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08-30-2001, 04:30 PM
I hope I am posting this to the right place. I am seeking to complete my nigh-complete (including Series Alpha) Action Fleet collection. I open all of my Micro Machines so packaging is not as important as general condition and the presence of stands. The following are the Action Fleet I still need. Can anyone out there help with reasonable prices? I've read some good things about a lot of folks here on Sir Steve's and their ability to find all things Micro.

Sith Infiltrator
Flash Speeder
Imperial Landing Craft (Special Edition)

With the exception of the Flash Speeder I realize I'm up against the hardest to find. I passed on the Landing Craft repeatedly at TRU and wish now I had not. I have only found one Sith Infiltrator ever and that I gave to a friend of mine. (The same friend who got the only TIE Defender I ever found.)

There is another...

Though not on my "Must Have" list, if the price is not outrageous, I wouldn't mind finding a TIE Defender for myself as well.

Please feel free to email.jedicole@yahoo.com

08-30-2001, 08:19 PM
Try TNC. They have the Flash Speeder and I was informed that they have the Sith Infiltrator in stock, although it's listed otherwise on their site.
TNC (http://www.tncuniverse.com/starwars/00Vsmall.htm)

08-31-2001, 10:36 AM
might wanna trouble yerself to read the bountyhunter thred ;)