View Full Version : Can someone please tell me how's the Yoda figure overall... ???

Darth Ovori
04-23-2002, 06:02 PM
Before I buy one, just want a few opinions...

Thanx in advance...

04-23-2002, 06:17 PM
I think he's a really nice figure, but you may wanna browse thru them due to the fact there is two different colored faces. The first ones seem to be all spinich green and very dark, and the newer ones are a pea green and match Yoda's skin tone better. Most of the Yoda's at my stores are all the dark spinich faces. Luckily I did find one of the light green faces.

The levitating action is kinda ehh, but fun to mess with. He looks cool levitating and fighting Dooku. :) I would have liked a cloth cloak on him, but he's a really nice figure over all. The force effect and super battle droid head fit on his hand well, but I prefer them left off. Hope that helps. :)


Jar Jar Binks

Darth Ovori
04-23-2002, 06:24 PM
Thanx Jar Jar... it Doe's help me, well kind off... I'm ordering him on-line so I have to hope to get the better of the 2 versions...

again, thanx ;)

04-23-2002, 06:30 PM
SBD head?

04-23-2002, 06:31 PM
We managed to get eight different figures today, including a Yoda, so I'm probably in an okay position to comment.

I'll just type the first things that come into my head, so bare with me:
1. He's as different from the EP1 Yoda as the EP1 Yoda is from the POTF one. He's heftier, for lack of a better word. This Yoda looks like he's been pumping some serious iron in preparation for some big-screen ***-whooping.
2. His skin tone is a very dark green. Looks fairly stupid.
3. He's very, very ****ed off. You can tell by the eyes. There's no way anyone's wife or girlfriend is gonna be asking "hey, who's the cute little green guy?". They'll probably say something like "oh, I didn't realise there were light-swords in Gremlins"
4. Although he's in an "action pose", its much more versatile than the other AOTC jedi's poses I've seen.
5. He has articulation at the neck, waist and shoulders (ball-joints at shoulders)
6. He's bent over quite a lot, so you really won't see much of his face if you're going to display him below your eye-level
7. He comes with a lightsaber (removable blade and METAL hilt!)-and a walking-stick
8. He also comes with a wierd column thing that he can stand on. This does have a function other than display, but it's pretty lame. I don't want to say more because it might be seen as a spoiler (and I sure as hell don't know why it does what it does - I've been trying to avoid the spoilers.)

The people on this forum with more expierience with collecting can probably give much more insightful opinions, but I'll offer my own verdict anyway:
I really like him. He's a lot lower in my estimation than the POTF one, but I like him a lot more than the EP1 figure. When I first saw him today I left him on the shelf, but I was kicking myself for a few hours afterwards, hoping to find another somewhere else. Thankfully I did. I've got him stood on top of a computer speaker with Nikto and Eeth Koth and I must say, they look great together. I'd recommend him, but his main accessory is an oversized piece of plasticrap.

04-23-2002, 06:33 PM
:( I haven't seen hide-nor-hare or him...

04-23-2002, 06:34 PM
Cool figure, even though it has that salt shaker style legs like the old Royal Guard and a hole under his lower body to fit the transparent peg for the levitation effect, but its Yoda and it has a lighsaber and hes cool :D

Im a bit ****ed off cause it seems I got a loose waist figure, but Ill just use one of Baby Boba's rubber bands and wrap it around to steady it. Has anybody else had this problem with their figues, I already count 4 that have that problem(Kit, Plo, Obi Wan and Yoda) among the ones I got.

04-23-2002, 06:43 PM
Sorry guy,
All of my figures are tight and work well.I like the sculpt and articulation of the Yoda and he is seriously P.O.ed.I have the dark green one I think he's getting a repaint from me.It really is dark green,way out of character.I didn't see any lighter ones.If I had I would have gotten one.If you can wait on your online order try and find the lighter one in a store somewhere.You'll be happier if you do.His saber is really cool too!
It's not a SBD head it a broken off piece of the pedistal he stands on.

04-23-2002, 06:44 PM
I thought about picking him up but i want to see the deluxe one first and then choose which one to get. No point in getting this one if the next one is better. having said that I found a few dark green ones in Liverpool (That's UK Liverpool) and almost dropped him into my cart but went for Luminara instead. he's an ok sculpt but i wouldn't say great. The lightsaber is cute. The fact that he's hunched over makes him seem like half the figure he actually is in th same way that Luminara seems really small because of her crouched pose. Half the reason the figures seem smaller this time round is due to that fact. bent legs reduce the height over all. I'd say to someone wondering about buying it either wait and see what the deluxe ones like or buy it anyway. Yoda's Yoda. Gotta love the little frog whatever. As I said, I would have bought him but for the fact that i spotted a lone Luminara and I liked her detail more than the bland looking robe of Yoda.Plus Luminara looks like she's making a rude hand gesture so that appealed to me :D

04-23-2002, 06:54 PM
I thought about picking him up but i want to see the deluxe one first and then choose which one to get. No point in getting this one if the next one is better

I know whay you mean, in my case I was tempted to pick up 3P0 today, but after thinking about it and remembering the Deluxe one looks 10x better and has a cool diorama and pack in figure I decided to wait.

Darth Ovori
04-23-2002, 07:18 PM
Hmmm, thinking about and reading the info from everyone, I'm gonna go with Jargo's vote, wait for the deluxe...

His got a point, I am already waiting for the Tattione Anakin seeing the first 2 were terrible for me...

But I like the idea of the ball joints for the shoulders...

04-24-2002, 05:35 AM
Here's a snapshot of the 3 Jedi i mentioned.

04-24-2002, 10:02 AM
Nice photo... all the Yoda's here have been the Too Much Chlorophyll Yodas. I hope the deluxe one is better as well.

You know... as far as Threepio goes... I know it's not the most accurate version of him, but he sure is fun to have around here on my desk at work. I love taking him apart and putting him back together. A little too much fun... I'd say!

04-24-2002, 10:13 AM
This particular figure must be full of spoilers... I for one do not completely understand the little stand thing he comes with.

First- it is the stand itself. The stand is actually in 3 pieces when you get it out of the package. A bottom piece, a top piece, and then a "leg" which fits into the bottom piece. I don't know exactly what purpose this "leg" has in the movie- but it seems specifically created to be pulled off and thrown with yoda's "force effect"

The yoda itself is pretty good. He looks downright mean. I have a hard time looking at this figure and realizing that this is a being 800+ years old. He does not look like at all the same as the yoda who was in Episode I. That yoda appeared much more frail. This guy- equipped as he is- does not look frail at all.

I like him- even though the color is a little screwy. I am anxious to see just what role this stand he is on has in the movie.

04-24-2002, 10:19 AM
The stand: It's not in the comic adaptation so I can't see it as being anything of HUGE relevance. He's probably on it for just a second, but the figure is so small they needed to justify it with a pack-in of some sort.