)
... And Ponda Baba with sliced off arm action

Core Figures

Stormtrooper Han Solo (carded figure for the first time...)
Damaged R2-D2 (After Vader shoots him in the trench...)
Luke W/poncho (The definitive Tatooine Luke)

And these other guys...

Rebel Tech in gray jumpsuit.
Rebel guards in green jumpsuits.
Gavin Dries (Red leader)
Camie and Fixer (from the Lost Anchorhead scene)
General Tagge (Imperial Flunky)
Chief Bast (Imperial Flunky)
Davin Felth (Stormtrooper resculpt I guess...)

And a Dianoga... :)

So those are the figures you guys have been clamoring for. Maybe Hasbro will pay attention and crank a few of these puppies out!

Rollo Tomassi
08-28-2001, 08:31 AM
Having told you what YOU guys want...here are the ones I want...

1. Capt. Antilles
2. LIN/LNK Demolition droid
3. Hem Dazon
4. Yellow R5-A2
5. Han Solo Stormtrooper (trooper variant! Hooray!)
6. Dodonna
7. Biggs
8. Camie
9. Rebel Techs and Guards
10. Tonnika Sister

08-28-2001, 09:16 AM
You actually missed out the Yavin Guard with a looooooong pole. And yes, Captain Antilles will be great too.

El Chuxter
08-28-2001, 11:22 AM
You consider Djas Puhr to be lame? Well, uh, now that you mention it, yousa point well seen.

08-28-2001, 07:56 PM
In no particular order:

1. Colonel Wulf Yularen (I posted a picture of him in the POTJ section....aw what the heck! See attachment)
2. General Tagge
3. Tonnika Sisters
4. Dr. Evazan
5. CZ-3
6. Han Stormtrooper
7. CPT Antilles
8. General Dodonna (in the jacket he wore while monitoring the attack on the Death Star, not that long overcoat he wore at the awards ceremony. See attachment)
9. Bom Vimdim (Advozse)
10. Hem Dazon (Arcona)

08-29-2001, 08:54 AM
1. Hem Dazon
2. Dannik Jeriko
3. General Dodonna
4. CZ-3
5. Bom Vindom
6. Capt. Antilles
7. Trash Compactor Monster
8. Elis Helrot
9. Djas Puhr
10. Dice Ibegon

08-31-2001, 02:22 AM
Dr. Evazan
Ponda Baba - w/rem hand
Han - Stormtrooper
Luke - Stormtrooper
Obi-Wan - A better final Duel figure before he dies!

All of the above are the figure I can think of at the moment that I'd like to see remade or made

Brave Sir Robin
09-09-2001, 11:57 AM
What about a new Rebel Fleet Trooper that doesn't look like an old Masters of the Universe figure?

Also a keen Dodonna, Captain Antillies, Tonnika Sisters, and all the aliens you guys mentioned would be great. And a Diagnoa with poseable tentacles would be cool to no end!

09-09-2001, 09:47 PM
What about a new Rebel Fleet Trooper that doesn't look like an old Masters of the Universe figure?

I take it you haven't seen the pictures of the upcoming POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper. Take a look:

09-19-2001, 11:43 AM
Here we go:

-General Dodona
-Death Star droid from Jawa sandcrawler
-Power droid, (the one we see inside the Lars house)
-Wulf yularen
-Biggs w/removable helmet
-Red leader
-Capt. Antilles (is he the one Vader Chokes in the Tantive IV?)
-Rebel ceremonila guard (the guy who's dressed in green with his lance and helmet)
-Dr Evazan, (just a new sculpt)

Rollo Tomassi
12-06-2001, 07:23 PM
UPDATE!! The current rankings are...

1. General Dodonna
2. Captain Colton Antilles
3. Tonnika Sister(s)
4. Owen Lars Resculpt
5. Danik Jeriko
6. CZ-3 droid
7. Biggs Darklighter (Rand Ecliptic)
8. Dr. Evazan Resculpt
9. Hem Dazon
10. Dice Ibegon

Eternal Padawan
05-15-2002, 09:41 PM
There's a lot of new traffic in here because of the imminent release of Episode II, so i thought I'd bump the ORIGINAL Top Ten lists up and give all the newbies a chance to add their two cents. As of today (this is a tracked poll believe it or not) the standings are:

11. Capt. Colton Antilles (tied with Biggs)
10. Biggs Darklighter
9. Stromtrooper Han Solo
8. R1-G4
7. Feltipern Trevagg
6. Dice Ibegon
5. Danik Jericho
4. Wulf Yularen
3. Tonnika Sisters
2. General Dodonna
1. Hem Dazon

05-19-2002, 11:48 PM
For me:
1. Capt. Colton Antilles
2. Biggs Darklighter (cut scene)
3. Tonnika Sisters
4. General Dodonna
5. Gavin Dries
6. Wulf Yularen
7. Elis Helrot
8. Hem Dazon
9. Danik Jericho
10. CZ-3

05-21-2002, 05:08 PM
Trash Compactor Han
Exploding R5-D4
Dr. Evazan
Original Jabba
Charred Owen
Charred Beru
General Dodonna
Captain Antilles
Yavin Sentry
Ponda Baba w/ removable arm

05-21-2002, 06:49 PM
Here's my Top 10 list:

1. Gen. Dodonna
2. Han Stormtrooper
3. Capt. Antilles
4. Dr. Evazon
5. Owen Lars
6. Chewie in binders
7. Rebel Flight Deck Troop
8. Lt. Biggs (cut scene)
9. Rebel Sentry
10. Imp. Army Officer (lt. gray uniform)

05-22-2002, 09:39 AM
Tonnika Sisters
Gen. Dodonna
Capt. Antilles
Chief Bast
Colonel Wulf Yularen
Rebel Techs and Guards
Dr. Evazan
Hem Dazon
Imp. Army Officer

Maximilian Veers
05-23-2002, 04:32 AM
I like the idea on the cinema 3-packs,I would luv to get the Rebel General 3-pack,
(Rieekan,Madine & Dodonna)

Imperial Dignitaries 3-pack,
(Cause they're cool as hell!)

Imperial guard 3-pack
(different poses,ranges from neutral sentry pose to attack pose),

more Jabba´s aliens 3-packs,
(several different kinds)

Hoth rebel 3-pack
(with Bren Derlin and maybe Toryn Farr)

Hoth Imperial 3-pack
(with General Veers,AT-AT driver and snowtrooper/Darth vader hologram),

New jedi 3-pack
(concept art Jedis,maybe with Tsui Choi,Micah Giiett,Theen Fida & Lilith Twoseas)and more.

Cantina aliens 3-Pack
(one(with Gotal,H'Nemthe,Givin/Arcona)
(one with Melas,Dannik Jerriko,Wioslea)

5 Senatorial 3-packs
(Lott Dodd,Aks Moe,Sly Moore)
(Darsana,Zo Howler,Ask Aak)
(Bail Organa,Tikkes,Onoconda Farr)
(Tendau Bendon,Po Nudo,Dar Wac)
(Bail Antilles,Passel Argente,Toora Toonbuck),

Imperial officers 3-pack
(Captain Needa,Admiral Ozzel,commander Desanne),

Jedi council 3-pack
(with Yarael Poof,Oppo Rancisis and Depa Billaba)or(Even Piell,Yaddle and Adi Gallia),

Pod-racing aliens 3-pack
(with Ratts Tyerell,Teemto Pagalies & Ben Quadinaros)or
(Wan Sandage,Mawhonic & Dud Bolt) or
(Ark Roose,Clegg Holdfast & Mars Guo/Aldar Beedo) or (Boles Roor,Ebe Endocott & Neva Kee/Elan Mak),

Droids from the Jawa sandcrawler 3-pack
(maybe with a resculpt Jawa),

Gungan 3-pack
(with Boss Nass/sitting,Rep Been & Rep Teers),

Tatooine inhabitants 3-pack
(with the Giant Erdan,the Swokes swokes Gragra & and a Dug/Tusken),

Ewok 3-pack
(male ewok,female ewok & wokling),

Endor 3-pack
(Resculpted AT-ST driver,resculpted Scout trooper & Endor Rebel trooper),

Rebel pilots 3-pack
(with Zev Senesca,Derek Klivian & lt.Wes Janson/Dack Ralter),

Astromech droid 3-pack
(one blue/yellow,one Blue/white & one silver/granite and possibly more variations in colors)
and at last EU 3-packs:
(Lowbacca,Jacen & Jaina Solo)
(Borsk Fey'lya,Kyp Durron,Noghri)
(Talon Karrde,Vornskr,Gallandro)
(Carnor Jax,Ssi-Ruuk,Exar Kun)

and also Gardulla the Hutt with new sculpt Bib Fortuna and another figure probably a guard.
Yeah I want more Weequays,Klaatooinians,Vodrans,Niktos and all the other species that inhabit the Palace of the mighty Jabba,and I also want to see more Imperial characters like I've posted before colonel Wullf Yularen, General Tagge, New sculpt Grand Moff Tarkin, Moff Jerjerrod,New sculpt General Maximillian Veers(My favorite),Captain Lorth Needa,Admiral Ozzel,Commander Desanne, and later on Captain Pellaeon,Admiral Daala and new sculpt Thrawn(the old one didn't look too good to me,I wanted to have him more terrorizing)and also another Chiss Imperial officer and on the Rebel side I want Dodonna,Madine,Bren Derlin,Rieekan,and I want to see more of the old species made into Rebel pilots and Jedi knights and smugglers and bounty hunters,for ex: Bith Jedi,Nikto pilot,Twi'lek pilot,Rodian Jedi,Gran Jedi,Anx Jedi,Aqualish Jedi,Weequay Pilot,Quarren Pilot,Sullustan Jedi,Ithorian Jedi,Ishi Tib Jedi,Nautolan pilot,Pathicip Jedi,Ortolan pilot,Pydyrian Pilot,Selonian rebel-crewman,Togorian bounty hunter,Talz bounty hunter,Trandoshan pilot,Yarkora Jedi,Arcona jedi, Wookie bounty hunter,Chagrian Jedi,Keldorian pilot,Quermian pilot,Cerean pilot,Verpine rebel crewman,Gand Jedi,Falleen Jedi,H'Nemthe pilot,Givin jedi,Bothan pilot,Gotal Jedi,Iktotchi bounty hunter/pilot,Zabrak pilot,Whiphid Jedi,Defel jedi,Morseerian Jedi(like Nabrun Leids),and I want to see the species of Barabel, Noghri,Yuzzem,Yevetha and Ssi-ruuk and also I want to see New sculpt Xizor,new sculpt Bib Fortuna and Rep Been/Rep Teers.

Eternal Padawan
05-23-2002, 10:22 AM
Huh. 10 = 6000 in Iceland. That's one heck of an exchange rate!
:rolleyes: ;)

05-23-2002, 11:01 AM
None of us will be happy until EVERY character is made. Hasbro better get to work. . .and get to work FAST!!!

Maximilian Veers
05-23-2002, 11:16 AM
Y'all hear that at Hasbro...........get to work.