View Full Version : Enterprise and Jonathon's Pet Wraith

03-21-2002, 03:14 PM
I thought last night's episode was really intelligently written and helped bring the new Captain into his own.

Kirk would have thrown a tantrum and yelled at those hunters, then devised a paramilitary operation to go and kill the hunters - not to mention Spock would have to initiate a mind-meld to ever get Jim Kirk to want to leave behind some exotic alien chic he'd only gotten with twice in one episode.

I'm not sure about all the other captains, Picard would probably have given a lecture about the morals and ethics of hunting and cited political speaches from historical greats who were vegetarians, and Janeway would have asked them all if they'd "seen Earth around their neck of the woods?" (but Chakotay or Tom Paris - when he was single) would have tried to get with the Wraith chic. - So would have Julian, our good doctor from DS9.....

That's right: how my favorite Niners would have reacted? Worf would have just shot her, sung a song about it, while cooking what was left over the campfire! Quark would have intiated an arms-race and sold each side "new gear." Odo would have gone beserk defending "his kind of people," and Kira would have joined him. Sisko? I'm not sure. He would not have condoning hunting a sentient lifeform for sure (see the Tosk episode) but our good Captain of the Defiant would have asked if anyone would've wanted to play Baseball instead!

Anyway, what was up with T'Pol making comments to Archer about "what if the alien had been a scantily clad man?" OK - it's obvious John's a hetero, but was that a jealous Vulcan?

I thought from the beginning that if T'Pol gets together with any human, it will be Trip Tucker. They had chemistry since the beginning - that sort of love-hate arguing type of thing that was popular with the Worf-Dax relationship.

03-21-2002, 08:34 PM
Eh it was ok, reminded me too much of the Hirogen from Voyager though. Something about it just didn't seem quite right, I guess it was the fact that planet had GRAVITY or something like that. :rolleyes: Last I checked a planet needed to be hurtling some million or billion MPH through space to have gravity on it. :confused:

Last few episodes have been kinda weird, in a not-so-good way, especially "Fusion."