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Dar' Argol
04-22-2002, 06:48 PM
Ok, ok. I know I am posting this REALLY early. But I have to go back to work soon and I wanted a place everyone could put their MM experiance. So instead of haveing 400 threads about "Here's what I got" and "My MM stunk, how's yours?" I thought I'd create this one so everyone has a place to put their experiance from tonight.

So, good luck everyone, remember to have fun and respect one another. And above all else, be safe tonight!! I don't want to hear about any accidents!

May the force(and the toy gods) be with you!

04-23-2002, 12:08 AM
Well guys, I am done! A pretty big turnout but I succeeded in my mission (almost $200 later). Hard to find figures tonight at Wal Mart were:

Royal Guard
Genoshian Warrior
Taan We
Dexter Jeester

Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

All in all everyone was curteous and helpful, except for one guy that bought 3 Tie Bombers.

Good luck!

P.S. there is an r2-D2 variant already! The legs are different.

04-23-2002, 12:08 AM
Well, I didn't have enough to get everything I wanted, but I did end up with four figures:

1: Yoda, cool figure......the metal lightsaber handle rules.....and his 'force effect' feature is kinda neat.....

he has a large base he stands on, and as the bottom is turned Yoda 'raises' up from the base like he's levitating.....the 'thing' he's levitating with his force powers is actually a chunk from the base, that can 'snap' back in....

2: Anakin Hangar Duel, cool figure.....one metal lightsaber, one plastic......his force feature is a wheel on his back that spins his left wrist, so he can 'twirl' the saber.......his other effects are that he has a removable arm (held together by magnets), and apparently an attraction feature where his hand can pull the saber to him (Although I've not removed the rubber band to check this...

3: Kit Fisto, this is a neat figure......I like the look of the alien Jedi......and this guy is mega cool.....lots of green tendrils everywhere.....another metal saber handle......and an unobtrusive 'force effect' you lift his arm, and it's spring loaded to snap back.....

4: Luminara Unduli, I hadda get a female figure, and she was cool, because she was first, a Jedi, second, asian, and third a female!.....pretty unposable, and I haven't discovered a 'force effect' but still cool nonetheless.....

these are my purchases, and I'm happy with them......

Kit and Anakin are my faves, followed by Yoda and Luminara.....

It was really slow at my Wal-Mart....and there wasn't a Lot to go around.....they actually took half the stuff back to the stock area....I dunno what's up with that.......and there was a scalper there.....he had a cart full of two each of the shortpacks......well, until some kid wanted a Yoda, and I snagged it for him outta this guy's cart........


he protested, but there was nothing he could do about it.....because it wasn't his yet......the kid was happy, the guy was miffed.......but being an overweight loser wannabe scalper, he couldn't do much about it.......

and I made some kid's night.......

this was another fond memory.....sure I'd rather been at TRU, but it was still fun......

some figures are on my shortlist.....but I'm not too thrilled about any of the Mace's, or Jangos......and they were the ones I really wanted......

04-23-2002, 12:09 AM
Well I picked up the last 7 characters I didn't already have. So now I have them all. When will the next wave be out?:D

04-23-2002, 12:11 AM
Hey congrats!!!!!! Was hangar Ani and Yoda hard to find???

04-23-2002, 12:13 AM
No they had a lot of those. The hardest for me were the same as RUNOBOT.

Royal Guard
Genoshian Warrior
Taan We
Dexter Jeester

I found my Dookus in the box on a pallet. Some lady that worked there got ****ed because I opened some boxes. :D

Dooku is in the collection 1 wave 3 ratio 1 box.

04-23-2002, 12:15 AM

Darth Paul69
04-23-2002, 12:16 AM
No Dookus or AnakinDuel.by me.I'M ****ed I wanted Dooku but they only had the deluxe one wich I didn't like.Also the 12 inches look awfull.

boss nass
04-23-2002, 12:17 AM
i'm back and i picked up royal guard,taun we,red clone trooper,dexter jetster,genosan warrior,and a dooku lighsaber

these were the hardest to get but i got there early enough to pick them up.The Dooku.yoda,and Anakin dual were absent at the tru in peabody, Ma so i'll try getting them somewhere else.
we maybe had 100 to 150 ppl show up and everything went pretty good(a couple of hoarders though)but a great time never the less

my advice is to get these figs first!! later

04-23-2002, 12:18 AM
Well I'm leaving in ten minutes(I'm on the westcoast) Thanks for letting us know which ones are hard to get.

04-23-2002, 12:20 AM
Originally posted by jobi
Well I picked up the last 7 characters I didn't already have. So now I have them all. When will the next wave be out?:D
Next wave should be coming out pretty soon. Infact some stores in New Zealand and such actually had the next wave out on the pegs tonight. For us here in the states, look for them in early May. It will be another Collection 1 Asst. with the following figures:

Darth Vader: Bespin Duel
Mace Windu: Geonosian Rescue
Jango Fett: Final Battle
Luke Skywalker: Bespin Duel


Jar Jar Binks

04-23-2002, 12:22 AM
Within the two local Wal-Marts, they had ... NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I asked one of the stockers and he said, "Maybe tomorrow."

Target opens at 8 am, I can only hope ...

Snake Plissken
"A little human compassion"

04-23-2002, 12:23 AM
Noone was there but me and some other guy that didn't know too much. SO I had free run. There aren't a lot of collectors around here so if anybody is having problems finding a figure I'll try to pick it up. LMK

04-23-2002, 12:24 AM
One big question for those that went to Walmart- Did they have a line or was it a free for all?

04-23-2002, 12:27 AM
For me I was basically all alone so it was a free for me. :D

04-23-2002, 12:30 AM
Noone was there but me and some other guy that didn't know too much. SO I had free run. There aren't a lot of collectors around here so if anybody is having problems finding a figure I'll try to pick it up. LMK

That was weird. A delayed double post. Sorry

boss nass
04-23-2002, 12:30 AM
tru was definetly a free for all!!!

04-23-2002, 12:32 AM
Here in Tampa (north Walmart ), the hard to find figs were the same as those that Runobot listed. I got all of them though. Only a few others got Dexter, Dooku, and Geonosian Warrior. They were the tough ones.
THe workers made us wait while they set up the aisle, which they started at midnight. They finally gave ine and gave us all boxes to go through because we were starting to drive them nuts ( in a good way ).
There were also 4 snowspeeders and 2 tie bombers.
Everyone was nice and helpful to each other.
It was fun.

Battle Droid
04-23-2002, 12:32 AM
HAHA, nice thing to do to the scalper, good job. :D

04-23-2002, 12:33 AM

04-23-2002, 12:34 AM
I pcked upo an extra Dexter and geonosian too.

04-23-2002, 12:35 AM
My MM was at Wal-Mart. There were about 6 pairs of us that watched the ladies open the boxes and stock the shelves. I was able to get one of everything they had...unfortunately, they didn't have Boba Fett, Tusken Raider, Typho, Shaak Ti, Battle Droid, Plo Kloon, Geonosian Warrior, Dexter, Anakin Hangar, Yoda, and Dooku. Don't know why they didn't get that assortment...I made them open all the boxes of basics and they just didn't get them in. Maybe they missed a few boxes still in the back. Didn't get any electronic lightsabers either. I'll be hitting TRU at opening tomorrow to get the stuff WM didn't have.

WM has space on the shelf for the gunship for $90....I thought they were coming out later? Also had space for a $99 Ultimate Yoda....what in the world is that? Never heard of it. For $99, he better walk around on his own.

04-23-2002, 12:36 AM
back from NJ MM.

35-40 people
a lot of pushy people at first
got all figs but
saw no:
Royal Guard
Taan We

yoda/r2/dooku were tough

also got
3 12's
2 sabers
1 blaster
2 speeders

total cost...gulp around $400!

was it worth it? probably not but id do it again in a heartbeat

04-23-2002, 12:36 AM
Got all that I wanted. Found lots of Dooku and Hanger Duel Anakin. I was one of 3 people there. Its all messed up. All my stuff is on layaway til thursday.

04-23-2002, 12:38 AM
i think thats the lego yoda.
MM never happened here, all the stores put stuff out early, i have yet to get anything though :)

04-23-2002, 12:40 AM
Orlando Wal-Mart's were the same .... kinda free-for-all but everyone was cool. No fist fights. :D The rare figs were same as everyone else posted but the hanger anakin, royal guard, and yoda went very quickly as well. All were $5.88. Surprising though there were Tie Bombers and Snow Speeders left on shelves at the 2 Wal-Marts I was at.

Well good luck everyone.

04-23-2002, 12:42 AM
That was INSANE.

I just got back from the trenches that is a TRU Midnight Madness. There were probably about 100 or so people waiting outside (I can never judge properly), and at 12:01 they opened the doors and let EVERYBODY in. I was really surprised by that. I thought for sure that they were only gonna let 20 or so people in at a time and I was willing to wait. So while I'm still filing in, I see inside that people are running around carrying armfuls full of whole cases and I just knew at that point that this was going to be very interesting. The employess pretty much let us have completely free reign of the store. They had metal carts and kiddie swimming pools full of figures and people were swarmed around them like Somalians to a bowl of rice. I tried to keep composed and start my hunt, so I look around briefly and spotted a Plo Koon! My favorite! So I go to snag it when suddenly someone grabs my hand to keep me from picking it up. I look up at this greedy bastard when he says to me "Hey man, that's my cart!".


Right off the bat I'm screwing up, as ususal. I quickly let go and apologized profusely. He gave me this look like he was gonna shove a Jedi Starfighter up my you know where, but luckily went back to his business. The last thing I want is to get my *** kicked over little plastic toys.

After I manage to get everything I wanted, I walked around to see people taking over certain sections of the store with pallet-fulls of cases and just plowing through them. I can't beleive the employees there let some people get away with such reckless abandon.

Still it was a good time. Everyone was helpful and courteous to each other (except for Plo Koon guy; not that I blame him). But where was the Yoda wave? Everyone there was as perplexed as I was. Anybody else find any signs of that wave? I think I'm gonna have to head over to Walmart tomorrow morning for answers.

04-23-2002, 12:42 AM
No Tie Bombers or Snowspeeders here. But that's OK I picked them up in Florida last week on vacation.

04-23-2002, 12:48 AM
Well I gotta work in the morning so good luck everybody and good night.

04-23-2002, 12:59 AM
I just returned from the Flagship TRU MM sale, which is supposed to be the greatest of all right? wrong.
missing a total of 10 figures
-hanger anakin
-shaak ti
-red clone trooper
-boba fett
-plo koon
-zam wessel
-tusken raider
-Captain typho
what a bust! and so the search goes on
Seth Green was there though.

04-23-2002, 01:07 AM
I was all alone at my Wal*Mart. The 2 ladies were helping me find all the figure I needed, however, I am only missing Count Dooku, I really wanted 2 of those. I will keep looking.

04-23-2002, 01:07 AM
That's cool that Seth Green was there. Was he like a guest or just a regular shopper?

I've gotten a couple reports that the assortments with Boba Fett, Plo Koon, have either been missing or very rare.

So far so good, keep 'em coming.

04-23-2002, 01:07 AM
My local Wa-Mart only had the figures through #14 (according to the back). I got them all. I noticed that several had the backgrounds, but since I open all my stuff I didn't really worry about looking through everything just to find the ones that had them. I did get a couple and the backgrounds are really crappy. I can see why they did away with them. I also noticed the two R2 leg variants, which I believe someone scanned the images of a few weeks ago. I'll have to hit up K-Mart in the morning to see if they've got the rest of the figures, but my K-Mart sucks.

04-23-2002, 01:11 AM
Well, my local Wal-Mart with about 10 people waiting who were really cool, calm and collective (no pun intended). They had everything out except Obi-Wan Kenobi Electronic Lightsaber (anyone see them?) and #23-27 figures so after I left, I jumped over the another one and picked up the remaining figures there. :)

04-23-2002, 01:14 AM
My Wal-mart refused to restock as figures ran out even though they had another pallet of figures in the back. They felt getting the other toys out was of more importance and said they'd put out more in the morning. HELLO! I think I'll go to Toys r us in the morning and rebuy all the figures and then return them to Wal-mart as I, the "toy collector" am obviously not a valued customer and am treated like some kind of disease. "You people have nothing better to do than run around for toys your whole life." Wait a minute, you work at Wal-mart and you're critisizing me? Enough said.
Here I am dropping hundreds of dollars and the employees won't even help me or anyone else for that matter. Sam Walton would turn over in his grave to hear that his employees are holding back merchandise and frustrating customers!

No offense to the moderator who was so very helpful with the Tie Bomber and snowspeeder.

Darth Detori
04-23-2002, 01:16 AM
I got everything, except for Geonosian rescue windu and final Jango, though I don't think those are going to be out...

I was the first in line (I got there like, a minute before the other guy, but it didn't matter. we both went in simultaneously. it was DAMN cold out, and it had just been 90 degrees out 4 days ago :p. I'll probably get a cold. still, it was lots of fun. the hard to finds were Yoda, Jango, and R2

Emperor Howdy
04-23-2002, 01:17 AM
ok, let's have it......who spent what?

Myself......$233.33 (half of what I spent on the Ep.1 stuff last time)

04-23-2002, 01:17 AM
My local walmart here in Tampa came through on all the basic figs , except for boba fett , captain typho , shaak ti , plo koon , royal guard , yoda , taun we , luminata unduli . still did pretty good at least I will have some to hunt for later ! (trying to stay positive ; ) also picked up slave 1, put it together already , pretty cool.

Jedi Drew
04-23-2002, 01:18 AM
The Wal-Mart here in Cleveland wasn't too bad everyone was pretty cool except the one guy at the front of the line that just started grabing all the figures. There were about 30 or so people. They DIDN'T have any TIES or Snowspeeders.:frus: :frus: I got most of the figures except for Royal Guard, Anakin Hanger, Yoda, Luminara, and of course COUNT DOOKU. I'll be out and about tomorrow morning looking for these. Take care and Happy Hunting.........:) :) :)

Jedi Drew
04-23-2002, 01:21 AM
About $135.00 on figures. I passed on the Reek and Speeders-they looked lame.

04-23-2002, 01:22 AM
just wondering but..... what did you buy ?????

04-23-2002, 01:31 AM
I got to my Walmart at 10:30pm and they had everything out already. Only me and 6 other people were there the whole 1 1/2 hours. They only had 20 pegs of figures BUT I got 2 of EVERY figure 1-27. They had ALOT of Yodas, Anakin Hangars, Red Clonetroopers, and Dexters. VERY rare though was Taun We, Luminara, Dooku, Royal Guard, Shaak Ti (they only had 2 of her), in fact the whole Shaak Ti wave was very rare, BUT they put out about 20 cases of these 2-3 weeks ago though so thats probably why. They only got in 4 each of Luminara, Taun We, Dooku, Royal guard. One thing I should note is that only 1 of the 4 Dooku's was in mint shape. The other 3 had his cape off and loose and his red lightsaber was loose in the package. It almost looks like they rushed him. :mad: Another thing I noticed is that the Geonosian wave also comes with background cards, BUT VERY few of them did. It was a fun night. NO crowds and easy picking. :D :D

Emperor Howdy
04-23-2002, 01:34 AM
Wow, I feel lucky. The Conyers, Ga. WalMart was packed full of goodies, and only 2 other people other than me were there. PLENTY of figs. (half an aisle full) and you could rummage the pallets if you needed to without any employee hassles. Three weeks ago I found the Jango, Padme, Super Battle droid, etc. wave, so I had a head start. Here's what I got tonight:


Dexter Jettster
Jar Jar Binks
Luminara Unduli
Tusken Raider
Saesee Tiin
Plo Koon
Captain Typho
Hanger Ani
Boba Fett
Shaak Ti
Red Clone Trooper
Royal Guard
Battle Droid (only the white one....isn't there a brown one)?
Taun We
Geo Warrior
Count Dooku
Zam Wesell


Darth Tyranus




Slave 1
Zam Speeder
Ani Speeder

Also had both lightsabers, Jedi Starfighters, 12" stuff, keychains, blasters, board games, and some other poop.

All in all......$233.33

04-23-2002, 01:36 AM
Just got back. No probs for me. Only three others there and we helped each other find things.

The hard ones to find here were:
Count Dooku
Kit Fisto

There were only two of each of those on the whole shelf. I didn't get the Dooku in time. Oh well, I'll find it sooner or later. I got everything else I wanted though.

04-23-2002, 01:38 AM

04-23-2002, 01:43 AM
I guess seth was some sort of guest. They had a ribbon cutting ceremony and crap and he was just there hanging out. He found the desolation of the pegs quite funny, I suppose I would have too.

Jedi Law Student
04-23-2002, 01:46 AM
I ended up going to Midnight Madness with a friend. We got there first, about 11:00 p.m. The employee almost had the aisle stocked when we got there. He told us right off the bat that "assortment 3" had not arrived. So most of the figures I had intended to purchase tonight (Royal Guard, Taun We, Count Dooku, Luminara Unduli) were not even there. Of the figures that were there, Boba Fett, Yoda, and Anakin (Hangar Duel) were among the hardest to find. My friend bought almost every figure they had out, the Reek, and several food items. For my part, I bought the following toys:

Padme Amidala
Super Battle Droid
Clone Trooper
Darth Tyranus (Deluxe Figure)
Reek Arena Battle Beast

The total for these 6 items came to $52.33.

The thing about Yoda was, he wasn't short-packed, it's just that everybody wanted one.

The Reek is cool, except I'm having trouble getting him to roar. I keep pulling on his horn like it says to do, but that only yanks his head around. You would think that would make the Reek mad enough to roar! :D Maybe if I try taunting the Reek and pulling on its horns at the same time.... :p

All in all, a very fun night!!!

04-23-2002, 01:47 AM
Just finished doing my shopping. Got all 27 figures tonight at Wal-Mart. Went to my local Toys R Us and the manager came out and said they will not be opening until 9:30 AM. I asked him about it being advertised on the web about Midnight Madness. He stated he never heard of the Midnight Madness sale. Also he mentioned they did not receive any info from Corporate that his store was to open. No stores here in Fort Worth/Dallas_TX area was open. That's okay. Wally world is cheaper and more customer focused. I do not know which one is rare. I seen some with figs with a backdrop and some without. I hope they do not release big waves of figures again. It is emptying out my pockets.:)

04-23-2002, 01:56 AM
Hello all.

I went to TRU at Mall of GA. About 50 people there.

There I got :

Anakin - Peasant
Kit Fisto
Super Battle Droid
Battle Droid
Jango Fett
Genosian Warrior
Dexter Jettster
Clone Trooper
Zam Wessell
SaeSee Tinn
Jar jar Binks

All 4 deluxe figures

Then I went to Wal-Mart in Duluth.

Only one person there. Hardly anything touched.

There I found all of the above, and :

Boba Fett
Tusken Raider
Captain Typho
SHaak Ti
Plo Koon

And, my friend 12" Lando just called me, he found the following for me at a different Wal-Mart:

Taun We
Luminara Unduli
Anakin - Hanger Duel

So, I am still missing the following:

Count Dooku
Royal Guard

That's it. I think I'll go look at Target for them tomorrow.

I had a great time. Even got the cool Star Wars Action Figure Archive book free. :)

04-23-2002, 02:00 AM
I made out pretty well. Neither of my 2 worthless TRU had MM but Wal Mart did. The event was rather civil but several people were pretty damn rude with their carts. Onto the toys...

The Slave I is very cool! I am quite pleased with it. Zam's and Anakin's speeders are ok. My Reek wasn't making sounds when I pulled his horn so I just exchanged it for another. I only have a beef with 1 figure- the Super Battle Droid. What a piece of crap!! The chest plate doesn't line up and won't close with the extra arm installed. Very disappointing.

04-23-2002, 02:08 AM
I just opened all of my figures. I just want to say that the Anakin - Peasant sucks. Maybe I got a bad sculpt, but it stinks. Also the magnet for the Obi-Wan is not strong enough. When he tries to hold the robot up, it just falls off.

04-23-2002, 02:15 AM
Went to Wally World and watched 2 people stock every figure but the one I wanted-Dooku. Got some of the basic ones, they had everything through #27 excluding Dooku. Not too many figures with backgrounds though. Got a Purple "Basic" lightsaber (the stocker said there was only one per case). The games, "Life" & "Stratego", looked pretty neat too. 5 collectors there including one of the stockers. A lot of figures were coming out of the case with crushed bubbles. Is this a Hasbro plot to ensure no true mint figures?

04-23-2002, 02:19 AM
Very fun time, my part of 4 were the only people there until a collector stopped by after midnight, he didn't even know the toys were coming out yet.

Plenty of every figure, although we had to dig thru the dozens of cases to get extras of some that were sparce on the pegs. I got everything I wanted (plus a wee bit more :D) Dexter is my early favorite.

I'm listening to the soundtrack right now, and will start opening my loot soon.

SirSteve, out of a few dozen lightsabers, there were only 2 Obi-Wan available.

04-23-2002, 02:19 AM
Mine were all mint, until I opened them all. :)

04-23-2002, 02:23 AM
Congrats on your successful run Caeser, nice to hear that you got everything you wanted. I hope that I am as lucky when I get out there in the morning to hunt them down. Glad ya like Dexter, I think he's one of my favorite figures I own so far also. Next to Binksy, of course. :D


Jar Jar Binks

04-23-2002, 02:30 AM
Originally posted by Caesar

SirSteve, out of a few dozen lightsabers, there were only 2 Obi-Wan available.

Thanks. Just wanted to make sure my checklist was correct for everyone. ;)

04-23-2002, 02:32 AM
$267.04 at the first store (with my friend's discount!) and then another $77 at the second Wal-Mart. I'm going for more in the morning at Target and TRU, but I'm not expecting much.

04-23-2002, 02:34 AM
Now my exercise in patience will be NOT to read the Ep. 2 book until after I see the movie. Unlike what seems like a LOT of other people here, I know relatively little about the story in AOTC, at least the details.

04-23-2002, 02:49 AM
No Midnight Madness for me! :cry: My local TRU and Wal-Mart SUCK! I went by both and they were closed! I don't understand, my TRU seemed to be doing REALLY good business at the last Midnight Madness. People were still showing up in force at 12:30, and LOTS of people were buying carts FULL of stuff spending $100, $200, $300 and up! Guess the management team was too lazy this time around. I looked in the window of TRU and they didn't even have the shelves stocked! They just had cases piled up on the shelves! I just hope there's still enough left to go around after the scalpers are through.

:mad: :frus: :cry:

Sidiously Darth
04-23-2002, 02:51 AM
I spent $128.33 and got quite a hall for that. Since I already had 13 of the basic figures, I picked up 13 more (still missing Boba Fett), plus Slave-I and the Jedi Starfighter.

I passed on the Reek and Speeders for now.

Dark Knight
04-23-2002, 03:12 AM
Sunday, I spent $119 at K-mart( They had about 14 ep2 figures). This morning I spent abou $150 for the other 13 figures, Tie bomber and crashed snowspeeder + a couple of doubles. So, about $270 + a tank of gas. :D :) :evil:

04-23-2002, 03:18 AM
My MM went OK.

Went to a Meijer cuz I knew they were well packed during EP1 and figured they would have some good stuff.

Instead they had nothing. They had employees check for boxes in back and said they found nothing. Should have known they would be crap since they only carried the least wanted SW figures from green backed cards and only a small amount of those to boot. Plus they were horrible during the PS2 madness in 2000 (started a signup in order, first come first serve, then after the 5th person, changed it to a random drawing at midnight. Bastards! Got a tv-spot on the news complaining about them :) ).

So some guy there told us Toys-R-Us had a decent stock going and were open til 2am. Headed over there and found about 6 or so bins full of AOTC figures as well as lots of vehicles (TONS of slave-1 and jedi starfighters, only 2 zam speeders, should have grabbed one). Not too bad of a selection but mostly the normal easy to find stuff. Some guys came in a told me and my friend about the hard to find stuff. Was able to find one of them (Zam Wessel non-preview). We had fun cause 1 guy there looking for specific stuff going from store to store found a Zam Wessel and the knowledged collector guys told him that was a lucky find. So that 1 guy helped me and my friend find 2 more. The ONLY 2 left in the store. We sat sifting through one bin, then emptying another bin ONTO the first one, then continueing to the 3rd emptying into the 2nd bin (and so on, very entertaining to the Toys R Us crew, but they didn't care). But no Dooku or yoda or jettster.

So all in all not bad. I'm gonna check another place tomorrow. But otherwise here is my loot:

Zam Wessel (non-preview)
2 clone troopers (non-preview, 1 to open, 1 to store)
R2-D2 (not sure which variation as I didnt know there was one)

I also previously had R3-T7 and Zam Wessel (preview versions).

04-23-2002, 03:26 AM
I just got gone opening my loot. I found the first two waves of BOTH collections. All in all, it was a pretty good experience, just me and three other collectors. All wave two figures were rare and no wave three (even though I know that my Wal-Mart had them in the backroom - will keep looking tomorrow)

Dark Knight
04-23-2002, 04:15 AM
Between the two Wal-mart's and the Big K , I was luck enough to found all 27 figures plus the Tie Bomber and Snow Speeder. The first Walmart had only 16 of the 27 figures. So, I went across town to another (25 miles)Wal-mart and found the rest. A fellow collector even found a extra Dooku for me. Thanks alot, Bud!!!!!

:) :D :evil:

04-23-2002, 04:32 AM
Originally posted by Dark Knight
Between the two Wal-mart's and the Big K , I was luck enough to found all 27 figures plus the Tie Bomber and Snow Speeder. The first Walmart had only 16 of the 27 figures. So, I went across town to another (25 miles)Wal-mart and found the rest. A fellow collector even found a extra Dooku for me. Thanks alot, Bud!!!!!

:) :D :evil:

Thats awesome:) I'm always glade to hear about a collector HELPING a fellow collector, instead of hording everything for money. Congrats to EVERYONE on there finds:) I really really really really really hope I find all 27 figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

hango fett
04-23-2002, 06:28 AM
okay. just got back from getting everyone thats realesed with the exception of 9. :( we did not get
1 count dooku (darn it!)
2 nikto
3 jar jar
4 sassee tinn
5 geonosian warrior
6 dexter jetster
7 taun we
8 luminara unduli
9 royal gaurd

the rare ones that they had one or 2 of are hangar duel ani, yoda, and clone trooper. my dad went to check another wal-mart south of us. hopefully they will have some of the 9 we need...

04-23-2002, 07:07 AM
Well, I just got back from Wal-Mart and they had all the figures that were supposed to be out today, including about 2 full pegs of Count Dooku and Anakin Hangar Duel. Turned out well. I just got 8 figures. How's it going elsewhere?

Quite-Gone Jim
04-23-2002, 07:08 AM
I didn't make midnight madness, but I got to Wal-mart @ 6 this morning. There was no one there and they had almost everything in multiples. I got the last Dooku, there were 2 Jar-Jar's (both with horrible paint jobs, so I passed) and were missing Dexter Jester, Geonasion Warrior, Luminara Unduli, Royal Guard, and Tann We.

21 figs is still a pretty good find (and hard on the wallet). Guess it's to Target, TRU, and Barnes & Noble (for the book) at lunch. Happy Hunting!:)

04-23-2002, 07:11 AM
Ah, yes. They also had a few pegs of Yodas also. Now that I think about it, I don't necesarrily remember seeing Boba Fett or Captain Typho or a few of the other Collection 2 figures.... Although I already have them. I'll have to check back later. Maybe the rumors of the rest of the Collection 2 figures being delayed were true.

04-23-2002, 07:18 AM
Well between the TRU & Walmart here I was able to find all through 27! I only got 25. The regular battle droid and one of the anakins i didnt get. could have but didnt. anyway. there seemed to be no short on yoda here, there where alot of 'em plus alot of royal guards , guess it's the area. mace windu wasnt at any of the stores but one of my friends scored one for me at a "babies r Us" some how.

04-23-2002, 07:31 AM
That was a blast! Toys R Us had the majority of the figures (all but Count, Yoda, and the Hangar Anakin.) Royal Guards were tough to come by, but all of that is forgotten because today at 7:00am, a man at Wal-Mart practically had a heart attack when he saw these 20-30 year old men sprinting to find their favorite figures. And they had them all! The guy couldn't put out figures fast enough. My tiny little gripes: Toys R Us is finding a new tendency to stamp their price tags on the plastic on not on the cardboard, which makes it harder to remove. (Is there some sadist tagger at work here?) Wal-Mart has a tendency to just throw figures out on pegs, instead of putting each figure on a peg, so we have to rummage through them. (It brings back childhood memories of finding the ones you want, but Mr. Wal-Mart stocker really hates it when you mess things up.) Hoep everyone is finding their fig's!

04-23-2002, 07:34 AM
Luckily i have the flu so i couldnt go to school today. As soon as i woke up i got in my car and drove over to the local walmart over here in Land o'lakes Fl.. There wasnt an aisle set up for the new stuff, just a display in the middle of one of the main aisles. Tons of figures, and i was the first one, and only one there to purchase anything! I wasnt going for any of the hard to find stuff, but im sure i could have had them. I picked up Jango Fett(Kamino Escape), and the Deluxe Jango Fett. I asked the old redneckian lady who was operating the register if they had mm and she looked at me like i was smoking some mm....

Megs 2
04-23-2002, 07:44 AM
My friend & I went to the TRU in N. Attleboro, MA. An employee came outside & told us not to rush in, grap stuff from other people, & TRU will limit the quanitiy of figures per person. Well we were technically# 14-15 in line but when we walked in & took a basket it was a MOB HOUSE! People scrabbling everywhere w/their carriages throwing figures into it. My friend & I had no choice but to split up. To search for our favorite figures. I picked up the following: Jango Fett
Jango Fett (deluxe)
Super Batttle Droid
Anakin Skywalker (Tatoonie Disquise)
Royal Guard

No 12" figures. Oh well, my friend will check out Wal-mart Tues 4/23/02. My wife volunteered to tag along, I'm glad she didn't come. To crazy.

sith pedagog
04-23-2002, 07:55 AM
There were only 2 figures that I didn't get. They don't seem to be the ones everyone is looking for. They are Jettster and Geonosian Warrior. I got the royal gurad, yoda, dooku - everything. PLUS!! I was lucky enough to see the guy putting out the signs so I got a Star Wars button and the header with Anakin and Vader in the background for free!! AWESOME!! :D

jedi master sal
04-23-2002, 08:09 AM
I showed up at Wal*Mart at 6:30 pm and was the first and only person until 9:30 then there were two of us.....until about 10:00 when about 10 people showed up as a group. we formed an orderly line. I explained what I wanted as others did as well and it was agreed that we would honor the order of who showed up first and so on as to who was "entitled" to get certain things. The WM employees and especailly management almost screwed that up though. the asst. mgr. wasn't going to honor what the first dozen of us were trying to accomplish...an orderly and fair system of distribution of who gets what. Luckily I was able to convince the security guy of our plans (to the chagrin of at least three guys who had been eyeing up the Tie bomber and snowspeeder the whole time)BTW WM only had 3 of each of these. It stayed orderly for all of about 1 1/2 minutes. Just enough time for me to get the TB and SS as well as the three 12 inchers and Zam and Anakin's speeders. At this point it was a free for all. I got every figure I wanted with only two exceptions....The Mace Windu™ (Geonosian Rescue) figure was not out and because of the limited number of certain cases put out I did not get the Count Dooku (non deluxe version) oh well. I still had a great time. meet some new friends and meet again some old friends/collectors that I've seen through the years. I was unofficially crowned king of Pittsburgh collectors by a couple of people and I definitely spent the most. here is the COMPLETE breakdown of what I got last night.

Action Figures - Basic
1 Anakin Skywalker™ (Outland Peasant Disguise) #01
1 Padmé Amidala™ (Arena Escape) #02
1 Obi-Wan Kenobi™ (Coruscant Chase) #03
1 C-3PO™ (Protocol Droid) #04
1 Kit Fisto™ (Jedi Master) #05
2 Super Battle Droid™ #06
1 Boba Fett™ (Kamino Escape) #07
2 Tusken Raider™ (Female with Child Tusken) #08
1 Captain Typho™ (Padmé’s™ Head of Security) #09
1 Shaak Ti™ (Jedi Master) #10
3 Battle Droid™ (Arena Battle) #11
1 Plo Koon™ (Arena Battle) #12
1 Jango Fett™ (Kamino™ Escape) #13
1 R2-D2™ (Coruscant Sentry) #14
3 Geonosian Warrior™ #15
1 Dexter Jettster™ (Coruscant™ Informant) #16
4 Clone Trooper™ #17
1 Zam Wesell™ (Bounty Hunter) #18
3 Royal Guard™ (Coruscant Security) #19
1 SaeSee Tiin™ (Jedi Master) #20
1 Nikto™ (Jedi Master) #21
1 Anakin Skywalker™ (Hangar Duel) #22
1 Yoda™ (Jedi Master) #23
1 Jar Jar Binks™ (Gungan™ Senator) #24
1 Taun We™ (Kamino™ Cloner) #25
1 Luminara Unduli™ (Jedi Master) #26

Action Figures - Deluxe
1 Jango Fett™ with Electronic Jetpack and Snap-On Armor!

Action Figures - 12" Action Collection
1 Anakin Skywalker™
1 Clone Trooper™ (White)
1 Obi-Wan Kenobi™

1 Anakin Skywalker’s™ Speeder
1 Jango Fett’s™ Slave 1
1 Zam Wesell’s™ Speeder
1 Tie Bomber
1 Snowspeeder

For a grand totoal of $460 ($459.97 to be exact including tax)

I got home around 12:50 am and didn't get to sleep until 2:50 am got up for work at 6:00 am and here I am. Hope everyone else's hunt was as fun as mine!

jedi master sal
04-23-2002, 08:12 AM
Another note:

I foresee luminari, dooku, dexster, geonosian warrior, taun we, nikto, yoda, and possibly the royal guard to be the TEMPORARILY hard to find figs. That was my experience last night from the case assortments found at WM.

04-23-2002, 08:26 AM
I participated at a TRU "Morning Mayhem" and also a "Myself at a K-Mart at 7:00am"...

The K-Mart had the better figures (the higher number waves). Go figure... no pun. I had no "collecting agenda", so I only got about 5 figures and Zam's Speeder.

Tonight... I get out of work an hour early and head off to Borders for the books and CD... now THAT'S what I want the most!!!

04-23-2002, 08:31 AM
There were about a dozen people at our Wal Mart. Short packs went fast, and they only had one case of the dolls. Fortunately, I was able to score a set. ;-)

Everyone was well behaved, well, *after* they got what they wanted!

04-23-2002, 08:43 AM
Glad to hear the success stories. I went to a TRU, and it went rather well. About a 100 or so showed up. Anakin Duel, Yoda, and Dooku were the toughest, with the Royal Guard, Luminira, and Taun We also evading alot of the toy hunters. The TRU limited everyone to one of the three tough ones per customer(Dooku, Yoda, OR Anakin.) All in all, the TRU did an excellent job. Extremely well organized, and they even had all the figures seperated so you didn't have to dig through. And NO DUMP BINS!!!!! BRAVO!!!! I took Yoda, which proved to be a mistake later on in my travels. I then checked out a local Wal-Mart as they opened. I was first there, and they had a lot of nothing. No Dooku's, Royal Guards, Luminiras, or Taun Wes. They didn't even have the TIE Bomber, or Snowspeeder, BIG DISSAPOINTMENT!!!!! Of course, at this point I was kicking myself for not picking up a Dooku at midnight. After that, I hit a TRU that still hadn't opened, and picked up most of the figures with backgrounds that I hadn't already found (found backgrounds on all figues #1-16.) Unfortunately that TRU didn't have Dooku either, just Anakin, and Yoda. Also no Guards, Luminira, or Taun We. Hmmmmmm. Finally I checked the local Kay-Be, and K-Mart, and found much of the same. So I hope everyone that could of picked up a Dooku did, and keep your eye's open for those other tougher ones!!!!!!! I hope I'll find a Dooku sometime during the week, good luck to all!

04-23-2002, 08:55 AM
Also, no Brown Battle Droids. . .just thought I'd add that. Has anyone seen any?!?!?!?

04-23-2002, 09:06 AM
I got one of each of the 27.I got the only Tuan We in the store.Ialso got the only 12" ani and obi wans.Geonosian and dexter were also hard to come by.I think they had more Dookus than either of them.The speeders were in short supply too.It went great the were four of us there one was scalper,a mild one,but a scalper none the less.I did not find any of the Brown droids.Also did any of the walmarts you went to have the movie trailer playing.Mine didn't
jeez,I left out the most important part.I also got one of each of the snowspeeder and Tie Bomber.There were only 2 cases of them in the store and the Tie Bomber seemed to be less in number.

04-23-2002, 09:14 AM
I had a great time! Got to my wal-mart right when they opened(7:00) and they had NOTHING put out. I was the only person tere, along with the worker. She was very mad, because the workers where told to put them out last ight when they closed, they did not. So guess what? I myself got to put them up with her lol. She put up the legos,dolls,deluxe,vehicles,beasts, and I put up all of the basic figures.

I put out every figure, from every crate. Here is the lowdown...

DOOKU( not in any case. they did not sell out, and there was no more boxes, he just was not there.)

GEO.WARRIOR(same, he was a no show)

DEXTER(same, none)






The rest, they had tons and tons and tons!!!!!!!

Spent $497.00. I bought huge armies of battle droids,clone troopers,super droids. The sabers, vehicles,beast, EVERYTING:)

04-23-2002, 09:17 AM
No trailer at my WalMart either.

04-23-2002, 09:33 AM
Just returned from my own "Morning Mayham." Got to a Wal-Mart at a little after 7 this morning. THey were still putting stuff out. They only had the basic 14 figures out. There was one other guy there and a mom shopping for her kid. She was worried that she couldn't find a Yoda. I told her not to worry, and that she might want to check the other TRU's, Wal-Marts, etc. Or just wait a few weeks.

I spent a little more than I wanted to, but generally not too much. I already had gotten a hold of Plo Koon and Boba Fett, so I got

Obi-Wan Chase
Kit Fisto
Padme (once I saw the figure, I decided I wanted it:rolleyes: )
2 Super Battledroids
4 Battledroids
Dlx Mace
Shaak Ti
Captain Typho
Slave I

The only thing they didn't seem to have a lot of were the speeders. Only about 4 of each or so.

I'm going to check a few stores after work or during lunch for some of the other figures. I'm not too much in a rush to get them though, as what I got right now is pretty good. These things will be everywhere in 2 weeks, so getting the "rare" ones now isn't a priority.

04-23-2002, 09:42 AM
There was no MM at my local TRU (Mesquite, TX). I got up this morning at 06:00 and went to local WAL-MART and picked up Dexter Jettster, Geonosian Warrior, Anakin Hanger Duel, and Yoda. They had three Yoda's left when I got there and there was only one other collector there. He was going nutts -- he hadn't gotten any of the figures, and his basket was full. I gave him the third Yoda. In return -- he gave me the Geonosian Warrior. -- No Count Dooku figures until I went to the WAL-MART down the road at BELTLINE and I30. There were 7 at last count -- but they were well hidden.

Here is the interesting story -- there was a little boy their with his mom who wanted "the bad guy" He had Anakin and Obi-Wan and some troopers -- but he didnt have Count Dooku, or even a Yoda. His mom said she could not find one -- So I gave him the one I paid for and went and got me another one -- I knew where they were at. He just sat there and looked at it with his mouth wide open -- I think I will feel PRETTY GOOD for the rest of the day...Good luck to all the rest of you.

PS -- are the Luke, Vader, Jango Fett Final Battle and Mace Windu figures out yet ??

04-23-2002, 09:56 AM
So, what is the variation going to be? Background insert or no background insert? My friend and I counted and with the leg variation as well, there are at least 4 different R2 variations. Plus, Kit Fiisto (spelling?) had different stickers on the front. These simple variations doubled, almost tripled my evening spending. Are any going to be "worth" anything?

04-23-2002, 10:03 AM
It seemed that the backgrounds were in lesser quantities around here, and the date stamps with the backgrounds were earlier than without. I didn't know about the Kit Fisto, or the R2's until I logged on here. I'll have to check out what I have, and go out hunting another day.

Imperial Monarche
04-23-2002, 10:18 AM
i went to wal-mart, i didn't even attempt TRU cuz i knew for a fact that wal-mart would be open, our TRU wasn't open either. but i asked them early in the day if they'd have the stuff at midnight and they said yes, so me and my bro went. there was a small line, but after it was open, it was a free for all, crazy, but after thing died down, the tru collectors stayed and counted to make sure we had them all, but the thing was , the initial shelfed didn't contain the last waves, so there were no Dooku's or Royal Guards and a few of the Jedi's, but we waited around and they brought out tons of boxes and eventually, after haggaling and finding my own, me and my brother proudly own all the figures that came out last night, even the royal guard and Dooku. the only disappointment was that i didn't get a TIE Bomber because somebody bought three of them, i was ****ed. but i got a snowspeeder, so it made up. so we are very happy here in columbus ohio. and the soundtrack is excellent, better than episode I. anyone else have it?

04-23-2002, 10:18 AM
I went to Walmart last night... I was one of about 4 or 5 others... the asile was full and there was plenty of room to look and pick out what I wanted... they had all 27 - I was able to pick up Dooku. I got 12 of my favs... including all the jedi !! I will probably go back when next paycheck comes around and pick up the rest.

All in all it was fun... I think my wife had fun as well, helping me sort through my toys like a little kid.

Glad to see the majority of you guys had fun as well.

04-23-2002, 10:49 AM
I didn't have a problem finding Luminara....

and since I'm a loose collector primarily, she looks great standing next to the rest of my Jedi....

I was worried that she wouldn't stand well, but since her skirt is there, it helps keep her upright.....I totally love the pose.....

although, I can't get Kit Fisto to stand no matter how hard I try!

'sokay though, I love the metal lightsabers....although, if they're magnetic, that means they contain Iron....which means they can rust.....so be careful!

04-23-2002, 10:53 AM
I agree. . . the metal lightsaber handles are a great touch!!! An improvement that was well worth the wait!

04-23-2002, 11:07 AM
I can't get my Kit to stand either. I'll have to wait until I get home to get a stand for him.

The metal sabers are really cool. I wish though that they could also be attached to their belts. It'd be cool if a magnet was put in their waist so the hilt would stick to them.

04-23-2002, 11:09 AM
Good idea. . .is Hasbro listening in. . . . .hmmmmm? We could only hope.

04-23-2002, 11:24 AM
Just got back from my WM and TRU and saw every figure except Dexter. Not bad.

04-23-2002, 11:24 AM
Well I didn't do the madness (don't any store around participated). But at 9:00 am at my local Wal-mart I saw one guy scouting stuff out, but not buying. So I got most everything. I couldn't find a brown battle droid and there might something else as I look though I find(s).

04-23-2002, 11:28 AM
$112 at the first WalMart, $31 at the second. Picked up 23 of the 27 figures. Passed on the ships, I just don't have room for them.

wampa ems
04-23-2002, 11:32 AM
Since May 3 is my birthday, my mom bought me $70 worth of toys. I have to work a lot this week so I can buy the rest that I want.

04-23-2002, 11:32 AM
$198 at 1st TRU, and about $75 at 2nd. Only bought the figures, and 12". I've been able to get most of the vehicles and such on sale or clearance in the past, so I'll try my luck again. Some of the figures are doubles, and are probably going back (I picked some with and without backgrounds. . .w/o are getting returned.)Couldn't find the WM exclusives so that was $60 saved. . .unfortunately.

04-23-2002, 11:35 AM
Well, I found everything except basic Dooku. Went to 2 Super WM's (one at midnight), Target, TRU, K-Mart, and KB. It was interesting to note that each store was missing certain waves. K-Mart was the only store with Anakin HD and Yoda. I left MM at WM missing 10 figures....they didn't get grabbed up or sold out, they just weren't on the pallet. At the other WM this morning, I ****ed off the stock lady by digging through boxes and cutting them open looking for Dooku. I just ignored her requests to stop until she came over, powered up the motorized thingy, and trucked the pallet into the back. :D But other than her crappy attitude, everyone was pretty civilized. The stock ladies at MM were talking with us and playing with the basic lightsabers. They didn't mind us asking them to open certain boxes so we could go through them.

04-23-2002, 11:40 AM
$156.63 in cash.$142.94 on lay-a-way.I put $44 down on the original $186.94 lay-a-way.
$343.57 total once it's all paid for.

04-23-2002, 11:42 AM
I bought 21 figures, the 2 speeders and the Slave 1 all by Sunday. Canada got screwed by not getting some of the figures and the Jedi starfighter, but I can't complain too much. Sears had figures out like 2 weeks ago, and TRU had all their stuff out on Saturday.

04-23-2002, 11:42 AM
About $95.00 split between WM and TRU. I thought Reek looked pretty bad too.

04-23-2002, 11:49 AM

don't put magnetic figures close to each other.....

I have a pile of Severed Anakin and Maul parts sitting on my display, because they attracted to each other, and pulled themselves apart!!!

actually, it was kinda funny.......

04-23-2002, 11:51 AM
Went to MM at my Wal Mart Supercenter, there were about a dozen people there. Everyone was looking for Dookus and nobidy found any. I was shocked there wasn't one case of the Taun We/Luminara assortment. Looks like they ordered way too many of the really basic figures, again. Not worried about finding Dooku though. I am convinced every single figure released in at least the next month will be pegwarmers for years.

04-23-2002, 11:57 AM
Mine went pretty good. I got everything I wanted except for the Royal Guard wave. So I am missing three figures as of now. It was a battle to get Yoda, Dooku, and Anakin (Hanger DUel). I finally got them though. Overall, it was pretty good.

04-23-2002, 12:05 PM
First let me give props to my boy Brian, the man had shoulder surgery in the morning, was hooked up to an IV for the pain and still he trekked a half hour away to Wal-Mart to take care of business last night in our successful mission to get everything.
We said screw TRU and went to Super Wal-Mart, everything was out and a few collectors were there, we got the biggest prize though, we found the ONLY case with Dexter and Genoshian, so that was clutch, I don't even think that the other collectors were aware that the case existed, fortunately the Toy Gods were with us last night. Imperial Guard was definitely a tough find, but we each got one. All in all a very successful mission, all figures found and in and out of the store in 26 min.

04-23-2002, 12:15 PM
I'm not worried, I think the rarity of figures such as Luminara, Dooku, Yoda, and HD Anakin are temporary....much like Episode One, there will be plenty to go around in the coming months.....

but I am glad to have Yoda, HD Anakin, and Luminara already.....

man, that Peasant Anakin is strange......It's cool due to the 'nostalgia' factor......but for a modern figure, you'd think they'd find a better way to do the blade....

I can think of a couple ways myself.......

sirk buzok
04-23-2002, 12:16 PM
I really faired quite well. Bought a Tie Bomber and 5 episode II figs. Electronic Boba Fett, Zam Wessel, Clone Trooper, Kamino Escape Boba Fett, and Amidalla. The Hardest by far tp find were the Zam Wessel and Clone Trooper. Could have got Yoda but passed. Have not seen Corusant gaurd.

04-23-2002, 12:20 PM
209.54 - That is only on figures and the Reek.

04-23-2002, 12:22 PM
About $115. That's not too bad. I was aiming for spending no more than $100 the first week. That's for 11 regular figures, 1 deluxe figure, the Reek, and the Slave 1.

04-23-2002, 12:25 PM
I went late to a Walmart in a very populated area and I was the only one there. I went there agin about 12:30 in the afternoon and it looked like NOTHING had moved at all. A friend of mine said he was at TOYSRUS and there were only three others out there, and the shelves were packed. It looks like the AOTC toy buzz missed Charleston, SC.

04-23-2002, 12:26 PM
Here's what I bought: (BG is short for background)

1x Anakin BG
1x Padme BG
1x Obi BG
1x JangoBG
1x Kit BG
1x R2-D2 BG...the only one they had
1x 3PO BG
1x Super Droid BG and sticker
1x Typho BG
1x Battle Droid BG
1x Plo BG
2x Boba BG
1x Shaakti BG
1x Tusken BG
2x Geonosian BG
1x Dexter BG sticker over "pipe"
1x Dexter
1x Nikto
2x Jarjar
1x Saesee
2x Zam
2x Clone Trooper
2x Taun We
2x Royal Guard
2x Luminara sticker over "removable cloak"
2x Yoda
2x Anakin Hanger "Secret Battle feature" sticker
1x Anakin Hanger "Duel Lightsaber attack" sticker
2x Count Dooku

1x Reek

1x Zam speeder
1x Anakin speeder

1x Slave 1

1x Jango deluxe
1x Mace deluxe
1x Darth deluxe
1x Obi deluxe

My grand total for the night was $342 and change, and I still need some stuff for the kids!!!!

04-23-2002, 12:28 PM
Two different Anakin Hangers. . .interesting. . .what were the date stamps?

04-23-2002, 12:28 PM
At the Newark DE TRU a couple of employees got "dresssed up" in costumes. The people in line affectionately named them Darth Tool and Darth al-Queada; it wasn't clear who the Master and Apprentice were though:) .

I got there right before the store closed at 9:30 and there were 5 people in line, the earliest were a couple of guys from Jersey, they had gotten there at 5:30. One of these guys has been spoiler-free for the past 6 months or so. While we were waiting, I saw probably about 6 females altogether, which I thought was cool.

Around 10 or 10:30 a guy came in to the head of the line and asked if we could make room for a special guest- R2. We said that we would be worried that he would get damaged when the doors opened, w/ everyone rushing in, but we didn't tell him no. He asked how long the people at the front had been waiting. When he found out he called us morons!

Go ahead and bring R2 up!

The staff was pretty friendly. The manager had come out and talked to us, handed out Scholastic posters to us. They had 2 Lego Blockade Runners that were snatched up by the first group in. They didn't have any fig's past 14, except for Red Trooper and Zam. I picked up a Lego TIE Interceptor for 69.99 (it's probably been on sale, I just don't usually look for them, I was looking for the Blockade Runner).

I got the Reek, ships and lightsabers (not Obi's!).

From there a bunch of us drove to W-M on Rt 40 in Elkton MD where they had most of the other figures (I assume they had the later waves b/c they've been selling thru for the past month). The fig's were picked pretty clean when I got there, so no Dooku. Got one Yoda and DAMN does he look cool!

It was nice to meet and see a bunch of other collectors out there!

Jedi Master Sal: I'm glad you finally got your Bomber and 'Speeder, I've been reading your posts about W-M being jerks.

Now I'm going out to get the soundtrack and novel before going to work.

04-23-2002, 12:45 PM
My Midnight Madness went great. I went to Walmart around 11 or so and waited with about 10-12 other people (1 of which was a scalper...ooopss...he called himself a reseller, who I saw selling a few figures last week for 25 bucks each, but I digress...)

They made the mistake of saying we could fill our carts but not check through until 12, so we loaded up the cart only to be told we had to put stuff back. Fortunalty, I just put the stuff back right in front of our cart so we could just throw it in our cart!

My wife even got to be interviewed for the news!

They had all 27 figures there, so I bought the 21 that I needed (I found the Baby Boba wave a few weeks ago they had put out by mistake!)

The trick was that at first, there was no Dooku, Luminara, Taun We, or Royal Guard. Once the first figures flew off the shelf, they brought carts from out back that had them in there. The only thing our WM did that was stupid was they wasted time bringing carts of Deluxe figures out (which noone was buying). They also got the 2 new classic vehicles in, but I didn't buy 'em.

04-23-2002, 12:50 PM
$150, which was my limit.

The Reek is much better out of the box. The electronics aren't necessary but it's done pretty well. Right now Nikto Jedi is trying to hold him off, but I don't think he will succeed! :D

Megs 2
04-23-2002, 01:01 PM
I didn't see the baby Boba Fett. Should this figure be out as well? If anyone is really desperate for looking for the missing figures try Ames & Newbury Comics. Unfortunately the NC near me is selling the reg figures for $10 each & the 12" for $35 ouch. Anyways I am on the lookout for young Boba.

04-23-2002, 01:19 PM
£227.00 which is $329 roughly. What I spent it on is another matter... needless to say I walked away from TRU this morning with all but one of the figures I required and minus the two larger vehicles. I'll be shopping for the rest next week I think ;)

04-23-2002, 01:22 PM
I spent 129.65 after tax. I picked up the 21 figures I was missing (I already had the Baby Boba wave). So I now have all 27!

04-23-2002, 01:25 PM
Are there supposed to be warning labels on Jar Jar, Geonosian warrior and Royal Guard?

04-23-2002, 01:49 PM
About 230 bucks. But that does include a Tie Bomber and Snow Speeder. Also one of each figure, and a Jedi Starfighter.

Not bad I guess.

Sadly, my dog got a hold of my Boba Fett. Now I have to buy another one. All I found was half of the cape, and some mangled legs. And he thought the Sarlacc pit was bad!

04-23-2002, 01:57 PM
Well, I opted to go out later in the morning - had some business at Best Buy, which doesn't open until 10 AM.

Found almost every figure availible except for the basic Dooku, Royal Guard-arg!, and a couple others from that wave... their names elude me.

However, I did manage to buy the following:

Boba Fett
Jango Fett - Kamino Escape
Clone Trooper

As many other collectors are probably noticing, it seems that certain stores have gotten certain waves, or perhaps are not putting all of their stock on the shelves.

I went to 4 different stores before I actually found all the ones that I did. Geonosian warrior's-a-plenty at KayBee, but no Boba Fetts.... odd.

One gripe: Anakin Hangar Duel - WHY OH WHY?!? They just HAD to have his "feature" be a spoiler.... geez. I wanted to go into the movie surprised for once! I immediately put him back on the peg in disgust; just couldn't buy him after that. If you don't know what his action feature is... don't look, don't buy, don't glance... wait until after the movie.

darth chuck
04-23-2002, 02:42 PM
Happy Happy, Joy Joy.

I bought one of everything, two each of "army builder" figs.

Sith Vicious
04-23-2002, 02:51 PM
I didn't hit Wal-Mart or TRU until this afternoon. Between them they had everything except:

Taun We
Royal Guard
Hangar Anakin
Count Dooku
Geonosian Warrior
Clone Trooper

Each store only had one Boba Fett also. I got all the basic figures except the ones listed above and:

Anakin Peasant
Arena Battle Droid

I also got Slave 1 and Deluxe Mace

04-23-2002, 02:57 PM
Welp. got back from my "Midday Madness." And my local Wal-Mart was swamped with 10-15 Dooku's, Anakin: HD's, Zam's, Red Clone's and Yoda's. I was amazed. Sadly none of my stores had the Boba Fett wave except for Target, and they only had one of each of the figures left, and wanted 6.99 a peice. So, I left them and will do a run later this week, looking for the Boba wave.

But I got the figures I was most worried about today, Dooku, Ani, Zam, Red Clone, and Yoda. They are really cool, and I actually like the play feature on Dooku, looks darn cool. And the Ani figure is awesome as well.


Jar Jar Binks

04-23-2002, 02:59 PM
Hello. I had no problems finding anything. Here is the break down of my midnight madness for last night:
University Wal-Mart:
Found a good chunk of figures here except for Typho(only one I saw was the one I found), Dooku(I got lucky however when the toy stocker came out to unload a box in front of me and Dooku was first out, so I got one), just about all the jedis except Nikto and Fisto, red guard, Taun We, Yoda, Tuskin raider, Boba Fett.

Northdale Wal-Mart:
Everything I couldn't find at the above was plentiful here except Dooku.

Wal-Supercenter-Mart Hunter's Green:
They had multiples of the same three cases was had a cross mix of the two stores above. Still no Dooku.

I was told that there was no TRU-madness so I never went by to check them out. I also passed on Anakin peasant, Battle Droid, Jango Escape, Kenobi, Padme, R2-D2, Zammy as from what I saw from these three stores, these will be the peggers of the future. I will most likely get them this weekend when I have more money. My theory is if you can't find it at one store, chances are it can be found in multiples at a another store, except Dooku who seems to be the tough one to find right now. There were plenty of Dexters at Univ. Mart but none at Northdale. Besides the one I got, only one other person I saw had one. The attitudes of collectors and employees at all the stores were good.:) :) :)

04-23-2002, 03:04 PM
Wow, even though none of the stores nearest me had Midnight Madness sales I still had no problem finding things! I didn't even get up until 10, and didn't get to TRU until 11 (couldn't sleep last night; probably because my subconscious knew that I was supposed to be out shopping at MM at the time!)! My local TRU still had plenty to go around! Here's what I got:

Jango Fett - Kamino Escape
Anakin - Hangar Duel
Kit Fisto
Clone Trooper
and the Royal Guard (I should state that there were only 4 of these guys on the shelf when I got there [and still 3 when I left!])

My plan to buy all the Jedi first didn't happen since they apparently didn't get Shaak Ti, Luminara Unduli, or Plo Koon!:( They also didn't have any basic Count Dooku's, Captain Typho's, or Tusken Raider Females, but they did have plenty of Hangar Duel Anakin's, Dexter Jettster's, Taun We's, and Yoda's! They also had the Lego Yoda, the speeders, the Reek, Slave 1, the lightsabers (no Obi Wan lightsaber though!), and LOTS more. I really wanted to but it all, but money's kinda tight for me right now.:cry: I'm very happy with everything I was able to get; the real stand-outs being Hangar Anakin (who is much, MUCH cooler than I was led to believe!), Kit Fisto (I just LOVE this guy's look!), and Yoda (can't go wrong with THOSE accessories...well, at least one in particular!). I also managed to get Dexter, the Geonosian Warrior, and the Nikto Jedi last week at Babbages! The only disappointment I had was that there were no sneak preview figures to be found.:( I was really hoping for a shot at the preview Jango! Hope everyone is enjoying their toys as much as I am!:D

04-23-2002, 03:14 PM
$245.38-I always buy two(1 open 1 not), so that is for two sets minus Ani-Peasant, normal Battle Droid, Jango Escape, Kenobi, Padme, R2, Zammy, and one Dooku. I already had jedi starfighter, bomber, and snowspeeder. I'm waiting to make more money before getting everything else.

04-23-2002, 04:07 PM
I managed to get 1 of each (MOMC)!!!:D

Everyone there (3 of us at first with around 6 more later) was VERY helpful and polite.

Seriously it was like "Here do you still need a Dooku!"

Anyway, the employees were so impressed with the whole way we handeled it that they stayed back and helped us track stuff down! Opening boxes, hunting for specific figures, etc.

Thanks Wal-Mart, Elizabethtown Kentucky!!! You ROCK!!!;)

Anyway, I bought 33 basic figures and 1 Deluxe at the first Wal-Mart! Total $216.XX

Layaway store #1: $96.XX

Layaway store #2: $57.XX

Basically, I put all the expensive stuff (ships, etc) on layaway, plus a few "opener" figures.

I BOUGHT 1 full set plus 7 (Tusken, Royal Guard, Red Clown, Jango, Amidala, Zam, Deluxe Jango) to open.

Both Wal-Marts had the TIE Bombers and Snowspeeders.:crazed:

Total cost of run when all will be said and done:


04-23-2002, 04:43 PM
Well, I went to Wal Mart last night at 11:30 and they started setting up at like 5 till!

Well, the lady could barely open the boxes and went as slow as she possibly could, commenting on just avout everything she opened. Then she put the figures out, which were all older Wave 1 and 2 figures. She said that a lady in the back had more coming out.

They came out alright. Three carts full. Craploads. And guess what. They were all Wave 1 and 2. Except there were like 2 Geonosians, Jar Jars, Dexters, and Saesee Tiins. That's it.

It was horrible, waiting for months, imagining all the 27 figures on the shelf, and having nothing. My dad actually made fun of me because I broke out in hives and began itching for feeling so guilty. I MADE MY DAD TAKE ME TO WAL MART FOR CRAP! PLUS THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE NOVEL!

....passes out.

04-23-2002, 04:52 PM
Went to the TRU in Westland, MI and I was horribly embarassed to be a part of that debacle. These guys give us all a real bad name. People were grabbing boxes and running to different departments to go through them all and return to basically STEAL the missing figures out of other people's carts. Almost a fist fight broke out between 2 guys over a Geonosian Warrior...I picked up 3 in the confusion:

Jar Jar Senator
Obi-Wan Coruscant Chase
Super Battle Droid

This morning I stopped by Wal-Mart and they had a ton more figures and many that TRU never even had I picked up:

Plo Koon
Anakin Hangar Duel

Could have picked up a ton of Geonosian Warriors, Padmes Kit Fistos if I wanted. But I didn't.

I have to be picky this time, but I would say now the only figures I am missing that I want are Dooku, Taun We & Royal Guard

04-23-2002, 05:05 PM
Well I just wanted to say Midnight Madness by me was a total loss. All that waiting for absolutly nothing. The Toy R Us in East Brunswick had nothing except dozens of the figures that I wanted but really didn't mind if I picked them up or not right away. Hanger Duel Anakin was like null and void as well as Yoda and Dooku. No clone Troopers and I definately agree the 12 Inch looked terrible.
However I do have to say that I kinda like the Anakin in Peasent Disguise Figure. I not too crazy about the molded in place lightsaber but it is kindu of cool to see old school style in the new figures. Hasbro needs to stop at that figure and make no more of them.
I like the magnetic lightsaber ideas for the Jedi figures but the deluxe figure don't work? :frus: :frus: My Dooku figure does not have the cat like reflexes like they say and lands on his ***. Plus the fact that the lightsaber is permantly attached to his hand is a lousy idea. I really think Hasbro needs to hire some of us to design their product.
:mad: :mad: :mad: Not only was Midnight Madness a bust but the Police had to break it up due to roits in both the store and the parking lot. :confused: :confused: I mean we are all fans at heart but come on. Someone actually approached me and tried to run with my bag !!!!!!:mad: :mad: PEOPLE THEY ARE JUST TOYS AND IF ANY INDICATION OF THE PHANTOM MENACE IS REMEMBERED THEY WILL STILL BE ON THE SHEVLES FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS.
Was upset that I could not find a Dooku figure but am confident that patience will prevail and Dooku will be in my grasp soon.
Hope everyone else had a better time than I did with their hunting.
Props goes to Anakin's Speeder. Really cool. Now they just need to make some figures of Anakin and Obi Wan to fit inside of the speeder. :D :D

04-23-2002, 05:37 PM
.......so I WAS the only person who got screwed?

04-23-2002, 06:00 PM
Mine was so-so... I forgot to pick up the Nikto Jedi. There was no: Dooku, Yoda, Ani Hangar, Clonetrooper, Zam, Boba, Shaak Ti, Typho, Tusken, or Plo. I am going again soon...

04-23-2002, 06:02 PM
nah u wernt the only one to get screwed..im majorly disappointed too & spent many long hours today contemplating quitting collecting SW merch......after 25 yrs.....thats how fed up i am!

04-23-2002, 06:03 PM
boy you need to get out more..push away from the computer and get out to nature..relax..breath...relax,,,meds...relax..

Just wait a few months and think of all those wonderful figures for .97..LOL

Jedi Indy
04-23-2002, 06:07 PM
Detroit area
TRU, same as I reading above about everywhere else. MM had about 30 people, calm, no shortage of any particular figure. What they had they had plenty of. Still dumping figures in giant wire bins?!?!
Walmart, a few different figures than TRU, but basically same assortment. Found Yoda and Hangar Anakin, but they were last ones of each. Lots of Collection 2 figures.
Target, Yoda and Hangar Anakin in abundance.
Kay Bee-Southland Mall, a TON of basic Dooku and Hangar Anakin, Yoda, and Red Trooper.
I have yet to find/see Taun We, Royal Guard, Luminari Unduli?
Now, the problem I foresee is the same as last time around, stores are gonna be stuck with and unalbe to sell a ton of this intial wave(s) of figures, and never get any of the following/later waves in as they will already be overstocked. Every store I was in had WAY too many figures in inventory.

04-23-2002, 06:18 PM
my madness was the mid morning variety.

i started out going to the millington walmart.
picked up yoda , anakin hanger duel , zam and clone trooper , dexster and geo warrior. i figured those would be the harder ones to find. that proved true as this was the only place i found dex and geo warrior.

went to bartlett walmart , they had less than the first store and nothing different.

went to bartlett target. only the first 14 @ 6.99

went to toys r us bartlett for opening. several other collectors there. doors open... nothing new... i'm pretty sure myself and everyone else was disappointed at the newest tru in the city having so little.

went on to midtown memphis target. found royal guard. only one i saw all day.

went to horn lake ? or is it olive branch mississippi. just south of memphis.
hit the jackpot at walmart. found 10 - 15 count dookus.
also found taun we. only place that had those.

still no luminara !

also went to target and super kmart in same mississippi area.
when i asked target toy department worker why there are no star wars toys ?
"target will be putting out their star wars on the 28th as this is what all other targets will be doing"

when i asked kmart toy department worker asked why there are no star wars toys ? "star wars ...i've never heard of that":crazed:

overall a great day. first time i ever went to a store at opening hours. pretty fun too . 26 of 27 :)

04-23-2002, 06:55 PM
I found a little extra cash, and went to Wal-Mart a couple hours ago. They had tons of stuff too, but still no Basic Dooku, Luminara, Plo Koon, Shaak Ti, and no Taun We's.

This time I picked up these guys:
Deluxe Mace (GREAT likeness! Cool pose too, but the lightsaber alone made him worth it!)
Padme - Arena Battle (not half as bad as I thought when I first saw the pics)
Obi Wan - Coruscant Chase
and Deluxe Dooku (his action feature is so AMAZING! Mine works perfect, and I was really surprised at how well it turned out!)

There were four guys there (all together) who were obviously buying the stuff primarily to sell it to others for a profit, and I overheard them commenting on how they had been there at opening and had bought all "6 of the girl Jedi" that the store had received! PUNKS! I'm betting they were either talking about my Luminara or Shaak Ti. One of them didn't even know who Padme was! I'm pretty sure they even got at least some of the Tie Bombers and Snowspeeders that my local Wal-Mart should've had this morning. Guess I missed my chance at owning them!:frus: The store also had a few Obi-Wan lightsabers.

04-23-2002, 06:56 PM
i no trouble what so ever, except that my Toys R Us didn't have Dexter or Taun We but of cource I was fast and most likly they unloaded them later. but i did get every figure except Dexter, Taun We and Boba Fett which droped while searching for a Jar Jar

04-23-2002, 06:58 PM
My Wal-Mart only had two guys stocking the shelves last night so they didn't get around to putting out the figures until 3:30 this morning. This actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I was patient enough to wait around, after everyone else went home. So, when these two guys brought out the pallets they let me go through ALL of the boxes first before they put anything on the shelf.:D

Unfortunately many figures were missing:
Boba Fett
Tusken Female
Shaak Ti
Plo Koon
Captain Typho
Royal Guard
Anakin Hangar
Count Dooku
Taun We
Luke Bespin
Final Battle Jango

Plus no Reek, TIE Bomber, Snowspeeder, Zam's Speeder or Coruscant Speeder. :(

I eventually found Anakin Hangar and Yoda at K-Mart; but no Dooku.:cry:

04-23-2002, 07:27 PM

That's $1.97


04-23-2002, 07:40 PM
The more I hear, the more I get the impression that, in some areas at least, there were quite a few hoarders/ scalpers out last night and this morning cleaning out all the characters they thought might be more popular/ harder to find! Those guys at my local Wal-Mart obviously bought the entire stock of either Shaak Ti or Luminara Unduli, and I'm hearing more and more that some of us could've had Dooku if we'd gotten there in time (and I don't mean we just missed out because we were late comers. I mean we missed out because people were buying way more of these guys than they needed!):frus:

04-23-2002, 09:14 PM
Well, I went to Wal Mart last night at 11:30 and they started setting up at like 5 till!

Well, the lady could barely open the boxes and went as slow as she possibly could, commenting on just avout everything she opened. Then she put the figures out, which were all older Wave 1 and 2 figures. She said that a lady in the back had more coming out.

They came out alright. Three carts full. Craploads. And guess what. They were all Wave 1 and 2. Except there were like 2 Geonosians, Jar Jars, Dexters, and Saesee Tiins. That's it.

Whoa, dejavu, it sounds exactly like my TRU experience today, except no Jar Jars, Dexters and Saesses, only 2 Zams and 2 Red Troopers which were snatched by the persons on front of me. All in all TRU sucked major butt, all they had was a crapload of Collection 1 Wave 1(Jango, Obi, padme etc.) 2 cases of Collection 2 Wave 2 and 2 cases of Deluxe. I was lucky to even get Baby Boba and Deluxe Mace, cause since TRU only allowed 1 of each character per customer, a lot of people had to leave their extras near the register. I saw a pair of 2 scruffy looking guys who reeked of scalposity, they made the line 4 times and each of those times they took the same figures.

04-23-2002, 09:23 PM
Yes in my area it seems like figures 1-18 are pretty easy to come by. Figures 22, Anakin Skywalker Hangar Duel was non-existent, as was figure 23 Yoda, and figure 27 Count Dooku. I ope these show up sometime soon, or else they are perhaps in a store somewhere that I did not check.

Dar' Argol
04-23-2002, 09:41 PM
HOLY COW!!! I knew there were going to be a bunch of posts but . . . . :eek:.

Good to hear all of these great experiences for the most part. MM is truly an experience to have.

My MM was a bust:(. I got back to work around 9:30 last night and started to set up the peg on our "Comp Rail". That is the run of shelves usually right inside the doors @ Wal-Mart. We skidded up 1 pallet about 6' tall of figs and the other pallet full of veichals, lightsabers, and all the other stuff. We had about 24' of space to work with. We got everything done right at midnight. One of the smartest ideas I had in a long time was to make a whole peg of just one figure. That way everyone would not be tearing the place apart trying to get everything. So we had about 120 pegs filled with figures.

The bust part was that only 7 ppl were there at midnight! That's it!!!I was soooo disapointed. I remember TPM release there was about 25 ppl there and we all had a great time. Talking about the figs, the movies, just SW in general. Oh well.

I got 1 of every 3 3/4" basic fig and a couple extras to open up. I also got the dlx Mace, Jedi Starfighter, and Slave-1. I was helping a guy get all the figs and he asked me how many total there was. I said 27, he only had 25. We searched for another 10 minutes b/4 he said it was ok. Then it occured to me after I got home today and finally went through all I had. The Dexter Wave!!! I forgot to put out the Dexter Wave!!!!:stupid:. D'oh!! So, tomorrow when I go in, I'm getting Dexter and the Geo-Warrior for myself and putting the rest out on the shelf.

But all in all I spent around $260 for everything I got. Not too bad. Now, where am I going to hang my carded figs. . . . . . . . . Darn small room!!

04-23-2002, 10:04 PM
I had to merge a few threads into here, but before I did, there were 117 posts!

I hit my "secret weapon" store, TRU Monrovia, last night around 10:30 after passing Los Feliz TRU an hour earlier. Both stores had lines by the times I got to each, but Monrovia was better for Ep 1 so I stayed with that decision. When I got there, I was like 30th in line, but by midnight, everybody and his grandmother had cut in front of us because they knew this person or that, so I didn't even get in during the first wave of people. Their Midnight Madness section was RIGHT in front of the 2nd front door, so it was bottleneck central for a long time. I saw only ONE person holding a Clone Trooper and only one with a Zam, a lot of stuff was not there. The Jar Jar Senator wave was a ridiculous pegwarmer warming both pegs AND the stupid kiddie pools the figures had been dumped into - really sleazy stuff by TRU. Dexter, Genosian, Jar Jar, Nikto, and the Battle Droid were EVERYWHERE after a while, it was a huge mess. I grabbed a few figures and the 3 ships and got in the long line. They wouldn't let me take any photos, I was super mad! The checkout computers were unable to recognize ANY products, so employees had to go out on the floor and radio prices from the shelf stickers back to the checkers. This gave everybody a LOT of time to reflect on what they had in their carts... HUGE mistake because the closer I got to the checkout, the more cast-aside figures I saw - especially deluxe. It took me less than half an hour to gather everything I was buying but another 40 minutes to get to the checkout! The one cool thing I noticed was that a lot of people in line were studying their Hasbro products, becoming disillusioned, chucking them aside, and going back and grabbing Ep 2 LEGO sets - this made me really happy to see.

All in all, it was a fun night, but I really wish Wal Mart would move closer to the main LA area.

04-23-2002, 10:43 PM
Went back to walmart at 8am and got the rest of the figures excluding Dooku. Went to 2 Kmarts, Target, TRU, & Kaybee and still no Dookus. Its a plot to keep me from getting one I swear. Spent $150+. Already had the ships and deluxe from two weeks ago. No one was at any store I went to except a kid looking for R2D2 variations-he said he had 6 or 7 already. I told him if he had it to spend-more power to him-but I didn't see the point of having 5 R2's with different purple background cards. I was happy with the free reign I had today.

Uncle Owen
04-23-2002, 10:54 PM

Here in Mid-Missouri I found the collectors are all in other areas... I only have 4 stores that sell EPII figures and I managed to get the first 26 figures without a problem, and the first 15 with inserts. Count Dooku did not make it here apparently. I also believe the R2 Variation is plentiful either way. I myself would tend to believe the Dome Variation was first judging by case assortment when the others had inserts or not...Wal-Mart had NO inserts, yet had nothing but the R3-T7 leg variation on R2-D2. I LOVE the Geonosian Warrior and had to pick up 4 of these to start building the hive!! I also had to pick up 2 Royal Guards....Cool Figure!! I was at my Wal-Mart Mid-Night Madness deal and there were 5 collectors...I was at Target at 8:00 with NO other collectors..., I had to tell my K-Mart that the 23rd was release day so they then brought them out....And then to top things off, I went to Kay-Bee at 9:45 am which opened at 8:00 am and I was the 1st Customer they had that morning. Well, It was fun...now back to work tomorrow:(

Uncle Owen Out!!!

04-23-2002, 11:00 PM
In Charlotte NC i found all the figure except Qui Gon Jin and Dooku but i did not even start looking until about 2pm so not too bad all were easy too get just had too visit a few stores.may do abit more hunting tomorrow for the last 2.

04-23-2002, 11:41 PM
My MM was on par with everyone elses it sounds like. There were about 50 people at the TRU in Saginaw, MI. All figures were plentiful except:
*Royal Guard
*Captain Typho
*Taun We
*Tusken Raider/child
*Boba Fett
*Shaak Ti
*Luminara Unduli(sp?)
Today I was making my rounds to try and get what I couldn't get last nite and, lo and behold, at Target there were pegs upon pegs absolutely stuffed with the above mentioned figures!! And I get an employee discount none the less!!!!! Since I was in such a great mood, I decided to splurge and get Slave 1. I wasn't expecting much, but that's an awesome toy!! It's got tons of playability(not that I actually play with my stuff . OK. So I lied), and Jango actually looks cool when he's in it!! YAY!!! Can't wait for MM05! Anyone wanna go get in line with me? I'm sure we'll get on CNN or at least the Today show!!!:p

04-23-2002, 11:51 PM
Originally posted by neimoidian85

....passes out.

The novel and the soundtrack are the only reason that I went to W-M last night, 17 miles away. When I got there they were setting up DVD's, and I was told that the CD's will be out by 9am. Then I walked over to the "book" section. Needless to say, they didn't have it.

I was still able to find some of the 3rd wave figs (Yoda, Royal Guard, etc).

Now that I have most of the fig's, I still half-heartedly agree w/ the complaint that they're all in action poses. But they will make a great Arena scene.

Another point to make is that Yoda kicks some serious behind! He looks awesome! Hasbro also did a nice job getting detail on the Nikto Jedi cloak.

04-24-2002, 12:29 AM
I hit 3 different Wal-Marts and I got everything. I have spent a little over $1,000...no lie

04-24-2002, 12:31 AM

Darth Pen
04-24-2002, 12:43 AM
My MM was down right horrible. I really only wanted to pick up several of the figs. My list of buys vs. not buys was sooo much shorter. I went to TRU in Aurora IL and waited in line with about 100+ people. When the clock struck 12 and everyone rushed in there it was a madhouse. I got shoved only 3 times, pushed about 2 times and hit in the back with a cart. I felt like I was in a mosh pit. It was like a swarm of bugs, they decended on the rack and when they cleared all that was left was empty pegs. Everyone ran to their own corners and sorted out mess. Then figs started making their way back to the pegs and the employees threw(literally) cases in the open sections so people could mob those. All in all, I walked out with Nikto Jedi(one of the few that were there), Shakk Ti, and Plo Koon. There were no Yodas, Ani HD, Red Clone troopers, Luminaras, Red Guards, or Taun Wes to be found at all. And no novels or other books which I found the most disappointing.

I went to Meijers on Rt.59 and @12:35 and they had NOTHING. The one stocker found a pallet of legos but said they were still searching for the figs.

I then went to Meijers on Boughton in Bolingbrook and found a whopping NOTHING. No novels or CDs. NOTHING. And the stockperson there said maybe later they'll get it out.

What a horrible MM compared to when TPM came out. So I hoped the next day would be fruitful.

Quick run down of the day after:

Wal-mart on Larkin in Joliet:1 Ani HD Tons of figs TRU did not have including Zams and Red CTs. Also plentiful Dexters, Nikto Js, and Geonosian Warriors. But no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus. Did pick up the CD. It has an exclusive screensaver. Also snagged the storybook and scrapbook. Also no Tie Bombers or Snowspeeders but I scored a SS last week so I'm ok.

K-Mart by Joliet mall did not even set up ANYTHING. Don't waste your time here. Still no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

Target: Scored Yoda. Everything I seen at previous stores. CD here has exclusive bonus track. Still no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

TRU had tons of Ani HDs and Yodas all case fresh and tons of figs that were absent form MM in Aurora. YET Still no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

Kay-Bee: still more of the sameand YET AGAIN no Red Guard, Luminara, Taun We or Dookus.

Best Buy: CD here has a card with it. Good thing they made so many covers.

Barnes and Noble: Got the novel here. Also snagged the new character guide. BTW the new artist who did the pics is AMAZING!!!!! Would have picked up the visual dictionary and the comic adaption but I scored those here 2 weeks ago. Thye give you a magazine that cool. It has a Dark Horse comic story in it.

At least today made up for last nights disappointment. Still don't have evrything I wanted but its only the first day and I think at next years TRU day after Thanksgiving Day sale they will be choking on Ani Peasants and that screwed up C3PO. The distribution system on these figs is kinda crazy. I didn 't buy alot of the figs to send a message but appreantly I was one of the few so it didn't get heard. Everywhere was already pegwarmer city, but well see how that is after the movie opens.

Any other places have anything exclusive with their cds??

04-24-2002, 01:43 AM
My Wal Mart MM (Troy, MO) went very well. I was able to finish off my set of figures. Wound up buying 21. A fellow sirstevester helped me out a lot. The employees were exceptional. Nice group and very helpful. Spent $133 there.

Went to TRU and bought Slave I for $7.22 after the suhweet gift certificate I won at work. There were a few other collectors there that I think didn't want me digging through the figs. One guy said something about better figures in the back aisles, so of course I went to the back of the store. Nothing. Oh well, hell's gonna be hot for them. Besides, I probably had the stuff they were looking for.

04-24-2002, 08:31 AM
Patience is the key. I went to the same WM on day 2 and I was pleasantly suprised. More Dookus, Hangers, and Yodas than you could count. Finished off my collection and picked up a couple extra of these figures for trade.


04-24-2002, 08:45 AM
dark artist,
Im from NJ too , you should have gone to bridgewater TRU, they had it all!
Cant say much for the walmarts out here though, had to get the exclusives from PA

04-24-2002, 10:40 AM
I got everything I wanted. All the basic figures except Luminara and Taun We, a 12 inch Anakin, the Slave I, Anakins Speeder, Zams Speeder, Dooku/Anakins elec. lightsabers, all the deluxe figures except Obi Wan.
Also got the soundtrack (Jango cover), the visual dictionary, and the comic.
I had a great Midnight Madness!! So glad the stuff is finally out!!

04-24-2002, 03:17 PM
Here's a pic of what I bought my first time out. Like I said before I couldn't afford much, but I'm happy with what I got!

04-24-2002, 03:18 PM
...and here they are after the carnage, but who would've done such a thing?

04-24-2002, 03:19 PM
...IT WAS EU JEDI ARMOR QUI-GON! You rascal!:mad:

04-24-2002, 03:23 PM
Here Hangar Duel Anakin thanks EU Qui-Gon for freeing him from his plastic prison, and for teaching him all about the wonders of midichlorians when he was little!:crazed: :D ;)

04-24-2002, 04:13 PM
My buddy called me at 10:55 p.m. Monday night, wondering if I were going. I said no, but laid in bed for the next few minutes debating about calling him and saying 'Let's go!' We did MM three years ago on the way home from Denver. But we didn't this year.

I stopped at my closest TRU Tuesday night after work to see what they had for sale. I asked the sales person if the crowd was rowdy and she said they didn't do MM! That surprised me.

There are four TRU in my area, and I've visited 3 of the four in the last two - three weeks, and none of them advertised whether or not they were doing MM.

Sith Vicious
04-24-2002, 06:42 PM
Definitely try hitting smaller stores if you can't find stuff at TRU or Wal-Mart. I went to K-mart and found Geonosian and Dexter which were MIA at my TRU and Wal-Mart. Then I went to Biggs (I'm not sure how many states have these) and found Red Clone trooper.

04-24-2002, 07:23 PM
Got to my Wal-Mart at around 11:15pm......
About 4 groups of people were there.................
Talked a bit...........
11:45... no sight of anything.........
Hear rolling sounds.......
See a big pallet full of Episode 2 stuff......
Employees open boxes!!!!!
Heart pounding!!!!!!!!!!
First Deluxe!!!!! Grabbed them!!!!
Hear came figures!!!!!!!!!
"Oh boy, here they come!" said I....
Employees through them in a shopping cart......
The digging begins!!!!!!
Heart still pounding!!!
Grabbing figures........
Another batch in another cart!!!!
I get there first and grab The Dexter Jettster wave!!!!!
Got all the figures!!!!!
But wait!!!!
Where's Count Dooku, Anakin Hangar Duel, and Yoda!?!?!!?!?
HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Still looking for those 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
So I had a sucessful Midnight Madness!!!!!!!!! The people were nice and had a fun time!!!!!! Will never forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
STILL GOTTA LOOK FOR THE 3 figures!!!!!!!!!! :)

04-24-2002, 08:07 PM
LOL RooJay, that is the hardest I've laughed in a while!

04-24-2002, 08:42 PM
Great pics, RooJay!

Dar' Argol, don't feel bad, my Wal-Mart forgot to put out the Boba Fett/Tusken Female wave. Now I just wish they could find that Dooku wave.:frus:

Still looking for the speeders and Reek. My Wal-Mart and K-Mart have none, zero, zilch! :cry:

04-24-2002, 09:41 PM
I got everything. Its all on layaway. I need to dig up almost $1,000 now. I just filled 3 carts and I was set and had it all.

04-24-2002, 09:45 PM
Well, I went back out today, and found more stuff today than I did yesterday. One stock boy at Wal-mart said they still had a dozen cases of figures in back, but there was no room to put them.

There really wasn't any room. SW takes up one full shelf, form top to bottom, and then the side of the shelf has been piled up with more figures. Must've been hundreds upon hundreds.

04-25-2002, 01:26 AM
To all Tampa collectors, went out to the Supercenter in Hunter's Green today(Wednesday) and found lots of the Dooku wave. If you need him, go there. Heck, they had just about all of the figures there today. Plenty of Dookus minus 1 for me.

04-25-2002, 09:39 AM
I went to my local wal-mart and had to wait untill all the figures were out. I was the onlly one there. Pretty boring compaired to my E1 experience. My town has all of the figures. I think I am the only toy fan around. So if you need any figures just E-mail me. We have Tie-bommers and snow peeders too.

04-25-2002, 10:18 AM
Greetings everybody...first post here, so, hello to all!! :-) I'm in the Columbus area, so at about 10:30, my 2 friends and myself head up to the Super Wal-mart off route 23...we were first in line!!! about 10:45 ish, more folks started lining up and then about 5 till, these punk kids decided to get on theo ther side of the display, where it was roped off and attempt to cut!!! we were like "heck no!!!" so we sent a few folks over there to cut them off...so at about 12:02 they said go for it and everybody rusehd the display.....my friend dave ahd a basket, while my roomie chris guarded 2 carts and we just kept grabbing figures and dumping them in Chris cart...so by about 12:30 ish, we had 2 carts full of figures and vehicles....we headed to the furniture section and used our checklists to see what wa s left... I had everybody except: Dexter Jexter, Plo Kloon and Count dooku.....my friend was missing Dexter, Count Dooku and he wanted a few more Genosian warriors...so, we headed to the Super Wal-mart up off Easton (nice shopping center, NE side of cols) and i found Plo Kloon, we also all got lightsabers..ehehheheh we hit a few more meijers (NOTHING!) and finally hit the last Super Wal-mart in the area and find, and i kid you not, like 2 cases of ALL dooku...i dunno how it it hapened, but i'm not complaining!!! so, i bought a few dookus (one for me, one of my friends in Cali and two for anybody who needed it) so, we then head to Steak n' shake (hmmmmm) and get back to my apartment like 4...and outside, a mighty lightsaber fight was fought...heheheheheeh so, 2 of us got up at 7 to hit some random stores and we head to TRU at their opening and they didn't have anything we needed....i sold the 2 extra Dooku's (don't worry, i only asked 6 bucks for them) so a guy who needed it as well as a little kid.....i figured the kid would have just a hard time as other folks to get one, so i told his mom, "hey, i have an extra bad guy if your son wants it, cause he's a pain to find" and he got all giddy and excited... hehehhee so, we head to Target and FINALLY found Dexter Jexter...went home, my friend dropped me off and i went to bed....pure 12 hours of SW collecting, one of the best evenings in memory!!!!

04-25-2002, 11:56 AM
Originally posted by jobi
Noone was there but me and some other guy that didn't know too much. SO I had free run. There aren't a lot of collectors around here so if anybody is having problems finding a figure I'll try to pick it up. LMK
Do you have access to any tie bombers and/or snowspeeders?
also are you posted at sumter or charleston? I live in Columbia and we had a pretty easy time at the wal-mart here

04-25-2002, 12:14 PM
I went out the day after and had an easy time at the wal-mart. found everything except for the dooku figure. There were probably six or seven collectors looking for him. we talked to one of the dept. supervisors and told her that if she would bring out more boxes we would pick through them take what we needed and stock the shelves with the rest. she happily agreed to this b/c the shelves were pretty ruined from the night b4. she brought out about 8 cases and we all went through them taking what we needed. everybody watched for things that everybody else needed so it went really well. The shelves got re-stocked, everybody got what they were looking for(mostly dooku's) and everybody left happy! It was great to see people helping each other rather than trying to screw each other out of figures! The whole thing reminded me why it is so fun to be in this hobby!