View Full Version : How tall is Mawhonic?

El Chuxter
09-06-2001, 09:38 AM
Grans are roughly human-sized (witness Ree Yees, Aks Moe, and Aimlee Teem). However, quite some time ago, I found an Episode One Sticker Book that had stats on the podracers that says Mawhonic's just shy of three feet tall! Just another of those glaring continuity errors at work, or is Mawhonic really short for his species?

09-06-2001, 10:36 AM
I guess he is human size. Probably just a mistake.

Bel-Cam Jos
09-06-2001, 11:12 AM
"Not much bigger than 2 meters."
Maybe it's a CGI mistake. ("That's impossible; even for a computer!" ) ;)

The pods aren't that big, Chuxter. Maybe he is a short Gran (un gran pequito? le petite graine? unt grun shortza? lep hueten granertin?). ;)

09-06-2001, 12:24 PM
The shortest human on record was just 29 inches, the tallest over 9 feet tall! They're still considered human. It seems plausible that other species would have vast differences in height just like us.

Mawhonic is probably a midget Gran.

09-06-2001, 01:37 PM
Hey Bel Cam... you forgot: Gran tottemo chisaii! (Japanese)

I thought they were about a little over 5 feet tall, but who knows. Mawhonic is probably a little stumpy Gran. Poor guy...

09-06-2001, 06:49 PM
I don't have time to look right now but a while back when they had the previous podracers databank entries, they had a small piece on Mawhonic which stated that he was indeed a small Gran which is why he was so good at pod racing. The EU entry has it that he is from a different part of the world than the other taller Gran we see in the Senate and elsewhere. The costume was huge though.
My question is this: Why does Mawhonic and the Senators from Malastare have clawed feet and Ree Yees has normal humanoid feet? Explain that one George!

09-06-2001, 06:57 PM
'Cuz GL took the liberty to redesign 'em. Remember, we'll never notice.:D

09-07-2001, 03:43 AM
Ateema Gasgano Puh wannie wan I pasko ja maj Mawhonic!

09-07-2001, 05:28 AM
Just from watching the film, it seemed to me like all the podracers were about Ani's height, which really sucked because Ani is played by a little 7-year-old!

El Chuxter
09-07-2001, 12:00 PM
Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO
My question is this: Why does Mawhonic and the Senators from Malastare have clawed feet and Ree Yees has normal humanoid feet? Explain that one George!

Maybe the Gran that colonized Malastare (and eventually produced Aks Moe, Aimlee Teem, and Mawhonic) did so long ago and have evolved separately from the ones on Kinyen (like Ree Yees)? Similar to the Duros/Neimoidian explanation, except since the root species wasn't named after the planet, they never changed the species name?

Sorry, Jargo, it's the best I can come up with. :rolleyes:

09-08-2001, 09:22 AM
What I am saying is why couldn't he fit his body in the pod like we fit the vintage figures in the vintage ships. He couls be sitting with his legs straight.

10-10-2001, 10:10 PM
Or maybe Mawhonic is just a 7 yr. old Gran...:eek: the thing is that he is the same size of Annie. As for the senate Gran's, there can be different kinds of Gran's, for instance look at Boss Nass...he doesn't look as a Gungan...:D

10-12-2001, 08:55 AM

Heh heh, I was about to say "that post by _______ about the characters being Ani's height was right on" till I noticed it was MY POST! ;)