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03-22-2002, 08:30 PM
Man when are they gonna make a new Jedi Luke?? Especially with those new style lightsabers coming out. Man luke would look pretty neat with a metal handle and a magnetic hand. Hmm now that lightsabers have removeable handles it seems like it's time for a new R2 with launching lightsaber. Cuz that last one sucked. Any other dream figures you guys want to see?

Rollo Tomassi
03-23-2002, 11:21 AM
There's four different "I want a Jedi Luke" threads and you start a new one?

OOH! But what OTHER dream figures do I want?

I want a Rebel techs in gray jumpsuits that helped fuel the X-Wings on Yavin.

I want Echo Base troops that look like the vintage tan and white Hoth troopers.

I want Capt. Colton Antilles.

I want Hem Dazon. The triangle headed Arconan from the cantina.

I want General Madine, Imperial Dignitary, Cloud Car Pilot, and Wooof. The only vintage figures that haven't been made in the '95 on line.

It's not a figure, but I want a Sith Infiltrator.

I want a Yarne D'al Gargan figure, simply because Jargo will sleep better at night.;)

I want a REALLY nice Jabba the Hutt figure with a dias and a hookah and stuff.

I want handamaidens. Orange handmaidens. Maroon handmaidens. Forest green handmaidens.

I want a deluxe Ewok with Stromtrooper helmet xylophone.

I want Admiral Ozzel, Captain Needa, and Wulf Yularen.

I want General Dodonna, General Carlist Reikaan, and Major Bren Derlin.

I want more droids.

I want more cantina aliens.

I want more of the goons from Jabba's palace and his sail barge.

Also not a figure, but I want a Lars family speeder.

I want Sgt Doallyn.

I want the rest of Rebo band, like the two thunder drummers, Ak-Rev and Umpass Stay, and the harmonica frog Rappertunie.

I want a Swilla Corey action figure.

I want a Rock N Roll Endor Rebel in ScoutTrooper disguise.

I want the Tonnika Sisters.

I want a green astromech R2-A6 because the 12" line got one and we didn't.

I want Corran Horn action figures. Corran in CorSec uniform, Corran in Rogue Sqadron flightsuit, and Corran in Jedi Kinght robes. And his R2 "whistler" droid, too.

I want a Leebo droid to go with my Dash Rendar figure.

I want Lando in Coruscant armor to go with my Luke figure.

I want a Guri to go with my Xizor figure (waitaminnit...I never got Xizor...never mind)

I want Smuggler Lando and pajama Luke and finale Leia.

I want them to bring back cinema scenes.

Those are just a few of my dream figures...

03-23-2002, 01:51 PM
What the heck WAS up with that? Why did the 12" line get R2-A6 and we didn't? Any clue?? That really cheesed me off to no end. I'm STILL upset about that!

Rollo Tomassi
03-23-2002, 03:51 PM
Supposedly, we are getting the little green bugger in the often rumored never confirmed Disney line...I can't wait!!