View Full Version : need walmart vehicles

04-23-2002, 01:04 PM
I need those vehicles + the following MOMC
Jorge Sacul
Aussie Poster
STAP Preview [pend]
Deluxe Rebel Soldier [pend]
Fett v. IG-88 MOMC
Error Wedge [pend]
Vader .01
Fett .00
Fett .02
Yoda .01
TIE .01[pend]
TIE .03
Boushh .01 *
Han Carbo .01[pend]
Han Carbo .02
Luke Storm .02[pend]
AT-ST .01
Han Endor .01[pend]
Emporer .00[pend]
Bib Fortuna .00[pend]
Reb Fleet .00
Leia Slave .01
Han Bespin .01
Luke X .00

The Tick Cartoon all 36 *

Yakface *
R2 orig
R2 Saber *
EV-9D9 *
DS Droid
Blue Snaggs*

I have way to much to list, but have almost every FF Fig, Loose Vintage, Lots of GC, some OC, Loose modern so on...