View Full Version : Ames has the Jedi Starfighter!!! Everywhere!

jedi master sal
04-06-2002, 08:03 PM
As of this post I can confirm that all Ames have the jedi starfighter and are putting them on the shelf right now. I bought one today (saved a little because they were having a 15% off sale as well) it normally costsd 21.99. If you can get there tonight it will be 18.69 retail. Huury before they close. They sholud have plenty so don't worry aboout them running out neccessarily but you can save more tonight (about 4.00)
I physically went to three of them and they all had at least 6 or more of them.Okay so this isn't in the right forum but due to the time sensitivity and popularity of this item I felt the need to post here as well. (besides I am the moderator in this forum and will readily delete it this coming week but thought you guys should know)

I talked to the manager and they looked in their computer and found that my whole region (southwest Pennsylvania) has them and that should be the case for all AMES. Happy hunting!!!!!