View Full Version : A Jedi's Path - Serious LACK of spoilers

04-15-2002, 10:22 PM
I recently purchased LIFE: Star Wars: A Jedi's Path. It seems like the game was in development back around the time of the Phantom Menace. There is very little Episode II content. EII Anakin is on the box cover. There is a little gray plastic Jedi Starfighter that is one of the game board "monuments." Of the 4 player pieces, one is Episode I Obi-Wan! There are also different cards that go with the set. There is a card for each member of the Jedi Council, but this is the Council circa the Phantom Menace. To tell you the truth, the most interesting thing I learned from the set is that Adi Gallia is the daughter of diplomats, which I did not know, and may never, ever matter. Still, with it's Saga-esque packaging, it's a worthy collectible. The art on the front is great.