View Full Version : Watch for merged threads

04-26-2002, 10:52 PM
Recently, the Ep II forum has become very active with lots of readers creating many new threads. This often leads to duplicate threads which cause new topics to get pushed off the first page quickly, which causes more new threads leading to a cycle where discussion is difficult.

To keep discussion moving as smoothly as possible, new threads that seem to go with earlier recent threads have been merged together. For examples from the Saga Toys section: several threads about Online Retailers being expensive are now all one thread; there were over a dozen different "How my Midnight Madness went" threads even though there was a "STICKY" thread at the top of those forums about this very topic (sticky threads stay at the top of a forum even if they're not in chronological order). This unfortunately leads to buried threads or not enough time given to us moderators to Private Message every author of a thread being merged.

If you see a dot in a thread's folder icon, that means you have replied in the past in that thread. If you don't remember posting in that thread before, it's quite possible your reply was in a thread merged into this new thread.

If something seems terribly wrong, you can PM or email me (pm below and email is lego@sirstevesguide.com or contact SirSteve or one of the other Ep II section moderators. Thanks, and have fun in the forums!