View Full Version : New codes for Battle for Naboo?

03-29-2002, 01:16 AM
Just like it says. I saw that gamesages.com has some newer codes for this game, but now they charge for their info and I dont want to pay. Can anyone get these codes for me? I particularly want a code to unlock all levels amd or fly the sith infiltrator.


Lord Malakite
03-29-2002, 06:34 AM
Here are all the codes that I know.

NASTYMDE - Turns on Ace Mode.

RUAGIRL? - Makes all your craft turn pink.

KOOLSTUF - Allows you to view concept art in the Showroom.

LOVEHUTT - Displays a picture of the crew that made the game.

DROIDEKA - Gives you the advance shield upgrade.

PATHETIC - Invincibility.

EWERDEAD - One hit kills both you and your enemies.

SIENAR&! - Unlocks the Sith Infiltrator.

RHUBARB! - Unlocks the Swamp Speeder.

MEMEME! - View credits.

TALKTOME - Unlocks developer commentary.

LEC&FIVE - Opens all normal levels and the first bonus level.

BYENABOO - Opens all normal levels, plus both the first and second bonus levels.

BADTEMPR - Opens all normal and all bonus levels.

TOOWEAK? - Opens all normal levels.

BOOM!? - Gives you the advanced bomb upgrade.

CANTMISS - Gives you the homing torpedo upgrade.

?NUNAPWR - Gives you the advance missle upgrade.

DRJEKYLL - Makes all the levels messed up and bouncy.

OVERLOAD - Gives you all the upgrades.

ADEGAN - Gives you the advanced laser upgrade.

&&A!AT - Unlocks the AAT.

EOCOAROS - Turns the Gian Speeder into a Black 1969 Buick.

WAKEUP - Allows you to view concert hall in the Showroom.

&OVRKILL - Gives you the cluster missle upgrade.

WAKAWAH! - Unlocks all the normal ships.

LCK&LOAD - Gives you double the amount of your secondary weapon.