View Full Version : Ep.2 LEGO Review - Tuskiens, and Jedi Duel

04-21-2002, 02:33 AM
Warning - Slight Spoilers below:

I got these two items yesterday and they are nice items.
- Starting with the Jedi Duel set, the figures are both very goodwith Dooku's lightsaber handle being very cool, and it's good fun (I have to admit) to position it in various ways in his hand, so it gives a slight idea of how he will fight in the movie. The Yoda is slightly too big but that isn't a major problem. Also, he seems he is smiling which seems a bit unsuitable for the scene it is meant to be.
Dooku's speeder is nice also although I admit I haven't seen an actual picture of it from the movie. There is some sort of big gun on it also, which could be interesting. The only problem with this is tha the markings on the back of the speeder don't line up that well.
The crane thing that also comes with this is quite good although again I've seen no pictures of this from the movie so I can't really comment. An interesting point to make is that a LEGO picture of the crane being used by Dooku to lift his speeder is shown, so that is a slight clue to what is happening in this sequence apart from the duel itself.
Overall this is a nice set, and just to have Yoda with a lightsaber makes it worth its money.
- The Tuskien Raider Encounter is another nice set. The Tuskiens are good in Lego standards so it is good they are at last released. The only problem I see is that they both come with blaster rifles. It would have really good if at least one had come witha graffidi (or however you spell them) staff. I hope doesn't mean they aren't used in this sequence of the movie. The Anakin is OK but it could easily be just another Jedi in the movie. The hair is also a burnt orange colour, so that is slightly wrong.
The speeder in this set is very nice, and a lot less bulky looking than Dooku's.
The moisture vaporater is a nice addition to the LEGO family, like the Tuskiens. It is designed quite although some sorched or sand corrosed markings on it would have been nice.
But altogether a nice set.
Final scores:
Jedi Duel: A- (but this may improve when I see the speeder and crane in the movie).
Tuskien Raider Encounter: A