View Full Version : TIE Interceptor Found in WV

09-02-2001, 10:24 AM
over here in the wild world of WV one of my club members found a grouping of TIE Interceptors just accross from the hunington mall at TRU. They were waiting for other collectors to grab and set beside their B-Wings and Skiffs for all to see. Good luck and you WV collectors go get em! I have yet to get one and can't get there today so i leave it all up to fate if I succed in getting one myself sooner or later:)
Chad<>Moderator at the WVVAMDDC Star Wars Collectors Club
Luck To all and hopes the Emperors wrath wave is plentiful as are all comming waves there after. Except EP2 cause we all know those are going to be out there heavily;)