View Full Version : Special Unit 2 - Canceled?

03-27-2002, 12:31 PM
I would've brought alive the old Special Unit 2 thread I started but I couldn't find it so I decided to just make a new one to ask: Does anyone know if Special Unit 2 has been canceled???

It hasn't been on UPN for quite some time and there are no announcements of it being canceled and IMDb.com still lists it as Special Unit 2 [2001] whereas if it was canceled they would most likely list it as [2001-2002] like they do other shows that aren't running.

I'd really hate to see this show canceled, I mean it's the best show on UPN that I can think of, even better than Enterprise. I heard it wasn't doing too well with ratings with being after Enterprise and it's possible that it was canceled... I guess the majority of UPN viewers can't understand a good show when they see one. :mad: :cry: :(

It's just not fair, shows that are just based off the latest cheap gimmicks can go on and on and on but not something good, noooo. :frus: :Pirate:

03-27-2002, 12:44 PM
I was wondering the same thing. I really look forward to this show, and because it's not been on the last few weeks, have been forced to look elsewhere on the dial for something else to watch. Don't these TV execs know that when they remove a show for any span of time, it raises the chance that regluar viewers of that show will switch to a different show during that time-slot, or, like you and me, think the show has been canceled, further increasing the chances that we may not return to UPN on Wednesday nights at 9? At least let us know when the show will return, or something.

Hopefully, it'll be back. A funny, original show, that doesn't deserve to be bumped for drivel like "As If." Bleechh! ;)

03-27-2002, 09:16 PM
Haven't heard anything, but it definitely appears this way.

03-28-2002, 12:06 AM
Blushing, I'll admit that I'm going to miss that show too!

I hope it isn't cancelled!