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04-01-2002, 02:26 AM
As polling concerning our collecting habits, tips and tricks, continues here at SirStevesGuide.com, we've learned:

Only 16% of Star Wars collectors here go out at 7 or 8 am and find all the figures with no problems with distribution whatsoever.

But 23% of the collectors would rather sleep in, though they know scalpers and army builders are taking first crack at the newest cases that were stocked overnight.

Yet 58% of Star Wars collectors here have a serious ethical problem with an army builder wiping out every droid or soldier figure in sight, as soon as they stumble upon them.

And the remaining 42% of the collectors will do just that.

While SSG investigates what our readers think "Collector Ettiquete" regarding army building should be, this week we take a look at what sort of purchasing our readers actually practice!

While the last of the figures on the green cardbacks are slipping away from the racks nearly as fast as they are stocked, we ask:

In the last few waves of figures, how many did you set out to buy?

(keep the army builders like Imperial Officer and Clone Trooper in mind, and then follow the example and post what YOU'VE got!)

Please specifically state whether or not you have an "Emperor's Arrival" Diorama in your Classic Collection.

Be honest people... no one knows where you live! ; )

So What Did You Set Out To Purchase?

1) One of each
2) Two of each
3) Small multiples of particular figures
4) Armies of Clone Troopers, Imperial Officers, or another figure

04-01-2002, 02:30 AM
Please follow my example...


I DO NOT have an Emperor's Arrival Diorama going, and I go out and purchase all I can find at retail, ordering online sometimes, though I do not buy by the case....

I have approximately:

79 Stormtroopers
0 CommTech Stormtroopers
14 TIE Fighter Pilots
4 Death Star Gunners
15 Sandtroopers (old)
2 Sandtroopers (new -POTJ)
6 ATST Drivers\
1 ATAT Driver
13 Snowtroopers (inc 1 deluxe)
14 Death Star Troopers
3 Space Troopers
6 Imperial Officers
4 Emperor's Royal Guards
3 Imperial Sentinels
1 Bikerscout (POTJ carded figure)
7 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes

25 Episode Two Clone Troopers

9 Hoth Rebel Troopers (inc 3 deluxe)
7 Endor Rebel Soldiers
26 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
3 Rebel Fleet Troopers (new)

32 Gungan Warriors
54 Jawas (between 2-packs and CommTechs)
19 Tusken Raiders (10 POTJ)
2 Female Tusken Raiders (planning on 5)
8 Ugnaughts (4 two-packs)
6 Mon Calamari Warriors
20 Geonosian Warriors (planned on - for winged, carded figure)

10 Weequays
15 Gamorreans
18 Bith (Cantina Band Members)
8 Ishi Tibbs (most customized)
23 Greedo's (used as "Rodians")
18 Tessek's (used as "Quarrens")
8 Ketwols
22 Duro's
3 Zutton's

2 Death Star Droids
4 R5-D4's
20 Gonk Droids
3 R3-T7's
2 R2-Q5's
4 R4-M9's
3 R2-B1's
4 TC-14's
5 Pit Droid 2-packs

0 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
21 Security Droids
48 Clean Battle Droids
32 Blasted Battle Droids
28 Slashed Battle Droids
12 Swamped Battle Droids
17 OOM-9 Droid Commanders
3 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
24 Destroyer Droids (counting both C2 and C1)

6 Coruscant Blue Guards
25 Naboo Royal Guards
38 Naboo Royal Security
8 Bespin Security Guards

These figures are all just about LOOSE, or intended to be soon. They fill dioramas recreating the movie scenes, and some Expanded Universe battles.

Some of you are "worse" than I am, some of you would say "Shame on me!" and have 1 or 2 of each of these.

Others amongst you are planning on building up your armies and alien populations, droid pools, and security forces.

What have you done and what will you be up to? :p

04-01-2002, 04:02 AM
Well, (unfortunately) I don't have as many as Tycho. I'm going to try this by memory, but don't quote me. I have no true dioramas yet, but have been planning many for when my son is old enough to help me.

20 CommTech Stormtroopers
15 Orange & Green card Stormies
6 TIE Fighter Pilots
1 Death Star Gunner
10 Sandtroopers (old & new)
2 ATST drivers
1 ATAT driver
10 Snowtroopers (at least 3 deluxe)
6 (& growing) Death Star Troopers
9 Imperial Officers (POTJ)
8 Emperor's Royal Guards
2 dirty/2 clean Bikerscouts (POTJ)
4 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes

2 Episode II Clone Troopers

~8 Hoth Rebel Troopers (~3 deluxe)
8 Endor Rebel Troopers
6 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
8 Rebel Fleet Troopers (POTJ)

6-8 Gungan Warriors
10 Jawas
6 Tusken Raiders
2 Ugnaughts (looking for at least 2 more)
6 Mon Calamari Warriors

3 Weequays
5 Gamorreans
5 Bith (plus 1 from Walmart 2 pack)
1 Ishi Tib
2 or 3 Greedo's
1 Tessek
1 Ketwol
2 Duro's
1 Zutton

5 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
4 Security Droids
8 Clean Battle Droids
1 Blasted Battle Droid
2 OOM-9
2 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
8 Destroyer Droids

6 Coruscant Blue Guards
6 Naboo Royal Guards
9 Naboo ROyal Security
4 Bespin Security Guards (plus 1 from playset)

These are all loose (okay, maybe 5-10 are still carded).

04-01-2002, 06:36 AM
You guys are lucky to have the $ to buy all that stuff. I have to settle for one of each. I have no problem with collectors who buy armies, as long as they leave some for others who can only get one.

04-01-2002, 07:46 AM
This isn't meant to be mean but it looks like to me some people's areas are more toy-friendly than others! In my area, it was very difficult to find some of the army builders you guys have purchased -- Naboo guards, in particular.

I have:
20 original stormtroopers -- orange, green cards
10 commtech stormies
0 DS troopers (very high on my want list!)
10 snowtroopers
10 sandtroopers -- POTF
1 sandtroper -- POTJ (want to get more!)
10 TIE pilots
4 dirty biker scouts
14 Royal Guards (10 loose and guarding the Emperor!)
16 Jawas
10 Gamorrean guards
10 Rebel fleet troopers -- POTF
1 Rebel fleet trooper -- POTJ
10 Rebel Endor commandos
2 Naboo royal guards
2 Naboo soldiers
6 Gungan warriors
6 destroyer droids (no battle damaged ones; I thought they were cheesy-looking)
10 sandpeople -- POTF and POTJ
14 battle droids -- all types
10 breakaway battle droids
8 Coruscant guards
4 Mon Calamari officers

I might have missed a couple but that's about it.

04-01-2002, 07:48 AM
Ugnaughts, I forgot ugnaughts! I have about 10 of them little critters. When I heard Hasbro was doing the carbon freezing chamber playset, I stocked up!

7 Bespin guards
4 security battle droids

Fortunately, many of the army builders -- original stormies, ugnaughts, Rebel commandos, Royal Guards, Bespin guards -- I picked up on clearance. Plus I did well at the 2/$3 sales at TRU, too.

Rogue II
04-01-2002, 07:54 AM
I voted for small mulitples of particulars.

I didn't intentionally buy more than 2 of any of the exact same figure. My wife bought me a couple not realizing I already had 1 or 2 them. I can't complain, she checks for new figures for me every time she goes to Target or Walmart.

Most of mine are open. I would like to start building dioramas, but I move every couple years and I'm afraid they won't survive.

What does everyone do with all of those figures? It doesn't look like anyone is buying them on Ebay or yahoo auctions.

jedi master sal
04-01-2002, 08:06 AM
I'll have to try this from memory as well. I have posted in the past what my "ARMY" count was but it will have to be revised:

40 ST's green&orange
15 or so Commtech ST's
8 sandtroopers (orange)
4 sandtroopers (w/surveillance droid, from the 3-d pack)
4 sandtroopers (dewback)
10 sandtroopers (black paulron)(the latest green card w/binoculars)
15 or so snowtroopers
3 (clean) biker scouts
8 (dirty) biker scouts)
2 biker scouts w/speeder bike
5 imp officers (want 24)
2 Imp gunners (want 6)
4 Tie fighter pilots + 1 from Inteceptor
8 royal guards
4 at-at drivers (2-carded, 2 from at-at)
3 at-st drivers (want 6)
2 DS troopers (want 6)
0 scanning crew ARRGGH (want 4)

8 rebel fleet troopers (buff ones)
2 rebelfleet troopers (new, want 6)
6 luke x-wing (new skinny, buck-tooth, used for customizing)
14 hoth rebels
8 deluxe hoth rebels
4 hoth commanders (whatever they are called, it's been so long ago)
4 endor troopers

8 ugnaughts (from 2-packs, 4 small/large each)
8 bespin guards

16 jawas
9 tuskenraiders

4 gammoreans
3 weequay
3 nikto, klatuu(sp?), and baradas
3 tessek's for (2 for customizing)
5 duro (see above)

4 mon cal officers

8 c3po (coin) for various diorama's
10 r2's various kinds
5 mechanic chewies (best scale IMO)

Episode I figs
battle droids
8 clean
2 dirty
4 slashed
2 shot
4 commanders (oom-9)
12 security
4 pilot
4 boomer damaged

8 destroyer droids
5 destroyer droids (battle damaged)

8 naboo security (mustard/brown)
3 naboo guards (want 20)
10 gunganwarriors
3 kaadu

8 republic guards (royal blue)

Episode II
(all preview as of this post)
19 clonetroopers
2 zam
3 r3-t7's
3 jango fett's

multiples planned for for EPII
6 super battle droids
12 geonosian
2 geonosian w/mastiff
4-6 red clonetroopers
4-6 yellow (if they come out with these) clonetroopers
20 new sculpt clonetroopers, they are sure to make a different sculpt of these
various jedi for other scenes and I'm sure there will be other (ARMIES) to follow just don't know what figures will be coming out later.

this list may not be complete (may have forgotten some figs) or accurate but is my best estimation from what I can remember of my dioramas. if I revise this list it will be edited after this entry and will follow this text instead of fixing the above.

04-01-2002, 08:08 AM
I have an Emperor's arrival diarama going. I once had about 150 commtech stormtroopers but I sold my way down to my current 60, so mine are pretty much free. I also sold my 50 POTF2 stormtroopers which also helped pay for some of my newer duplicates. I feel no shame. All my friends get figures at cost and my customers get good prices and great service. If you hate me, well its probably just a case of sour grapes. I work hard for what I have and I'm able to support my collection, afford to go to SWC2 and buy my Stormtrooper armor that I'll be wearing at SWC2. I am a true collector because I open everything. People who criticize me while keeping all their collection sealed are called "investors".

I have approximately:

1 Stormtroopers
60 CommTech Stormtroopers
10 TIE Fighter Pilots
10 Death Star Gunners
3 Sandtroopers (old)
8 Sandtroopers (new -POTJ)
10 ATST Drivers\
4 ATAT Driver
14 Snowtroopers (inc 1 deluxe)
10 Death Star Troopers
1 Space Troopers
10 Imperial Officers
7 Scanning Crew Members
6 Emperor's Royal Guards
1 Imperial Sentinels
20 Bikerscout (POTJ carded figure 10 clean/10dirty)
2 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes
2 Episode Two Clone Troopers
7 Hoth Rebel Troopers (inc 2 deluxe)
8 Endor Rebel Soldiers
1 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
6 Rebel Fleet Troopers (new)
19 Gungan Warriors
33 Jawas (between 2-packs and CommTechs)
7 Tusken Raiders (5 POTJ)
(Not Yet) Female Tusken Raiders
4 Ugnaughts (2 two-packs)
2 Mon Calamari Warriors
(not yet) Geonosian Warriors
2 Weequays
8 Gamorreans
7 Bith (Cantina Band Members)
1 Ishi Tibbs
2 Greedo's
1 Tessek's
1 Ketwols
1 Duro's
1 Zutton's
1 Death Star Droids
1 R5-D4's
9 Gonk Droids
1 R3-T7's
1 R2-Q5's
1 R4-M9's
1 R2-B1's
1 TC-14's
6 Pit Droid (only 1 2-pack, + international variants)
2 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
3 Security Droids
45 Clean Battle Droids
2 Blasted Battle Droids
2 Slashed Battle Droids
2 Swamped Battle Droids
3 OOM-9 Droid Commanders
4 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
4 Destroyer Droids (counting both C2 and C1)
2 Coruscant Blue Guards
3 Naboo Royal Guards
3 Naboo Royal Security
3 Bespin Security Guards

plo koon 200
04-01-2002, 08:10 AM
I buy one of each figure because I know how hard it is to find certain figures. I still haven't found any Rebel Trooper's or Imperial Officer's. I once saw a whole new case of the clean Scout Trooper and only bought one. I don't think it is right to but a lot of army builders until they start hogging the pegs like the Battle Droid's did in Episode I.

04-01-2002, 08:27 AM
Oh, I forgot to mention my 10 Toy Fair Vaders.

04-01-2002, 08:46 AM
i have been trying to build a emperors diorama heres what i have

110 potf2 stormtroopers
4 commtech stormtroopers
4 vintage stromtoppers
8 royal guards
4 vintage royal guards
4 pietts
4 tarkins
4 vintage imperial comanders
4 potf commanders
4 vintage death squad commanders
8 imperial gunners
4 tie fighter pilots
4 death star troopers
12 sandtroopers
8 biker scouts
4 snowtroopers

i alos have an army of battle droids
40 battle droids (9 clean, dirty, shot and sliced each and 4 boomer damage)
12 00m9 droids
6 destroyer droids
8 gungan warriors

04-01-2002, 12:48 PM
Wouldn't you all like to know, how much I really got? :D

Frankly, I don't keep count and you'll just have to figure them out from the dioramas that I've done. :eek:

No, I'm not planning on an Emperor's arrival scene. :rolleyes: ;)

04-01-2002, 12:55 PM
ive got well over 120 figures, im starting to buy some of the older series of figs, such as potf potf2. i voted 1 of each, but that was before i saw multiple of each, so, i would of voted that but, oh well:rolleyes:

Lord Tenebrous
04-01-2002, 02:53 PM
I've just really liked the last few waves, which explains why I got two, one to open, and one carded for later use. The only exceptions are the Deluxe Luke/Maul (0 each), Preview figures (0 each), Bespin Guard (1), and Amidala Decoy (1).

For the waves prior to Ketwol, it was one of the figure I liked best per assortment.

darth chuck
04-02-2002, 05:39 AM
Of the figures I consider "army builders", I have:

14 stormtroopers
8 snowtroopers
2 biker scouts
2 at-st drivers
2 at-at drivers
2 death squad commanders
2 imperial officers
2 tie pilots
2 rebel commanders
2 rebel endor soldiers
8 rebel hoth soldiers
3 x-wing pilots
4 sandpeople
4 bespin guards

20 stormtroopers
6 comtech stormtroopers
8 snowtroopers
5 tie-fighter pilots
3 at-at drivers
3 at-st drivers
2 death star troopers
6 rebel fleet troopers
5 rebel hoth soldiers
4 sandpeople

Ep II:
20 battle droids
6 royal guards
6 naboo soldiers
6 destroyer droids

6 biker scouts
3 bespin guards
5 sandpeople
8 gungan soldiers
6 coruscant guards

I know I missed some. Typically, if a figure represents a generic character of which there are more than one, I buy at least two. I haven't found any POTJ rebel fleet troopers, imperial officers, or any AOTC, yet.

04-02-2002, 06:23 AM
suppose you mean E I: not E II: , darth chuck

04-02-2002, 06:58 AM
I do not have a diorama nor do I plan on having one in the future. I do enjoy seeing others though. It always amazes me what lengths people will go to to see their favorite Star Wars scenes come to life.

I usually set out to get only 1 of each figure that comes out, but in the last wave of POTJ I purchased 2 sets because they are a bit harder to find. I don't really have the display space for any more.

04-02-2002, 08:04 AM
2 Vintage Stormtroopers
1 POTF2 Stormtrooper
1 Commtech Stormtrooper

1 POTF2 Sandtrooper
1 POTF2 Dewback Sandtrooper
1 POTJ Sandtrooper

1 Vintage Snowtrooper
1 POTF2 Snowtrooper

1 Vintage Biker Scout
1 POTJ Biker Scout (Clean)
1 Vintage Royal Guard

2 Coruscant Guards

1 Naboo Royal Guard
1 Naboo Security

1 Clone Trooper

1 POTF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper
1 POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper

1 Vintage Imperial Commander
1 POTJ Imperial Officer

1 Vintage Death Squad Commander
1 Vintage AT-AT Driver
1 Vintage AT-AT Commander

7 Battle Droids (in various versions)
2 Droidekas (in their two versions)

...Overall, I'd say I'm NOT building mass armies as I only have one of any other possible army builders I have left off the list!

04-02-2002, 08:14 AM
Now I know why Star Wars figures are so hard to find, it's not bad distribution it's certain people hording them all up. People say don't help scalpers by not buying from them, well I myself have to buy from them at times because of people like you. They are my only chance at ever getting that one figure I cannot find. In my mind people that horde figures are no different then the ones that scalp. I'm not condemning people that do their collecting this way, I mean it's a free world, but it just makes it SO hard for the regular collector to finish his/her collection when people are buying say 20-100 of one figure.

Rogue II
04-02-2002, 08:38 AM
I feel your pain JediDan. All I want is 1, maybe 2 of each Episode 4-6 figure. I am proud to say I haven't paid more that $10 for any figure.

I wish Hasbro(or one of the department stores) would just sell these things online, at their regular price, so we don't have to drive all over kingdom come and fight off scalpers to get them.

I don't have a problem with the collectors that buy large quantites of figures and use them in dioramas, because I love their work. I just want Hasbo to make these things abundant enough and accessable.

04-02-2002, 09:47 AM
Don't be angry at collectors who buy multiples for personal use. Complain to Hasbro for not making soldiers readily available in quantity. I think some time after the intitial carded run, all soldiers should be offered cheap in Kenner baggies with perhaps a slight variation (like the rumored Commtech Stormtroopers to be released through the fan club in sets of 4 without the blast mark).
What kind of company releases a case assortment with 2 Commtech Vaders and 1 Commtech Stormtrooper? Perhaps I need an army of Vaders to guard my Stormtrooper? (IDIOTS!)
Its people like you...Blah,Blah,Blah!
We all have the common enemy...Hasbro!

04-02-2002, 09:49 AM
I usually buy one of each figure, unless it is a soldier or a guard/ officer. Officers and guards I usually buy 2-4 each and soldiers 4-8 each.

I have :

7 stormtroopers
8 commtech stormtroopers
3 DS troopers
3 DS gunners
4 royal guards
3 snowtroopers
2 deluxe snowtroopers
4 sandtroopers
2 POTJ sandtroopers
3 deluxe stormtroopers
3 clean scout troopers
4 dirty scout troopers
2 scouts on speederbikes
2 imperial officers
2 imperial pilots

3 rebel hoth troopers
2 deluxe hoth troopers
3 POTF rebel troopers
2 POTJ rebel troopers
2 mon calamari officers
3 rebel endor troopers
1 each of the rebel pilots

2 each of every battle broid and destroyer droids
4 gungan warriors
4 coruscant guards
3 bespin guards
5 clonetroopers

Thats all I can remember for now. I open everything and display them on shelves in my home office. I don't think I keep people from finding figures by buying figures in this amount and they make quality scenes without a lot of clutter on my shelves.

04-02-2002, 10:21 AM
Man, some of you guys are hard core. I only have one of each type. Again I don't like to the idea of army building (it's the reason I can't find the new sandtrooper). But I'm not going to try and stop any body either.

04-02-2002, 10:29 AM
JEDIpartner, what would be interesting to know is if many of us collectors paid regular price or clearance prices for these figures.

With the exception of some of the harder to find figures (Naboo soldiers and guards, clean biker scouts and POTJ sandtroopers) or newer figures (clone troopers) many of the army building figures I've bought were marked down. It's more tempting to buy three or four comm chip stormies when they're $2 rather than $6!

04-02-2002, 10:33 AM
I'm a bit insane as a collector...most of my collection has been aquired through online shopping . I hardly go to the stores anymore...I used to when the hobby wasn't so overwhelmed with dealers and people looking for a quick buck on ebay...back around 1997-98. I am a true fan of the star wars saga and my collection reflects that. I am a HUGE army builder...all loose in bubble.

175 commtech stormtroopers...all loose, in bubble, 30 of which I have made custom sandtroopers.

I have 21 Deathstar troopers...these are very difficult to get.

15 AT-AT drivers plus another 10 pack-in figures from the AT-AT vehicle.

25 Tie fighter pilots plus another 10 pack-ins from the tie interceptor and soon another 10 from the pack-in tie bomber.

50 Snowtroopers plus another 10 deluxe snowtroopers with the e-web blaster cannons.

20 AT-ST troopers

30 POTJ Imperial officers

10 death star droids plus 2 more customized to resemble the sand crawler droid.

30 POTJ Sandtroopers

11 General Veers pack-in from the AT-AT

30 Death Star Gunners

11 Probe Droids

30 Imperial Royal Guards

so on, so on, so on..........

I don't only build armies....I like to build squadrons.....

10 power fx x-wings

10 tie fighters

10 AT-STs...(combination of old POTF and POTJ)

10 AT-ATs

10 Snowspeeder POTF

5 Snowspeeders POTJ (coming soon)

11 Y-wings

10 Tattoine skiffs

10 B-wings

6 Tie Bombers (coming soon)

10 Tie Interceptors

etc, etc, etc..

I'm not bragging in any way.....This collection has been quite an expense...and I have been lucky on finding deals that didn't break the bank. It's a pain to store as well! It's kinda of an investment...more a hobby.
I just love it...plain and simple.

Battle Droid
04-02-2002, 04:05 PM
My biggest Army is Battle Droids & Destroyer Droids, and even it's not that big.

OOM-9's (4)
Dirty Battle Droid (3)
Clean Battle Droid (1)
Shot Battle Droid (1)
Slash markings Battle Droid (1)
Theed Generator Complex Battle Droid (1)
Battle Droid with STAP (4)
Security Battle Droid (2)
Boomer damaged Battle Droid (1)
Destroyer Droid (4)
Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid
Scout Tank Pilot Battle Droid (1)

Stormtroopers (2) (neither Commtech chip)
POTJ Sandtrooper (1)
POTF Sandtrooper (1)
Sandtrooper with Dewback (1)
POTJ Dirty Biker Scout (1)
POTF Biker Scout with Speeder Bike (1)

Coruscant Guard (2)

All others I only have one of each, and that's only the AT-ST Driver, Death Star Gunner, Tie Fighter Pilot, POTJ Imperial Officer, Snowtrooper with E-web cannon, Naboo Royal Security Guard, Gungan Warrior, and one POTJ Mon Calamari Officer.

As for the last wave of figures and how many I planned to buy.

I was going to buy the Preview Clone Trooper to build an Army but I only bought 1 and hid 3 for later and hope to find more later, with my stash of POTJ Dirty Biker Scouts and POTJ Sandtroopers, I'll be buying all of them from the stash at some point.

04-02-2002, 04:13 PM
I got about 2 or 3 of the last few army builders in the POTJ line. I got;

3 Rebel Troopers
2 Imperial Guards
3 Biker Scouts
2 Mon Cal Officers
3 Sandtroopers

If its not an army builder, I only buy 1 to open. I'm not doing a Emperor's Arrival scene. I limit my scenes to 2 per movie.

04-02-2002, 10:40 PM
175 CommTech Troopers!????!!?!?!? Jesus H. Mother of Christ, no wonder so few of us have so few of this figure.

I happen to be out of town, away from my collection, so I'll have to post the numbers in a few days, and don't get me wrong, I wish it was me that could claim to have that many Stormtroopers, CommTech no less, but for cryin' out loud, knowing that Hasbro is screwing us on a regular basis with ridiculously low release quantities of these guys, to build up such a huge personal inventory like that is really excessive to the point of being offensive. It's like driving a Ferrari into the poor section of Bangladesh and setting out a pot-luck dinner for you and your honey.

I voted "yes," I want to build huge armies of certain figures, but the reality is that a)it is essentially impossible to find that many figures for me and most people, and b)it is made even more unlikely because a few people have to ruin it for the rest of us by hording the limited supply. To make it worse, some people who will go unnamed in this post find it perfectly okay to horde over a hundred CommTech's, then sell off half, seemingly at a huge profit, to pay for the other half (and have the guts to post here to brag about it!)

Ultimately, the blame falls to Hasbro, who, as mentioned previously, finds humor in releasing two or less Stormtroopers per box while churning out mountains of other figures who most people only want one of. I want an Emperor's Arrival scene as much as anyone (I've got the Shuttle sitting there waiting), but my Toys R Us wasn't given the royal blessing to get the 2 dollar bins of CommTech Troopers like some did and regardless of how early I've gotten up to hit Target, the stockboys have already pilfered the supply or dished them off to their friends the night before.

The inference in the statistics at the top of the post suggest that getting up early is the cure for the "distribution blues." That not only is bs, but is also an insult to those of us who have tried that tact only to learn the truth that a)stores don't get even distribution, b)much of the merchandise never hits the floor in the first place, and c)figures that do manage to find pegs get cleaned off by excessively greedy army builders who have the time to hit stores 5 to 7 days a week.

Collecting toys shouldn't have to be a 25 hour a day, 8 day a week job, but because of poor distribution by Hasbro, because of unscrupulous middle-men, and because of excessive purchasing practices of a few collectors, most of us are left with the scraps and building a sizeable army is an unattainable dream.

04-03-2002, 12:27 AM
Well, the last few weeks I've been hitting the Wal-Mart near my house on the way to school. They open at 7, and I usually get there right after they open. Today I got another batch of Clonetroopers. I think I'll keep this up until after AOTC stuff is released. It takes 15 extra minutes out of my morning, and it has yet to cause problems.

Around me, the stock people are usually older or Hispanic people who aren't collectors, so everything always hits shelves. If stockboys are grabbing up the new stuff beforehand, that's a shame. But its happened to all of us. I still stand by my principle that if you want it, go and get it. I take 15 minutes out of my day every day. You can't expect to do this once or twice a month to get lucky, but every day for weeks or months if that's what it takes. If you live in a high activity area, tough break. Maybe you should start pre-ordering on line. This hobby has never been fair, but I've come to terms with it and do what I must to get what I want. I know a new wave is coming out, I start hitting all the stores everyday in the morning until I get them.

Another good thing is to get into collecting circles, or make other friends in the hobby, and work as a team. If one of you can't get out everyday, get 2 or 3 and break up a week. Its a lot easier to get what you want if you have a few other collectors looking for you as well.

04-03-2002, 01:08 AM
I am totally in agreement with Wolfwood - save for if you are hitting it when stuff is shipping, it won't take months. 2 - 3 weeks at most (if the stuff is hitting in your STATE). Rule of thumb being, if it hits the east coast, you don't even need to start looking for it on the west coast for another week anyway. If it's Target where stuff is hitting though, the west coast might get stuff first.

As to Stillakid:

I want to say a few things to that. I am going to be 50% in agreement with Stillakid on this, and maybe half or more of what I'm going to say, all of you are welcome to dispute.

I don't have a personal sensitivity about being disagreed with here, but I do want to state my intentions first.

One - I WANT Stillakid and everyone else here who wants to make an Army to be able to get one! I'm very pleased that Hasbro is releasing the Stormtrooper 4-pack this summer to help facilitate this, and I do think the cost will be less than that for 4 figures at standard retail rates, though it might break even after shipping. But it's true, they won't be a steal at $1.98 each!

Two - I am hoping that the statistics I posted from our other 2 polls in this series (that is posted at the start of this thread), help others who DO benefit from hitting the stores early, as I remember in our other threads hearing that did work for some of you who had never tried it - while it works all the time for 16% among others of you who voted for that, myself included.

Three - now here's the sticky part, Stillakid: you're in Encino, CA right? I know nothing about the shipping, distribution, or scalper-competition there by you. All I know is that about a day or so after areas in California north of San Diego get stuff, it eventually gets shipped down here. So since I DO NOT go out every day looking for toys, I typically have a day or so's extra notification time before I have to start. Then I shop daily until I get all I want. (Then I go back to sleeping that extra hour before work).

I have heard that north of here, L.A. especially, is terrible because of scalpers - and the proximity to Frank & Sons (a notorious 2 times per week scalper-market that operates like a Wed and Sat swap meet up there). It's reasonable that in this bigger market, dealers and scalpers there will invest more in getting things out the back door before they are ever stocked at all! (The description not implying stealing, but rather that the whole case is held until a particular scalper arrives, then they either get to pick through it privately, or they just buy the whole never-opened case and take it up to the cash register). As a collector, I've been there and caught that happening in San Diego. We just probably have fewer swap meets than places north of us.

That could be part of the problem Kid.

The other part might be YOU. It's not that it takes "committing 24 hours a day all week to toy hunt." It's about 1 hour a day, between 7 to 14 days while stuff is shipping (and you're informed about it from right here on this website). Not to mention that Tue-Thur you can skip Target, Sundays often too. Wal*Marts are a little less predictable, but Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays are good days to go there. Toys R Us - well, either they aren't getting anything, or I don't know because I need to be working when they first open and I usually have my stuff from Wal*Mart already and I don't go there because I don't need any more.

When the CommTechs were coming out like around Christmas 2000, and my group wanted R2 with Leia holos, for ourselves and for trades (fair ones, a figure for a figure, etc) we were finding R2 for days in a row. This was at Toys R Us ONLY! Most web reports indicated so, too. (one of the few times TRU came through in recent memory!) :rolleyes:

The Scalpers were there and we even had to run to beat them sometimes, (or they went to HotWheels first - an advantage for SW collectors), but they were there to wipe them out as evidenced by a guy that got the whole first shipment right off a night-truck before my group had first heard about it. So either we were going to see everything valuable end up at "Koby's Swap Meet" and Collector's Empire or The Toy Box (our best known dealer locations) if we didn't get them, and with trades, put them back in the hands of collectors. (I now have only four R2 w. Holo Leia's - 3 loose in scenes where R2 looks authentic w. a restraining bolt: Purchase of the Droids, Lars' Garage, Jabba's Sailbarge, and one carded, but saved for my own use
when I see another scene with R2 and a restraining bolt that I want to recreate with my action figures).

But the thing is, I had to stand up and fight for my (I can't say "Rights") so-called desires as a consumer, and take advantage of the opportunity I created for myself by going early, versus letting people I've SEEN scalping at the swap meet as well as out in front of Toys R Us at day's opening, beat me in enjoying MY hobby!

Yeah, I traded one of those guys for one of my R2's. He had a booth at Comic Con (and I actually didn't know THIS scalper particularly), but I got Mara Jade, Luke Dark Empire, Leia Dark Empire, Palptine's Clone and an Imperial Sentinel for my R2.

I worked out a deal for the 12" Portrait Edition Amidala and Qui-Gon for another one (got burned here because these later hit Factory 2 You's at like $20 each I think - but later on that summer when I didn't need one) :rolleyes:

And I got the Falumpaset with Ammo Wagon and 3 Naboo Royal Guards for another one - also at Comic Con.

I also did something for 2 Watto's Boxes, but I don't remember what I traded for that one, only that SirSteve saw me go in with a handful of figures, and keep having to run back to my truck with bags full of stuff after each of my trades, LOL!

These guys got all these figures from YOUR STORES, right out from under your noses.

They tried to sell my Artoo's for $80 each, and I think they had to take them home with them.

I'm proud I burned all of them!

They weren't informed, they were trying to take advantage of others like you guys, and myself (they had stuff I wanted, didn't they?) and they couldn't move like I could in the mornings!

They deserve what they got! I did too! :D

04-03-2002, 01:57 AM
I have no idea what the scalper market is out on the west coast, but with a bi-weekly swap meet, it has to be pretty harsh. Luckily for me, I live in an area pretty much free from scalpers. There are swaps and flea markets, but not bi-weekly, and Star Wars is old news for scalpers. There all into Simpsons and Hotwheels now. But there is still some heavy competition from collectors. If I don't get to a store by noon, I usually don't go because if there was anything, they'd be gone.

I only say hit stores for long periods of times, because you never know when Hasbro is shipping older assortments. Like when they started re-shipping the Tessek wave around November of last year. If I'm just looking for new stuff, I wait until it pops up here in the "just found" section. But for the majority of this year, I've hit Wal-Mart almost every day, and have gotten everything released except the BoShek wave.

If hitting the stores early in the morning doesn't work, sometimes you have to take the next step if you want the new stuff that bad. Become chummy with the stockboy, pre-order online, stake out the interstate and catch the TRU trucks coming in from the warehouse and hijack them
:crazed: , etc.

For the majority of collectors I talk to, getting to stores early works, though. Very rarely have I heard of people applying themselves when applicable, and still ending up without anything.

Last thing, when they had commtech troopers for $2 at TRU at the end of 2000 or so, the actual figure had been out for some time. Just that they had pegs full of the Lukes and Hans so they put them on sale. They get in a shipment of R2/CT Trooper cases, and they get put on sale too.

04-03-2002, 08:52 AM
Originally posted by OC47150
JEDIpartner, what would be interesting to know is if many of us collectors paid regular price or clearance prices for these figures.

With the exception of some of the harder to find figures (Naboo soldiers and guards, clean biker scouts and POTJ sandtroopers) or newer figures (clone troopers) many of the army building figures I've bought were marked down. It's more tempting to buy three or four comm chip stormies when they're $2 rather than $6!

I was unable to find anything but the battle droids at clearance. That's the trouble with the "they're on clearance now so I'll just BUY THEM ALL!!!" method. Apparently, someone beat me to them and I ended up with NONE!!!! :mad: :frus:

Rollo Tomassi
04-03-2002, 03:26 PM
I have enough Vintage, POTF2 (including some LUKE and HAN figures with helmets on), and CTC stormies to make a small stab at an Emperor's Arrival diorama. More importantly, I have a vintage shuttle. When you've got a vintage shuttle, you can skimp on the Stormies and Imperials in the background. That attracts the eye better than any legion of your best troops ever can.

As for army building, it's never been about buying all the figures I lay eyes on. It's about how many can I afford and will it make a diorama look better. If there are 15 CTC stromies on the peg and I've got cash for all of them, I'll buy them. I'd rather some guy who was gonna open 175 CTC stormies for a diorama get them, than have a scalper ride in and grab them all and start selling on eBay. I know guys around town who are in for the joy of collecting and displaying and I'll trade a few to them because I know what they're all about. But it's naive to think "I'll only buy two of these so some other collector has a chance." PSHAW. As soon as you leave those other 13 CTC stormies, a scalpers gonna come in and swipe 'em. Better for you to take them all and give your fellow collectors a fighting chance at regular prices than paying $80 at some flea market. At that moment, YOU are in control. Be pragmatic and spend the cash. You won't get another chance.

In other words "It's better to have them and not want them, than to want then and not have them."

04-03-2002, 03:59 PM
Well it looks like Rollo's practical suggestion is the rule, rather than the exception. A few days into the poll, and we're already seeing that about 60% of our readers buy multiples of some characters, most likely the army builder figures.

Meanwhile, I was curious - I have a lot of dioramas that use soldier figures in good numbers, but I don't do an Emperor's Arrival scene with my figures.

In the MOVIE, about how many stormtroopers were actually there? I'd guess about 100 - 50 on each side?

Likely that also applied to 100 Bikerscouts.

Imperial Officers (like our action figure?) - 20 on each side?

ATST Drivers?

Were there TIE Fighter pilots there? How many? (in the movie)

Royal Guards = 6, right?

What else?

- and new posters, keep listing what you've got!

This isn't a contest to see who has the most, but rather it's information to show other collectors looking for tips, and HASBRO, what we demand the most figures of.

Do you use a lot of Greedo characters as aliens in Jabba's Palace, around a Pod Racing audience? Sure there's even more than 1 Rodian in the Cantina when Han shoots "the real Greedo."

How about Astrodroids? Do you have a Yavin or Echo Base flight hanger? Or one in a simulated Mon Calamari Cruiser docking bay with a lot of astrodroids "servicing" your fighter ships?

There were no snowtroopers standing around on the Death Star, so do you buy a lot less of them, than say an Imperial figure for an Emperor's Arrival set up?

How many Clone Troopers and Battle Droids are you going after?

04-03-2002, 06:09 PM
My collection has had it's fair share of turmoil since 1995. I started out as a "buy two of every figure" guy then moved on to a "buy one of every figure and multiples of army builders." Recently, I've moved on to a "I could care less, I'll buy the one or two who catch my eye" kind of collector.

I once had 32 CTC Stormies, which seemed like a great idea when I found them at clearance at TRU. Only the reality of it became tiring quickly. They were always falling over and toppling half the formation for my Emperor's Arrival scene. Eventually, I got tired of them and used them as part of a trade for a vintage A-Wing, and in turn traded the A-Wing (along with some other stuff) for an Imperial Shuttle.

I must say, Rollo is right; when you have a Shuttle little else matters.:cool:

As it stands, I no longer strive to create massive armies of troops for two reasons:

1. Hasbro's insistence on pre-posing makes large numbers of the same figure look like a troop of line dancers.

2. After I get more than two of any army builder, I tend to lose interest.

Here're my numbers:
4 CTC Stormies
1 POTF2 Stormie (I keep him around just to show how crappy the POTF2 line was)
6 Snowtroopers
8 POTJ Biker Scouts (3 clean, 5 dirty)
2 POTF2 Speeder Bikes with scout
3 Bespin Guards
2 Imperial Officers (I need someone to pilot my Shuttle)
2 Clonetroopers

For the most part I have only 1 of every other figure in my collection. Which I would assume is about 30% of all figures released since 1995. I have several big holes in my collection.

04-03-2002, 08:26 PM
A public apology to Sithdroid is in order from me. I didn't mean to imply that he or anyone else necessarily bought out massive amounts of figures at retail. It occurred to me later (after I calmed down a bit) that they perhaps buy from online sources, like I do. I just haven't taken full advantage of the internet to build armies, as those prices are typically higher. My purchasing pattern consists of buying at least one of each new figure online, then hitting retail stores to hopefully build the armies...hopefully at lower prices...that is, if I can find the figures I want at all.

So, while I understand that some collectors don't clean off pegs at will, I think that most high numbers collectors have no problem cleaning out inventory whenever possible because they believe that the next guy through the door will be a scalper. But, as Tycho wisely pointed out, getting figures isn't a "right," it's only a "desire," so as unfair as it all might seem, you get what you get and if you're willing to pay the price, you can have just about anything you want. What is unfair is Hasbro releasing low numbers of armies builder figures and moreso, they release massive amounts of "extras" to select stores instead of giving everyone a fair shot at obtaining a reasonable number. So a few people are able to end up with hundreds at discount prices while others of us are lucky to find one or two at retail. That's where the problem lies.

04-03-2002, 08:31 PM
Completely in agreement with you on this one. Hasbro's distribution for most of the POTJ era has been deplorable at best. You'd go for months hoping to find that one wave, then something like the Ketwol wave comes out and is everywhere, preventing an abundance of ordering on later waves.

04-04-2002, 07:45 AM
In the last three years there is only one army building figure I purposely passed on because I thought it looked too cheesy and it was the battle damaged destroyer droid. I don't own a single BS destroyer droid but about six regular destroyer droids. I even found a couple at KB this past Christmas season for $3.

04-04-2002, 01:45 PM
Very cool poll. A nice continuation from the last one.

While I admit I have a few copies of each figure, I don't have an army... I guess you could call them Garrisons, Patrol Groups, or even Scouting Groups.

I have between 5 - 9 Stormtroopers
(I can't quite recall the exact number.)

I have like 3 TIE fighter Pilots (not including the TIE Interceptor Pilot)

I have 2 of the new Imp. Officer and Tantive IV trooper, and a few of the Emporer's Royal Guard and others, but not enough for an army. :)

I generally try to buy at least 2 of each figure.... however, there are times when I do try to get more...if I can so I can make a small platoon of troops. :)

Most of time I don't have the money, nor do I really see a need to build a huge army. I'm not a good Diorama builder, and doing a few test shots of posing Gundam Models, figures and minatures quickly showed that I don't have what it takes to make an effective looking Diorama or action shot.

Oh well...I guess I'll settle for being a collector.
One thing I did do, was buy a bunch of peg warmers a while back and convert them into Christmas Ornaments for my own tree. Star Wars figures and screw-in eye hooks make GREAT ornaments if you don't have much to begin with, and it is a cheap way to fill out a tree! :)

If any of you are interested in seeing my STAR WARS X-Mas tree, let me know, I think I have pics from my digital camera around the house and I can upload them if you wish! :)


BTW - Whoever does the dioramas, be it Tycho, or anyone else....they rock! Mine could never look that articulate or that detailed! :)

04-04-2002, 07:42 PM
What about those Death Star Trooper guys, you know, the ones with the black hats that fall off all the time. As far as I know, they were only available through the fan club and only when ordered with another figure. Because of that, I have only 1 of that guy. If they were ever offered at retail stores, it certainly wasn't a widespread thing. It is this type of distribution policy that is bewildering to me.

In another thread a few weeks ago, I questioned why Hasbro took so long to release so few characters each year. The answer I got back was that it takes alot of time and money to develop and manufacture each figure. If that is true, what would be the reasoning behind creating an action figure, which would be specifically attractive for army builders, then only offer it in such a way to almost guarantee that only a few will sell?

I've had the same type of question about the CommTech Troopers. Why offer so few to most retail outlets then do a mass dumping at a select few stores?

I just don't get it? Is it just me?:confused:

04-04-2002, 08:22 PM
By hitting stores in the mornings, I found 4 Death Star Troopers at retail at Wal*Mart (2 cases worth, I believe)

Later, I heard the rumors that the drug stores, that's Thrfty, Rite-Aide, and Sav-On out here, were all getting the figures. I got 8 more by meeting "nice old sales ladies" at these stores and explaining to them about my collection. Strike that once though - a cool dude that managed the Sav-On at the beach was a fan as well (but didn't collect any but main characters) and he got me into 2 cases he had not yet stocked that were in the back.

The beach stores were so far away from the freeways, that the scalpers or army builders forgot to hit them. They are typically $2 more expensive than regular retailers though. So that's how I got like up to 16 DSTs. I used 14 in my scenes I believe, because I shared 2 with a friend who needed to army build.

I also got that same friend DSTs by entering a deal with him for my Ree-Yees I decided I wanted to build up on later (for E1 aliens in the podrace, Mos Espa, and in the Senate). I paid half the Fan Club price, as did he. So my buddy got his DSTs after all.

04-05-2002, 12:11 AM
I remember when I saw the DS Trooper/Ree yees assortment at Target when it came out. I got there just as they were putting them out. I grabbed a ree-yees and 2 DS troopers.

Then I opened the troopers and the disappointment has yet to wear off. I don't even have these displayed right now. There in "the box." I really wouldn't mine a nice resculpt of this guy. These were tough to find, since they were only released in one case assortment if I'm not mistaken.

04-05-2002, 04:49 PM
unfortunately, my budget for figs only permits me one of each. on the rare occasion i'll buy a multiple of the ones i really like to open and display, and i do have a few extra stormtroopers, pilots, and scouts. i don't keep a running inventory but i'm upwards of 300 figs - and that doesn't count all my original vintage stuff.
my only request to all the army-builders: leave a few of the good ones for us small-time - yet just as dedicated - collectors.
and all you guys that buy up everything just to sell on ebay - get a real job!!

04-08-2002, 01:57 PM
how much is too much?
how many figures is the goal here for most people?
Obviously for troopers "the more the merrier"
but whats the limit?

i mean realistically, i have a decent sized collection but someone earlier has 100 + troopers?

Its one thing getting figs at a huge discount IE $2- day at TRU but army building at regular prices $6-8 bucks is insane!!!!!!

04-09-2002, 12:11 PM
I'm home now, and I said that I'd publish my "army" numbers, so following Tycho's example...

I have:

19 Stormtroopers
4 CommTech Stormtroopers
9 TIE Fighter Pilots
9 Death Star Gunners
12 Sandtroopers (old)
4 Sandtroopers (new -POTJ)
4 ATST Drivers
3 ATAT Driver
8 Snowtroopers (inc 2 deluxe)
1 Death Star Troopers
2 Space Troopers
4 Imperial Officers
6 Emperor's Royal Guards
2 Imperial Sentinels
10 Bikerscout (POTJ carded figure)
5 Bikerscouts on Speederbikes

5 Episode Two Clone Troopers

4 Hoth Rebel Troopers (inc 2 deluxe)
6 Endor Rebel Soldiers
7 Rebel Fleet Troopers (old)
4 Rebel Fleet Troopers (new)

6 Gungan Warriors
15 Jawas (between 2-packs and CommTechs)
6 Tusken Raiders (plus 3 POTJ)
0 Female Tusken Raiders (planning on ?)
4 Ugnaughts (2 two-packs)
4 Mon Calamari Warriors
0 Geonosian Warriors (planned on - for winged, carded figure)

1 Weequays
5 Gamorreans
5 Bith (plus one from Cinema Scene)(Cantina Band Members)
1 Ishi Tibbs (most customized)
2 Greedo's (used as "Rodians")
1 Tessek's (used as "Quarrens")
1 Ketwols
1 Duro's
1 Zutton's

1 Death Star Droids
1 R5-D4's
2 Gonk Droids
2 R3-T7's
0 R2-Q5's
1 R4-M9's
0 R2-B1's
1 TC-14's
1 Pit Droid 2-packs

4 Boomer Damaged Battle Droids
4 Security Droids
2 Clean Battle Droids
1 Blasted Battle Droids
2 Slashed Battle Droids
3 Swamped Battle Droids
4 OOM-9 Droid Commanders
1 Blue Pilot Battle Droids
7 Destroyer Droids (counting both C2 and C1)

6 Coruscant Blue Guards
2 Naboo Royal Guards
2 Naboo Royal Security
5 Bespin Security Guards

Fair numbers of each. In general, knowing that buying hundreds was impossible, I went for numbers that could be lined up in a respectable formation, such as 9 or 15 or so (3 lines of 3 or 3 lines of 5, etc) I never bought more than one or two at a time and even if I wanted to, I couldn't because I never saw more than that at any one time. I assume that's because all the fellow collector's out there "protecting" me from scalpers. :)

04-26-2002, 06:48 AM
OK - it's time for us listing our figures to check in with our initial Episode 2 figure counts. Here's what I got:

Taun We - 2
Dexter Jettster - 2
Tusken Mother / Child - 4
R3-A6 (Sneak Preview) - 3

Royal Guard - 4
Captain Typho - 5
JarJar Binks (Senator) - 5

Luminara - 5
Kit Fisto - 5
Plo Koon - 5
Shaak- Ti - 5
Nikto Jedi - 5
Yoda (Jedi Master) - 4

Clone Trooper (Sneak Preview) - 25
Clone Trooper (pilot / sergeant) - 9

Geonosian Warrior - 15
Count Dooku - 7
Super Battle Droid - 12
Battle Droid - 1 (have tons from E1 discount - blasts fit guns too!)

Jango Fett (Sneak Preview) - 5
Jango Fett (Kamino - r. Helmet) - 7
Jango Fett (Deluxe) - 3
Boba Fett - 11
Zam Wessel (sneak preview) - 3
Zam Wessel (shapeshifter) - 4

Padme (Arena) - 4
Anakin (Peasant) - 3
Anakin Hanger Duel - 11
Threepio -3
Artoo - 5
Obi-Wan (Coruscant) - 9

I am pretty much satisfied with these figure counts and won't be buying more of these sculpts, give or take 1 - 3 (my guess).

How about you?

Rogue II
04-26-2002, 07:44 AM
2 R2-D2
1 C-3PO
1 Royal Guard

I still want to see Yoda. I'm not sure if I am going to buy him yet. I can't wait for the Bespin Like & Vader, Ephant Mon, and the rest of th classic trilogy figs to come out.

04-26-2002, 11:58 AM
I stayed true to form and bought mostly one of each figure (aside from the ones I am still missing.)

I did manage to get a few dups of figures.

I have attached a list of all the stuff I have bought since Saturday April 20.

Thanks to SirStevesGuide for providing the inital list that I then customized to suit my needs! :) SSG rocks!

04-26-2002, 12:42 PM
I now have FOUR of the new AOTC figs: Padme, Kamino Jango, Zam, and a Clone Trooper. The only others I'd like to find right now are Hangar Anakin and Dooku. Since I usually only pick up one of each, and there seems to be plenty out there (except for the certain few) I'll pick the rest up in due time.
I'm really looking forward to the new OT figs!

Rogue II
04-26-2002, 03:06 PM
Update to mine:

I just got Yoda and Count Dooku.

04-26-2002, 09:03 PM
---TRU Midnight Madness---
Super Battle Droid
Dexter Jettster
Geonosian Warrior
Obi-Wan Coruscant
Slave I
Anakin Speeder
Zam Speeder
Deluxe Darth Tyranus

---April 24th @ K-mart, Target, Wal-mart---
Captain Typho
Boba Fett
Anakin Outland Peasant
Zam Wesell (not preview)
Clone Trooper (not preview)

LA is quite barren of Dookus and Yodas and Royal Guards and Anakin Hangar Duels, the last ones I still want. I have no duplicates at all yet.

04-26-2002, 09:43 PM
5 Jar Jars!?!? Are you melting them down and smoking them!?

You must be since you wrote 'R3-A6 (Sneak Preview)'
When the figure is R3-T7....

Let's see. You bought 191 figures!??!
Counting the Deluxe Fetts that's $1,200.

That's a lot of time on your hands and knees in men's rest stops - if you know what I mean ;-)

Rogue II
04-26-2002, 10:12 PM
...And what are you going to do with 11 Hangar Duel Anakins? Is it trade material?

04-26-2002, 10:17 PM
No. I bought all the Anakin Hanger figures only for my actual use.

For the speeder chase, I want to make a large section of Coruscant that includes even the much later Dexter's Diner scene, and progress the action through Obi-Wan on the droid, through Anakin leaping onto Zam's speeder, and of course the bar scene and Jango.

So there might be like 6 figures of Obi- / Ani in the same display case, all progressing along the storyline. I did that with the Death Star adventure Luke and Han have, and it works ok - and saves space.

I actually need more Anakins, but will refrain from buying this sculpt, as a double-gripping Tatooine Anakin could be useful in the Arena and the Dooku fight prior to his arm injury.

Also, an Anakin wearing a molded Jedi Cloak would be great, plus one not so angry looking for his scenes with possible Padme action figures they could still come out with would be great.

Overall, I want like 26 Anakin figures, but think 11 Hanger Duels is pushing the usefulness of that one, plus the Peasant Disguise only found 3 making their way into my collection.

In any case, I'm out of the stores, and if I do go shopping, I'm not going to take the Hanger Duel figure away from any collector at all now. What was curious about me getting 11 was that I went into Wal*Mart at 7 am on the 23rd (they had no Anakin's HD's at my TRU for Midnight Madness), but there were about 11 other collectors going for SW as I was. They either all got him, or didn't want him. As we progressed down the isle, Anakin was being left behind by that bunch - people who could have gotten him before me - and I just picked up the rest.

I think most of that crowd had not gone to Midnight Madness, and they were getting all impressed over figures like the Tusken Female and Plo Koon, who were selling out, and I got 5 Count Dookus and even shared 3 more I'd picked, with other collectors who hadn't found him and arrived at the store late. I almost never buy extras when I can't justify 'the need.'

As for trade bait? I need hard to get things like Naboo Royal Guards (15), my sixth Sio Bibble, some Ishi Tibbs, and assort. 2 accessory sets from the last movie. Buying stuff that's in the stores now to trade someone for this older stuff is almost silly, since they shouldn't trade me for it. They'll find the stuff in the store within another week or so if they just go out and shop early for a few mornings. Or order it online. And Me? I'm not going to pay some scalper over $10 per figure for the HTFs from years past that I still want more of.

Anyway, I've spent quite alot. I bought 3 Reeks, 2 Obi-Wan 12-inchers, an Action Collection Clone Trooper, etc.

Keep in mind that I had at least 1 or 2 of each of the figures, and all of the vehicles, and 4 twelve inch since about a month before the release. I counted them in my list along with the sneak previews (though maybe I shouldn't have), but this is at present my final count of all released AOTC-related products.

And yes, I needed 5 Senator JarJars for my scenes I'm recreating that he has to be in.

Compare that to 22 JarJars I had to have in my Episode One scenes I was recreating. I'd say that's a big improvement!

(I got most of THOSE JarJars with the Kaadu's I took off Amazon.com for $3.25 each LOL)

But meanwhile, I think I've learned that I'm short about 5 Geonosians. I orginally estimated I needed 25, then scaled back to exactly 15. Now I realized that I forgot a scene I need them in.

That's ok by me - they're really good figures. - Oh, OK I DON'T need more of them. I'm going to use the Deluxe ones with the Mastiffs.

Whew! I don't need to spend more money!

But the next waves are much easier:

Vader Bespin 1 or zero
Luke Bespin 1 or zero
Mace Arena 3
Jango Arena 3

Orm Free Taa 4 to 5
Chnclr. Palpy 4 to 5
Padme pilot 1
Anakin Tatoo 3
Teemto Pegu. 4 to 5 (or less)
Obi-Wan Pilot 4 (or less)
C-3PO deluxe 2
Anakin deluxe 1 or more
Ephont Mon 3 or more
Ki Adi Mundi 4 or more
Mastiff 5 or more

So I'm pretty much done for the year on a lot of the stuff.

There's about 44 more figures (that includes the multiples listed above) that I'm possibly interested in buying. However, there's still more 12", vehicles, beasts, playsets, etc.

But I'm 4/5 of the way done with all the figure collecting I'll do this entire year (based on what we have confirmed as coming out). Plus I'm not too worried about X-mas time. I'll have my charge card paid off of this stuff in 2 months or so. By Nov / Dec I'll be in good shape for the handful of figures they still may do this year. In another thread, I have a list of which ones are my hopefuls!

For example: I could use about 7 Obi-Wans with a "wet hair" look wearing a "soaking wet" Jedi robe, and if he came in an action-stance, but still articulated enough that he was "poseable," that would suit me fine. I could also use maybe 1 or 2 additional "Kamino Obi-Wans" which have the wet look, but a neutral pose. I guess I'm starting to like resculpts. But I got smart with Hasbro. I bought like 9 Coruscant Chase Obi-Wans, and while I could use the character in like 30 scenes, I am waiting for other useful sculpts to come out. There was no reason to buy every scene the same figure!

Rogue II
04-27-2002, 08:42 AM
Tycho must have the coolest Star Wars collection outside of Skywalker Ranch!

The only thing keeping me from doing that is money, space, and moving about every 2 years or so. I guess I will just have to drool over other peoples collections for now.

04-27-2002, 02:49 PM
For the record, it is not impossible to collect what I do.

Here's the truth about what's happening:


There's about $2,000 worth of SW stuff on my credit card.

I have a good credit rating, hence a large limit (about twice the amount I've used).

I just got a great after-college-career going, so it won't take me long to pay this off, but Hasbro will keep new stuff coming out.

I'm single, no children, and I live alone. I pay all my own bills, but there's only me and 2 cats to take care of.

I have other expensive hobbies, but they are mostly outdoor sports. So SW is the most convenient hobby to suck up cash, as I can shop for it at 11:50 at night, or usually at 7 am before work, and when I'm alone on weeknights, I can build dioramas after work, versus watching "Gillmore Girls" or whatever people do with their time after dinner on weeknights.


It's not that easy. I've done dioramas (or purchased quantities of figures for them) ever since 1995 when the stuff for the modern collection first came out.

Hence my Classic Dioramas (minus something huge I want to do for the Sarlaac Battle that would include a custom SailBarge, as well as a modern "Imperial Center" version of Coruscant for a SOTE scene I have the parts for the making) are all the sets that I have any real room for.

This is a 2 bd / 2 bth apartment, with a large living room and large country kitchen.

There are no scenes in the bathrooms! (Averting water / steam damage is probably the biggest reason).

The living room has 2 large 6 foot display cases (that comic book stores frequently use), the shelves removed and painted backgrounds (I rendered the art for) are put in the back. (I'll try to post a shot of Endor in this thread). The room is decorated with non-Star Wars FOREST wall hangings of forests, or paintings of such. Endor is obviously one display case. The second is the Death Star which is not decorated, but includes 2 vintage DS playsets with modern figures, a Shuttle Tyderium, and a center section I customized out of children's playset furniture.

These 2 cases are only against 2 walls. A black bookcase holds all the fighter craft from the Battle of Endor, and on a short partition wall, a black entertainment center (my TV is set up in a different corner) houses ships from the SOTE flight from Coruscant (Slave-1, Falcon, Vader TIE, Wedge's X-wing, Outrider, etc).

Finally, above the Death Star case, clear mini-scene boxes hang on the walls depicting Han chasing the Stormtroopers, Ben and Darth's Duel, Vader meeting the bounty hunters, and a step-by-step walk through the Final Jedi Duel and Anakin's redemption.

In a house I hope to one day own, "the green room" will house 3 Naboo cases - a Gungan Battle, a very hard-to-create mock-up of the street battle of Theed combined with an interior Generator Duel scene, and from earlier in the film, the Queen's rescue / Starship escape (with all the droids) combined with a Gungan Sub Waterfall scene I want to do, as making "fake water" as it's called in the model railroad community is always something I want to try (you can create the illusion of a strong current, and even encase the BattleBags fish into the resin that creates the water!). I am hoping that before I can even afford my dream house, Hasbro will finally make the Gungan Sub so I can do this scene. In any case, Endor will remain (because it's green) and the Death Star will go to my "black room" which will also hold Coruscant scenes from all movies, and be my A/V home theater room - to go along with the high tech black look.

It will take years to create all this, and I'm looking forward to never being bored on weeknights.

However, almost all of my Episode One stuff is all in boxes stacked up in my office room's corner. There's no room for more displays without overcrowding. My scenes now look like a 'normal home' with terraniums - but action figures in the landscaping, versus real plants and animals. Those of you with reptile cages or aquariums will know what look I'm going for.

As to Episode 2, I can test-set the new scenes I want to do on top of the fixtures my Classic Scenes are in - and I'll know how many BattleDroids I need, or when it's released, how many Gunships will fit, and how many (well, I'd like 2) Arena Playsets can be combined? (I want to do before-and-after the Clones arrive). In my country kitchen I have room for one display case against the wall where the window is. It is currently my Gungan Battle - again I needed to know I could fit 15 droids, in rows of 5, and use mirrors to "make more" plus only 1 AAT Tank fits - and forget an MTT if they ever make it! (I'll have to figure out a new display for that, as I like the vehicle). But I never finished the Gungan thing, as it's not Classic, so I think the Arena Battles can replace it temporarily, before I get to ....


My 2 bdrm / 2 bth college apartment is where I lived most of my undergraduate years. It is not on-campus and some families and single adults, as well as a few seniors live here (besides all the college girls providing a reason for staying).

Rent in San Diego is ridiculously high (except to people from San Jose, California, my friends tell me). I am not able to move to a smaller place for sure - I'd have to pay a lot for storage for my SW collection anyway, so might as well live with it so I can appreciate it.

I never moved a lot during college, though it seems everybody else did. I started with roommates, lived with a best friend and lived with a girlfriend, but really got sick of all the moving. I was always helping my friends do it, I certainly didn't want to move any more! I got a large place by myself - so I have an office / guest bdrm, and I've stayed here for 5 years (almost) - I've been here almost 2 years after I got my last degree.

With rent as high as it is, and also needing an even larger place than I have now, I am waiting for another promotion at work, and am currently preparing to buy my first home. Unfortunately, unless I'm really lucky, it will not be my dream house, and I'll have to move 2 more times in my life - once to a condo / town home that I will use the equity in to finance the large 2-story, 4 bdrm home my collection will eventually require.


I strongly feel I do not want to get married. No girl I'm seeing now seems to have enough to offer me to make me even consider compromising my personal plans I've already talked about - so they are all that I can count on. Perhaps Star Wars will not always mean so much to me - the last movie will be coming out as I am barely reaching 30 yrs, so there will be some time to pass between the end of SW (at least in movie theaters) and the time that I would know any gal I meet long enough to even consider spending the rest of my life with her. And by that point, I might make enough money that I can rent a small storefront by a comics dealer and set up my collection there, so many fans can appreciate it - rather than make my future wife sleep in the garage :D


I will continue to test set up scenes I want to eventually make permanent, and list all the figures I need to buy to create them. Thus I get those characters when they are released and don't spend more money tracking them down on the secondary market. My take on the hobby is expensive enough!

So I list all the scenes I want to make, what characters go in them, (now I plan for various resculpts like a Kamino Obi-Wan I could forsee them making), and I go and buy them. I hand draw the concepts for my dioramas, then adapt them as I build them. So far, they come out looking exactly like the pictures I draw before I start them! It's a challenge to do that, and Mos Eisley is one of them I'm most proud of.

But yes, my take on the hobby can send me to the store in pursuit of 11 Anakin Hanger Duels, 15 Geonosians, 20 SuperBattleDroids, 10 Count Dooku's etc.

And that's what I do with them! some of my Classic dioramas (

04-27-2002, 04:37 PM
And this is my huge, 5 foot long Rebel Blockade Runner! (

04-27-2002, 07:37 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
And this is my huge, 5 foot long Rebel Blockade Runner! (

Next time I'm in San Diego, I'm comin' over. ;)

Rogue II
04-27-2002, 07:56 PM
Originally posted by stillakid

Next time I'm in San Diego, I'm comin' over. ;)

Yeah, me too. I'll be in the LA area around Christmas.

For me it isn't the cost as much as the space and stability right now. Since I'm in the military, I move every few years. I just moved in a few months ago from California to DC (my AT-AT box got damaged, but no big deal). Government housing, while pretty nice, doesn't give much room for collectors, so I can only set up one or 2 displays at a time on a shelf.

My wife doesn't mind me collecting, in fact, she will look for new figures when she goes to Target and Walmart. In fact, if it wasn't for her, I would have never got the B-Wing or Skiff. She collects some figures, mostly Amadalla and Leia (both 3-3/4" and 12").

Last week was my 29th birthday and she gave me a present she said was from our 8 month old daughter. It was the Playschool X-Wing set.:)

I limit myself to collecting 3-3/4" Classic Trilogy figures and I don't get all of the vehicles. So in reality, the only things I can't do that I would like is build large armies and set up large displays.

04-27-2002, 10:21 PM
Rogue II - thank you for your military service. I have a lot of respect for people who serve in real fighting forces, versus just setting up imaginary ones. My father was a Naval officer, but because of a surgery I had when I was only 11 years old, I am barred from ever serving - in spite of being fully capable of doing my duty. Forever and longer, I'd wanted to be a Marine Corps fighter pilot, having grown up by the air station watching F-18's all my life. (Hence "Tycho" - Rogue Squadron's First Officer as my 'net name).

In any case, while I have this collection, I do have a life and am active outdoors in many ways. But perhaps your job in the military lets you actually Live the adventure, and I imagine those that have gone or are currently serving in Afghanistan are finding it much more exciting than "Midnight combat" at Toys R Us.

I try to live my life being the best person I can be, and helping others in my community. But I can never serve as our real heroes have.

You don't need a 5 foot Blockade Runner to be proud of who you are and what you've got!

David Denny
04-30-2002, 05:48 AM
i have at least one of ever figure carded from POTF / E1 / POTJ and now E2 and im working on all the variations that i can get i have over 400 carded figures and im still not done with the variations just to many costly figures out there and some day i want to get 1 of every figure open from star wars
/ ESB /ROTJ /POTF / POTF2 / E! / POTJ / E2 AND on ( some day )