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03-26-2002, 05:28 PM
I was wondering if someone might help me. I have read there are two different boxes for the 1st 12inch Chewie figure from the Collector Series. The first is supposed to be a 96 box. How do you tell if you have the 96 box. I have two of these and both have 96 as the date on the back but Iknow there has to be somthing else. Please help Sithlord0071:crazed:

03-26-2002, 07:12 PM
The first release had a dark blue insert and different photos of charactor than the second release on the back. I'm not sure of the different charactors, but I believe the frist had C-3P0 on it, I may be wrong, but those are the differences.

03-28-2002, 12:15 PM
Since 12" Chewbacca was only released for a limited time, I figured they were all the same.

03-28-2002, 05:11 PM
Turbowars is right about the backdrop color.I don't know anything about the photo on back.I don't remember.I can tell you this.I had both and the first on is about 1 inch taller than the second one is.I kept the first and traded the second one.It may have been more.It seems i heard somewhere that the first one is actually closerto 14" and second around 12'.I'd need to un pack him and measure but I do remember a size difference.Hope it helps

03-28-2002, 07:40 PM
The photo changes on the back signify the frist release from the second one. Chewy was taken out of production to fix some problems so when he was released again they changed the assorment and photos on the back. I'll try to find out the photo change, I'll post it soon

03-28-2002, 08:35 PM
OK, I got it. I went through my stuff and the frist release of Chewy has a dark blue insert, photos of Luke, Vader, Ben and Chewy on back of box. The second release has a light blue insert, photos of Bespin Luke, Lando, Tusken Raider, Chewy and Collectors Fleet star destroyer. The over all size I don't know, as far as I can see they are the same? I posted a photo of the different backs, take a look.

Emperor Howdy
03-29-2002, 01:38 AM
Wasn't there something about upside-down tie-fighters?

Actually, I thought the problem with the 12" Chewbacca was: It sucks.

03-29-2002, 09:01 AM
I messed up guys.
The Chewie in chains 12" was smaller than the original one.By 2"s.
Sorry for the mix up

03-29-2002, 08:33 PM
Originally posted by Emperor Howdy

Actually, I thought the problem with the 12" Chewbacca was: It sucks. [/B]Yes, that was another problem.;)