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04-04-2002, 02:13 PM
I said a while back in a thread I'd help out any European collectors with finding things.
I found all four preview figs today three rang up at $3 and one at $5.88.Total of 15.62(5% sales tax added) plus exact shipping.
Also a luke with bacta tank for $1.31,Boomer Damage battle droid and Jar Jar Tatooine for $3.15 a piece.Again plus exact shipping.
I'm being honest and trying to help.No profiteers or people thinking they can make a profit by trading.COLLECTORS only!!
I'll send reciepts to anyone who needs more proof.No B.S. with shipping either exact amount.I don't want to make a dime only help.I only have one of each of these things all I could afford.
I'll keep them until noon my time (EST) on Sunday.Then if there are no takers I'd be more than willing help someone stateside with these.SAME REQUEST APPLIES,NO PROFITEERS!!Please be honest.
Let me know if I can help.If there are no takers by Let's make it 6:00 pm Est Sunday,I'll take em back to Walmart and use the money for the next batch.
hope it helps,
Oh one more thing I open everything so carded collectors please don't ask me to grade the cards.I think they're in very good if not excellent shape but I AM NOT AN EXPERT AT THESE THINGS.

04-04-2002, 04:14 PM
Dryanta, I think you should help out your fellow stateside collectors who need it. I just found this report at theprivateuniverse (http://books.dreambook.com/tpu/probenews.html):

Argos will be No #1 for Episode 2 stuff???
davidmid Thursday, April 4th 2002 - 06:14:22 PM

I should have reported this a while ago, but an offical source has informed me and this 100% confirmed!! That Argos have done a 25million deal with HASBRO to bring the entire line of Episode 2 merchandise. I dont know what is meant by the entire line. But 12 inchers, vehicles and basic figures were all involved in the conversation. And they definately said the entire line.


This stuff will be everywhere!! Hasbro UK have spent 15 million alone to bringing in the basic figure asst, let alone the rest of the stuff.

This means they've outdone TRU, and with outlets in nearly every town center that's just such big news.
TRU currently have only a few stores nationwide against ARGOS with hundreds. This means that the UK now has a great way to get the stuff.
ARGOS is a catalogue store for those that don't know, with a ring and reserve feature that allows you to have stuff held in reserve for two days. And if one store doesn't have it the next store is just a short hop away. Plus a delivery service on large orders. Fantastic news if it's true. I'll try to keep you guys updated on the progress of this.

But thank you so much for the kind and valiant efforts Dryanta they aren't unappreciated but I think your fellow countrymen might benefit from your help more now. :)

04-04-2002, 04:39 PM
I hope it's true for your sakes.Couldn't have gotten better news.
I know it's appreciated Jargo.Thanks..Just felt like I needed to do something meaningful.
Well it's open then.Should I move this now?I really don't know
Any collectors here or elsewhere need them,Let me know same prices and conditions apply.NO SCALPERS!!Be honest please

04-04-2002, 06:46 PM
Any moderators out there?How can I get this moved and the title changed.I hate to see someone who might want these miss it because of the title.Any help please?