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04-05-2002, 09:27 PM

2002 Toy Fair Vader MOMC - will ship in Star Case
FF Weequay MOMC (trilogo) - will ship in Star Case

Deluxe Luke Bacta Tank MOMC (trilogo)

Han Solo Death Star Escape MOMC (trilogo)
Chewbacca Mechanic MOMC (trilogo)
Bespin Guard MOMC (trilogo)
Ellorrs Madak MOMC (trilogo)
Shmi MOMC (trilogo)
Tessek MOMC (trilogo)

Episode 1
Destroyer Droid MOMC (US)
Queen Amidala Naboo MOMC (trilogo)
Amidala Coruscant MOMC (trilogo)
Deluxe Obi-Wan MOMC (trilogo)
Deluxe Qui-Gon MOMC (trilogo)

Greedo (cantina) MOMC (trilogo)

Mon Mothma FF MOMC (trilogo)
Leia Ewok Celeb. FF (opener - trilogo)

OT - McFarlane NHL2 Joe Thornton jersey variant

Wants (all wants MOMC or MIMB):

Vintage carded - need most.
(not too concerned with grade but must be displayable and original)
Currently I already have
Emperor, 2-1B, Prune Face, Dengar, At-At Driver, Snowtrooper, Hoth Rebel Soldier,
Han Hoth Gear, Jan Tosh, Thal Joben

Han Solo and Tauntaun (4inch) *** Priority
Tie Fighter
Dash Rendarís Outrider
Crashed Snowspeeder - Walmart Exclusive
Tie Bomber - Walmart Exclusive

Lower Priority
Wedge from Millennium Falcon Case-on blister
Scanning Crew Millennium Falcon Case-on blister
Luke in Endor Gear-MMCoin

If you are interested in trading, email me at mckillop@ssimicro.com

baby 01
04-28-2002, 12:24 PM
baby babble headed your way.