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03-23-2002, 11:12 AM
Alas, a new Star Wars wave before the storm of Episode II strikes! I found these guys at KB Toys of all places. You know what I usually find at KB? Stuff I already have!!! Ok, now about BoShek...

- Likeness : The likeness on the figure is great. It's bizarre to see this character in figure form. I like the 70's sideburns. He kinda looks like an old gym teacher I once had. Haha. 5/5.

- Sculpt : Hasbro has given us another wonderfully detailed figure. The pilot suit is very detailed, and the hed sculpt gives a very good likeness. The only drawback is that his left foot is sculpted akwardly so that the figure doen't stand very well. 4/5.

- Articulation : BoShek has 7 points of articulation. He has an elbow joint on his right arm but not on his left. The articulation is good and self sufficient for the figure. 5/5.

- Accessories : His accessories are great! He has a removable helmet that stays very well on the figure and a blaster that fits well into his hand and sits nicely in his holster. 5/5.

- Playability : This is a great figure anyone can play with. I'm thankfull that at least BoShek is not a statue figure. 5/5

- Value : I picked up BoShek at KB Toys for $7.99. Well worth it! I usually don't find new figures at KB, but it's worth it and it doesn't break the $10 rule. 5/5.

OVERALL : We finally have a figure some of us have been waiting 20 years for! He's a great character for that ever growing Cantina scene. Don't miss this one! 5/5.

03-23-2002, 03:27 PM
Great Review! I'm so excited that this guy seems to be living up to his potential. He's a very interesting choice to be immortalized in plastic. And I love how faithful they were to his head sculpt. Very groovy 70s. Way cool.

What did you think or R4-M9?

03-23-2002, 03:52 PM
I liked him too! I'll be doing a review of him and Teebo soon!

04-03-2002, 05:25 PM
Okay, I finally got my Boshek. This guy totally rules! The paint deco on mine is absolutely great -- they must have fixed the earlier problems everybody elses seemed to be plagued with. The face sculpt is dead on. This figure has so much "personality!" The helmet looks and fits just great! The gun design is not only unique but it fits perfectly in both hand and holster!

Way to Go, Hasbro!!! Seriously, a top notch design. A++++++++++++++++

Mine's paired off with his faithful sidekick R4M9 (The REAL reason R5 was scrapped was that R4 and Boshek compliment each other so perfectly.) And Boshek is about to take his first flight in his recently commandeered Vader's TIE fighter. Many Bothans died to bring him this ship . . .