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Jedi Drew
03-27-2002, 12:34 PM
Did you see these caps? The blue one looks like a bird took a S@@@ on it. The other one isn't that bad- but I'll pass on them. WOTC will sell them for $29.99 plus $8.00 shipping.:crazed: :crazed: :crazed:

03-27-2002, 02:52 PM
I think it's insane to pay $29.99 USD for a cap to begin with... let alone one with bird dookie on it! I'll have to go check them out just for a laff...

03-27-2002, 03:48 PM
Dear oh dear... $38 for a cap? pure insanity. I take it that that's just for one cap? Like I said - pure insanity. They'd better be some mighty fine cloth to sell at that price.

*NP: AIR - New star in the sky*

03-27-2002, 03:59 PM
Looks like crud...I;ll stick with my Darth Maul "Darksiders" cap.

What is even more funny is those bobble heads!When did they
become "hot" collectibles?

03-27-2002, 04:04 PM
If I want an E2 hat I'll go buy a generic hat then have my own patches made with my own logo design then stitch it on the hat. :cool:

03-27-2002, 04:12 PM
mst of the hats i used to be interested in are like 40 bucks cdn.
thats why i wear beanies.

i won;t buy a star wars hat unless it was really cool. pro fitted and very subtle.
no huge jar jars or anything like every hat i've seen.

03-28-2002, 12:07 PM
Originally posted by InsaneJediGirl
What is even more funny is those bobble heads!When did they
become "hot" collectibles?

Yeah... those totally cracked me up! Artoo was, what, about the size of Threepio's head!!! :p

03-28-2002, 12:22 PM
$38 for a hat. Um..no.

03-28-2002, 03:18 PM
Dear god...those hats better come with gold stitching for that price!

04-27-2002, 03:37 PM
Thank you, but no....

I'll take my Episode I Pepsi Ballcap anyday.....

but I never wear ballcaps, because I just don't look good in 'em.....so, I'll take my Kangol Cap (A-la Sam Jackson).....any day

04-27-2002, 03:49 PM
If I wanna pay that much for a hat, I'll go order one of those cool Imperial Officer caps from overseas. Now that's a hat worth the price. Not sure which color I want though, I'm torn between black, grey, and olive drab. Oh well, I'm sure I'll decide sooner or later. I'll probably go black, since that's what color I wear most in RL. :)


Jar Jar Binks

04-30-2002, 02:56 AM
SamGoody/Media Play had a decent hat recently, $15 for a black cap, nice sturdy front (not all mushy and deformed) with a white SW logo. Nothing silly, just classic. The coolest thing is that it didn't have that silly adjuster in the back, the type that's almost like a belt with a clamp and such. Instead, this cap has the look of a fitted hat while it's actually a "one size fits all" deal meaning that it is somewhat elastic while retaining the look of a fitted hat.

Best baseball style SW hat I've ever seen. :)