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Omega Fett
04-23-2002, 08:07 PM
Ive been collecting since day one,getting most to keep in box and some to open since they are awsome. But i must say that these are the coolest figures with some of the best gimmicks!

So far the best figures i have that are sweet as heck and are must haves are

-------------------------------------------------------------Figures i list have spoilers from the movie!!

Yoda-Simply a amzing figure MUST HAVE FIGURE!! His lightsaber is awsome and his little gimmicks own!

Zam Wessel-Great looking,awsome mask,quick draw atcion is awomse and then wow i never saw it comming! in the commerical when Obi-Wan turns around in the bar and slices whos behind him,it was Zam! and this figures arm comes off to reinact the scene and its a magnet so it comes on and off! REally kool

Jango Fett-Just another awsome figure but the grappling hook string is annoying so i cut off the little ball of string and took it off where later i can tie it back on

Dexter Jettster-Detail is awomse on this figure and hes just another great fig to add in- Also was the firt figure i grabbed since when i saw them put up the figures there was for some reason only one of him till they opened the other boxes where a few more poped up

Ananakin Hanger Duel- I grabbed two since i saw it was really rare for the stores by me. I decided to open one and i found out its a pretty sweet figure. Also big shocker i did not know.....i guess in the battle with Dooku,dooku slices his arm off from the elbow down! this toy reinacts this too with the magnet feature!

Obi Wan Courusant Chase- Great Figure with great gimmicks,when the magnet grabs onto the lightsaber it stays in his hand and if u grab onto the assination droid,he will hold on well!

By far the worst figure was the Deluxe Jango Fett cause the gun and jet pack are way to big and the jet pack sticks way far out from his back. I just put him in my new Jango Fett's Slave 1 since he fits really well and hits little antana extension on his helmet moves down.

Well hopes this helps people see which figures are good and which to get! please others add some reviews!

04-23-2002, 08:21 PM
Thanks much for the reviews Omega! Sounds like you were able to get a couple of the "rare" figures today!