View Full Version : New ep2 stuff

04-27-2002, 10:30 AM
Hello MD, DC and VA! I didn't realize that there was a forum for us on sirsteve's, AWSOME! I know the Clinton and Lanham (New Carrolton) TRU's got the Count Dukee:-) Wave and the Lanham is a good one to go too and get them. It is in a bad area and not alot of collectors go there. Just ask them if there are none on the floor. They should have a ton in the back as all TRU's do right now. Also, have you seen the Laurel TRU's Ep 2 display? Very nice. It is the biggest and best of any store in the area. They have 4 tv's showing all 4 movies, lots of graphics, the new sound track playing, Monsters INC guys dressed up (Mike is in a Jedi costume!) and tons of new stuff. They only have collection 1 and 2 waves #1 so no hard to find stuff but really cool to walk in the front door and into the Star Wars universe. I have a question, is everyone around here disappointed in KB's output? The few I have been to only have one case of figures and that is it. Not very good at all. Hello to all in this area and good luck in your hunting.