View Full Version : I've got the Coruscant airspeeders open now! NICE JOB!

04-14-2002, 07:23 PM
The airspeeders have this molded rubber that simulates their engines. The stuff on the front detailing of Anakin's speeder is not molded plastic engines! It's rubber! Whoa!

You smash the vehicle into something, and it crinkles up and the pannels blow off!

This works just like you'd slide missles into lauching slots before you'd fire them from a spring-loaded toy. Only you are putting them into position when you create the crash damage.

When you hit the button, everything pops back out to normal and you reinsert the blast-off pannels.

Zam's speeder is way cooler - same features, just really interesting shape and a greater effort had to go to simulating her battle damage because of the longer front end shape to her ship.

You're going to like these.

Too bad I don't have a Zam figure that will sit in the speeder. You have to wait for the second Zam figure on the blue card (with bending knee articulation). Her and the pilot Obi-Wan figure should have been out with the vehicles' release time.

Also, you may happily note that Zam's speeder is bigger than you thought it would be. These are nice sized toys!

I was thinking something a little bigger than the EU Speederbike for Zam's craft. No - it's nicely almost larger than the landspeeder (in mass) but definitely longer!


I want to still add that there's another post on this topic page: "Nice Hidden Surprises on the vehicles" or some such topic that's really about Slave One. It is a great thread and an awesome ship! Discuss that vehicle there - you're going to learn about a neat feature on the toy that none of us knew before!

04-14-2002, 09:51 PM
What's the retail price on these? I'm interested, but I may have to wait awhile before I decide to purchase them.

How long do you think the crash damage feature will endure? I'm nervous that it will get too loose and floppy over time.

Glad you like them! :)

04-14-2002, 10:00 PM
How exactly does a figure even sit in the Zam speeder? Its completely shut in, do you lay the figure down or what?

I've been asking for the price for a while now, if its 15 or under, I might get them. If not, I think I'll pass until we get a nicer Anakin to fit into the speeder.

04-14-2002, 10:26 PM
Lot's of questions. That's great though!

These are cool toys!

The speeders were $17 each. Maybe the price will go down. I think it was wrong as a matter of fact, but I wasn't going to argue and lose my chance to purchase these early. (a story on the how and why I probably won't tell).

I don't think the crashing stuff will bust under normal use by Us collectors who open our toys. Kids playing with it? I don't know, but I assume they tested these things pretty well. If the guidance of the underlying missle slots get unaligned under the rubber...that could cause a complicated problem. I don't really plan on playing with them that much or that roughly. Good question. The best answer will be time will only tell. If you're asking the question and obviously aware of even the slightest chance of risk, my answer is that YOURS PERSONALLY will never break. ;) You sound like you're going to take good care of your toys.

But these things are solid plastic or thick rubber. There are no materials even remotely like the cheap stuff used on the Droid Fighters 3 pack!

As to Zam fitting in the cockpit? If I had the correct Zam figure I could tell you for sure. (Thanks Hasbro - answer forthcoming by around May....grrrrrrrr.) But I see she sits kind of leaned back, like in a lazy-boy, but her knees would have to be bent to fit on the footpedals (yes the cockpit is that detailed!) The craft is steered by two non-connected levers on either side of the cabin that Zam controls with each arm. It looks like it will be hard to pose her sitting in there with her hands on the controls, but who can tell us now - answer forthcoming in May again...

-and yes, the Zam Speeder completely closes its canopy and the figure is totally within. You could view her (if you had the right figure by May) through many different possible windows. I really like this toy and was quite surprised, thinking the Jedi Starfighter would be by 2nd favorite next to Slave One. (The Best, the King, the ruler of the starfighter universe...uh you get the idea...):D

Anyway, the ships are great! Obi-Wan (Coruscant Chase) does take up both seats nearly in their speeder. (Like putting Chewie in the never-retooled Falcon cockpit). If the Anakin Jedi figure (Hanger Duel) is less dramatically posed, they'll both ride fine. Otherwise, perhaps Obi-Wan's pilot figure, with Anakin's Hanger figure will be the right combination. (Answer forthcoming in May - and are you detecting a theme here? - I know...Your answer will be forthcoming in May.:rolleyes: )

04-14-2002, 10:31 PM
I'm going to attempt picking up the speeders tomorrow. I already have the new Zam and Anakin. We'll see how they fit. I'll report back tomorrow if I succeed. They are all stashed at my Wally World.

Battle Droid
04-14-2002, 10:31 PM
I got Zam's Speeder for $11.99 at Magic Mart.

04-14-2002, 10:38 PM
ToyFair pictures shows Bounty Hunter Zam in the speeder just so ya know, and according the pictures, she'll be able to grab the controls. Btw, the speeders will be 10.99 at TRU according the SKU thing that was released awhile ago so they might be around 9.99 at Wal-Mart on the 23rd. :cool:

04-15-2002, 08:58 AM
You know... I wasn't going to pick these up, but I might reconsider my decision if I can find these for $9.99 USD!

04-15-2002, 01:33 PM
Still didn't answer the question about how you get Zam in there though. Does the canopy lift up or do you have to shove her in through a window?

not that I really care because these are among my first prioritised purchases. These and the Reek come first. Gotta love the speeders. The packaging shows that Anakin's crash damage is rubber. The picture is right there on the back. :)

UPDATE: answered my own question in my piccie library I have a picture of the canopy open. It hinges upwards on the front. The hinge being at the roof edges.
Now my question is about the color. How garish is it? The Toyfair version looked a bit gaudy, is it that bad or more muted?

04-15-2002, 02:51 PM
It's not neon green, if that's what you're asking.

It's "Volkswagon Green" and I think it looks great!

I like Zam's speeder as much if not more than the Jedi Starfighter.

Of course today I really played with my toys and made the Starfighter take on Slave One. It's a lot of fun - really!

After you barrage the puny Jedi craft with missles, you can make a pass over it and dump 4 more depth charges! Ha! I got you Jedi Scum!

Oh - and if you are into snorting mouse droids, sniffing the airspeeder's rubber parts has its own original smell now!

04-15-2002, 10:51 PM
Well I tried them out today. Got my speeders and put Zam (Not Preview) into the cockpit. She lays and it's hard to get her hands around the steering device, but she does fit. Obi-Wan...doesn't fit period. Anakin sits right, but due to his *Spoiler* removable arm and wrist twisting action he can't grip the handles, but like I say he fits in the cockpit. That's my report for now. We need another Obi-Wan.

Mandalorian Candidat
04-16-2002, 10:36 AM
Great thread Tycho! You should be in marketing for Hasbro (or have you already been paid off by them?) because I'm now totally up for getting these two. I hope the $10 pricetag is correct because Thrawn reported that they're $15 (I believe) in the news section. So do they have any kind of launching missiles or is the crash damage the big feature?

04-16-2002, 11:27 AM
I've been up for the speeders since the first leaked pictures way back. Speeders are always cool. it's just the lack of accurately fitting figures that isn't.

You get stuff so cheap over there in the states it isn't fair. For your $15 price tag we get a matching 15 which works out about $21.57 to you. And would you pay that for a little speeder? I know there's the import taxes and all but even so it seems a little steep to me. I'm basing it that we pay matching numbers because that's how most stuff turns out. it just isn't right. :(

04-16-2002, 01:19 PM
I'm sorry Jargo. Actually it seems you can't win either way:

If I bought you the speeders here, after shipping them to England, it would work out to about your retail anyway.

I wonder if the stuff is cheaper in Hong Kong? Afterall it's made there before it's even shipped to the US.

Anyway, I doubt your prices will change unless millions of Brits suddenly decide to take up laboring in the plastic toy manufacturing business.

As to the speeders, the crash feature is their only action value. But it's really fun! Especially Zam!