View Full Version : Why didn't they ever do a Naboo pilot figure???

04-12-2002, 01:21 PM
All we got was Ric Olie, and Anakin (Two versions)

Ric is cool, if you can find him, and NEITHER Anakin (The regular carded version, and the one that came with that handheld game) fits in the cockpit....he wants to slump down into the compartment(Since I don't have Ric, I just put a piece of cardboard in the ship, near Ani's feet, to keep him from sliding out of view) ..... but what if you have a SQUADRON of Naboo fighters (Since they're $5 now at TRU), and want different pilots?

I'd like to see the black female pilot, and a few others.......all with their flight robes (Done in Soft-Good material of course).....

who's with me????

04-12-2002, 04:05 PM
me !!! although I would use them to put in my theed hangar diorama...

Sith Vicious
04-12-2002, 05:46 PM
Actually, I've got Ric, and could never get him to fit in the Naboo fighter. I always thought the Anakin figure looked okay in it. Do you have him holding on to the handles on the control panel thing? That should keep him from slipping down. I think the Naboo fighter is also in Ep. II, so perhaps we'll get another pilot.

04-12-2002, 07:08 PM
Actually, to be honest, I don't own EITHER of those Anakin figures....a friend let me borrow them to demonstrate how crappy it was......

I have Podracer Anakin in the cockpit right now.......since I don't own any 'real' pilots.....

04-12-2002, 08:00 PM
Pilot Ani which was released with Soft Goods Obi and Maul fits ok in there, with the console in place he doesn't move around alot fortunately, and with the console added it makes it look much more like the interior of the ship. However he didn't have a cloth "skirt" so unfortunately everytime you took him out you'd have to hold his skirt down for awhile for it to stay down.

I would've liked for there to be more pilots, or a new Ric Olie that was thinner and had a helmet that would come off easier and had a cloth skirt piece so he could sit down easier.

04-13-2002, 02:45 PM
Ric Olie barely fits in mine, he's really pushing up against the canopy - and I had to cram his legs in just for that. It would have been nice to get at least one trenchcoat wearing pilot, preferably one of the 2 female pilots.

04-14-2002, 11:55 AM
I think Hasbro should release 2 of each "Army Builder" (In some cases)

one male, and one female.....each with interchangable heads.....so that we can get as many variations as possible....

release male heads with beards, different hairstyles, and different ethnicities.......and do the same with the females.......

it'd be cool to only have to buy, like five of the same figure, and make FIVE DIFFERENT FIGURES.....

04-15-2002, 09:19 AM
What about a Naboo Pilots Cinema Scene? Three Pilots with removable helmets, a Naboo blaster, softgood skirts and coat. They could include the Afro-american, the female pilot and an Asian guy(?). And they could do the same with other Naboo officials, i.e.: Naboo Security Forces with two Royal Guards in different poses and a Naboo Security Officer. Other ideas:

- Gungan Army CS.
- Queen's Handmaidens CS.
- Anakin's Friends CS (Wald, Kitster and 2 other annoying kids).
- Rebel Trooper CS (Captain Antilles and two "Generic" guys).

And the list goes on.....


04-15-2002, 09:32 AM
Well... we'll have to see what the "Saga" line holds for us. I've never had a problem with Ric fitting inside the cockpit. I've not had a problem with Anakin either...

either that or I'm just not that discriminating... NOT!

04-16-2002, 10:56 AM
Gereric Naboo Pilot figures would be cool. They would be great for scenes. Ric works fine for now, but pilots would be fantastic.

04-17-2002, 11:24 AM
Because noone loves him. The Naboo pilots didn't get squat for homage after risking their lives. Still, we need someone to get blow'd up....I could go for a Naboo pilot in the new line. :)

Mandalorian Candidat
04-17-2002, 03:00 PM
I've been wanting a Naboo pilot figure for a while. There's still a chance we'll get one in the Saga line for TPM. Hopefully Hasbro won't just release resculpts like they're doing for ESB with Luke and Vader. :rolleyes: