View Full Version : Special Edition posters: ORIGINAL or REPRINT

04-04-2002, 08:52 PM
Hello all. I recently purchased some of the Special Edition one sheets and I am trying to determine whether they are originals or reprints. They were sold to me as originals, but I'm a bit skeptical.

For example, on the Jedi poster, at the bottom left corner there is some small type that reads "VERSION E" and in the bottom right corner "PRINTED IN USA." Should this type be there?

Also, there is a visible dot pattern in the words "SPECIAL EDITION" at the top of the poster and in the names of the actors, producer, director, etc. towards the bottom. Should there be a visible, albeit fine, dot pattern?

Are there any other traits I can loof for to determine if this is real or fake? Does anyone know where I can find some real ones for sale that I can compare mine to? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post!