View Full Version : What prices are the UK AOTC stuff?

04-21-2002, 03:38 PM
Okay what we need to establish is the prices that Woollies, ARGOS and TRU are asking for
a single figure,
a deluxe figure,
the beast,
the speeders,
the lightsabers.

Just so that we can all plan which stores to hit first. Tomorrow daytime I reckon we could bully the staff in the stotres into giving this amount of detail away. We all know what's on offer, but we need to ascertain just how much of the stock each store has actually had shipped to them. Synchronise watches chaps.......

04-21-2002, 04:39 PM
My girlfriend saw the figures in Woolies last saturday. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let them past the checkout but the price for basic figures was 5.99

04-22-2002, 03:55 AM
Argos has the basic figures for 5.99, the Deluxe for 8.99, Slave I for 29.99 and I think the Beast (can't remeber the name) and the Speeders were 14.99 each.

I picked up a couple of basic figures fro a local toyshop at 5.99 also, so it's safe ro assume that that will be the benchmark.

04-22-2002, 12:14 PM
Any idea what Argo's product numbers are? ie for Slave 1 and the delux figures?
Just picked up Jango Fett-Kamino Escape
Obiwan-Kenobi-Coruscant chase
Anakin Skywalker-Peasant Disguise
All from a big out of town Woolies......Big W......alot for not a lot.

04-22-2002, 03:22 PM
Heres the product codes guys:
371/5512 - Cant Remember
371/5536 - Republic Gunship - 22.99
371/5471 - Yoda/Dooku Dual

Action Figures[b]
[b]371/7118 Jango Fett - With removable Helmet
371/7084 R2-D2 - With 'Kohu Assassin Cataplliars' - What ever they might be.
371/7060 Yoda and Saber and 'the force'

371/5505 Bounty Hunter Pursuit
371/3301 - Jedi Starfigher- Really cool
371/6250 - Slave One

360/0115- Anakins Saber Electronic Game

371/7125 Kids Backpack
371-7053 Deluxe Figures Obi or Jango with extra kit 8.99

371-7077- Clone Trooper
371-7091- Anakin WITH TWO SABERS

371-5206 (Very Pricy) Lightsabers, Obi, Dooku, Ani's 19.99 each

371-6078 Monolpoly
371-6229- Jango Fett Costume for kids

360/0122 Jedi Dex (I have no idea)

371/7125 Anakin Back Pack

Phone Covers
546/25310- Jango Fett Nokia 3310 3330
Now if anyone in Cornwall is reading this...........then stay away from Argos.............its mine!!!!!!!......all mine I tell you........
Add Anakin Hanger Duel-371-7091