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04-10-2002, 10:19 AM
Oh well, we brits knew it was too good to last. Woolies were a quick-fix wonder this week, giving us collection 1 figures at high-street prices. I managed to get Ani, Obi and jango-ee, all at 5.99 ($9). Oh well, I'll just have to wait now. I go on holiday to Orlando next Tuesday so I can scour the US stores for all these bargains we're reading about before attending the big hit on the 23rd!!!

But, what prices are UK folk paying for figures from specialists for pre-23rd... You know, if they're being impatient.

04-10-2002, 11:50 AM
I never did find any figures at my local Woolworths. I have 5 within a 10 mile radius. Not a thing. Maybe they knew about the 'DO NOT SELL before 23rd April' policy.

I saw a few dealers asking between 20 and 30 for the collection 2 figures about a month ago. Total rip-off considering they will be 5.99 (ish) in a week or so. Some collectors just could not wait, and will be regretting it now. They will have to wait at least 10 years before they can sell them to get their money back.

I managed to get three for 8 each. Not bad for being a prefered customer at a local dealer.

Ebay UK had a few between 12 and 20.

04-10-2002, 01:11 PM
I refuse to pay more than 6 for any of these figures which is why I'm being patient and waiting for the official release so I can can just go and skim off what i need in the numbers that i require for my dioramas instead of paying almost double that amount per figure and only getting one of each from scalper stores and overpriced collectibles outlets. I feel that some people are blinded by greed in attempting to get the figurtes ahead of schedule and they must have more money than sense. The EBAY auctions are nothing short of lunacy with figures selling for $130. I love these toys as much as the next man and want to own a good amount of them but this frenzy surrounding the release of them is plain idiotic. it's not as if they're the best toys ever released even. Sure, the previews were slightly different given that they were released in limited numbers and the preceding POTJ wave was also limited. But these AOTC toys are being put out in huge quantities so there's no need to go gaga over them when it'll simply be a casual stroll through town to pick up what you want after the 23rd. No hurry no worries. It's like silly season started quite honestly. :crazed:

04-11-2002, 11:24 AM
Got my Jedi Starfighter from Argos today!!!, its very old school but with a new twist.